Parly gathers evidence to nail Chivayo

THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines yesterday claimed it had gathered enough evidence to nail businessman Wicknell Chivayo, after visiting the Gwanda Solar Project only to find two makeshift tin and wooden offices with no solar power being generated.


Committee chairperson, Temba Mliswa said his committee now had enough evidence to prove that there was nothing on the ground pertaining to the project.
He said the committee would produce a report to recommend Chivayo’s investigation for fraud.

“When we went to physically see the project as a committee, we really did not see any structure that relates to a project worth millions of dollars at all,” Mliswa said after visiting the project site, which was expected to cost $200 million and produce 100 megawatts.

“Parliament does not have arresting powers and so what we are simply going to do now after playing our oversight role is to write a report that will indicate in strong terms that there is a prima facie case for Chivayo to be further investigated by law enforcement institutions for fraudulent activities.”

Mliswa said the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commissions (Zacc) and other law enforcement institutions will then be taken to task if they fail to act on the report.

Zimbabwe Power Company chairperson Stanley Kazhanje recently told the Mines Committee that Chivayo was advanced $7 million for the project without a bank guarantee.

But When ZPC acting managing director Joshua Chirikuutsi later appeared before the same committee, he claimed the businessman was paid $5, 6 million.
On Tuesday, social media platforms were awash with pictures of the committee’s visit to Gwanda, which showed two makeshift cabins made out of cheap wooden and tin materials. The structures also looked as though they had been recently erected.

When Chivayo appeared before the mines committee, he told MPs that he had also erected a perimeter fence around the 225 hectares of land for the project. However, MPs said they found that even the perimeter fence was incomplete.


  1. You may have greased Zacc officials but this time you will not get away with it, i am sorry Wicknel

  2. shaolin kung fu master

    Mfana wechibhegi

  3. the phrase “zero tolerance against corruption” is being backed by action……. its time for consequences for you Wicknell

  4. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Sorry to say this , from my following of this case , Chivayo must get at least 50 years behind bars because of the following;
    He lied in parliament on what he has done.
    he corruptly got paid without bank guarantee
    he brags about “his” riches when its tax payers money.
    he does not deserve to be on our open land because he is intoxicating our dear nation and creating bad publicity for our country

    1. Adv. Nelson Chamisa

      You are so wrong Matibili Warrior; he will get an effective 57 years + the suspended 4 years from the previous convictio will automatically come into effect. He will also lose his young wife Hon.Temb P. Mliswa who’s currently not married.

  5. What does arresting Chivayo solve, we want our money period. I couldnt care if he was arrested or not, our magetsi money please. CHivayo has offshore investments & stashed money. We want that money simple. People must realise that jails are useless. Chivayo did this for the money, we must reverse what he did & get our money plus interest. That money must be returned to ZESA not ZRP or Judicial. He stole ZESA money, it must return to ZESA.

  6. Many of these cases are unethical but may be difficult to prove as technically criminal. That’s why there so few arrests. Failure to make good on deliverables within given time frames and under normal circumstances should be criminalised, otherwise the corrupt people may argue and say it is still ‘work in progress’.

  7. Happy Happymore Chidziva

    Motor-mouth Grace Marufu received part of the loot. She must be made to sing like a canary!!

  8. nhai Chivayo akashanda kupi chaizvo chaizvo

  9. Mbavha iyo nxaaaaaa

  10. Mbavha dzeZanu Pf.

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