Nurses, support staff threaten to down tools

Harare Central Hospital relies on on revenue from paying patients, but 40% of patients constitute the elderly and toddlers who are treated for free

NURSES and other support staff at public hospitals have threatened to down tools tomorrow in solidarity with junior doctors, who went on strike two weeks ago over poor working conditions.

BY Phyllis Mbanje

Senior doctors at the country’s major public hospitals joined the industrial action on Monday, paralysing the health delivery system.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) secretary-general, Enock Dongo, told NewsDay that nurse managers and educators met in the city yesterday and resolved to join the strike, if health workers’ demands are not addressed.

“We have communicated before to the HSB (Health Services Board) and the Health ministry but no action has been taken. So we are saying, if by Thursday, there has not been any move to settle our concerns, we will not report for duty,” he said.

Besides a salary and medical allowance hike, health workers are also demanding provision of drugs and other supplies to enable them to effectively discharge their duties.
“We have been working without the required equipment. Imagine five wards sharing just one BP machine or a nurse running around to secure a sputum jug. How efficient do you think the nurses can be without tools of the trade,” he said.

“The other critical issue is that of stand-by allowances for nurse managers. This was suspended years ago and yet it was the one that separated junior nurses from senior nurses. Despite the exposure to infections especially when working with inadequate tools, the nurses are getting a paltry $40 as medical allowance,” Dongo said.

“So if all these concerns are not met, nurses will not report for duty.

“We are quite serious and if they think we are joking, they will be utterly surprised.”


  1. Why take so long nurses,to whose gain ,look at your working conditions,not enough resources in hospital( no protection) ,forced to work long hours at very low salary….who are u trying to please….the Doctors will be granted their wishes to some extent and wen you request yours you will be threatened with job losses act now so that everything is solved by GVT at the same time.Remember you are treated as third class workers in the health field.

  2. Doctors and Nurses,keep on doing your work for the nation and nothing to cry for because you are the very people who are keeping on supporting and aiding a useless regime.If ED fell sick,he goes South or Singapore,but what about ordinary citizens,dying in zimbabwe’s shamble hospitals without medication mainly because of Zanu pf’s uselessness.Morgan Tsvangirai died in South Africa because of zanu pf’s inhuman. Today you cry of zanu pf’s failures,but tomorrow’s elections,you went onto vote for them.SO WHO DO YOU THINK WILL SOLVE ZIMBABWE’S PROBLEMS WHEN YOU KEEP ON VOTING FOR NO CHANGE? change your brains you zimbabweans for a better future away from zanu pf’s nonsenses.

    • Our brains are just right. wE ARE A PEACEFUL PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR CHANGHED COUNTLESS TIMES BUT NOTHING CHANDED. Maybe u are not in zimbabwe that is why you have little intel.

  3. Aaah gvt yakutojaira cz apana vanhu vakuita against ivo sure in hospital no mishonga biz kutengera machine mota bt welfare yemunhu havana basa nayo vakarwara they go to other countries whereby they recieve better treatment wat abot asingatokwnise kuenda ku kunze kwenyika plz nurse kip the good wook

  4. uum haasi manesi mamdhokota chete , all civil servants , many highly qualified a wallowing in poverty….vamwe vachiti for as long as the parliamentary portfolio committee is chaired by a particular person , i will not answer allegations of corruption… some animals are more equal than others….if you prick us, do we not bleed…..?

  5. The Chairman of the Health Services Board, Dr Mbengeranwa should also be retired. He is over 80 years old.

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