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No Diaspora vote: President


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has shut the door on Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora, saying they will not be able to vote in this year’s elections because government does not have resources to set up polling stations in their host countries.


Addressing Zimbabweans staying in Rwanda early this week, Mnangagwa said: “We are not there yet in terms of resources, we do not have the resources to make sure that you vote from where you are. Voting won’t take you 10 minutes, so if you want to vote, just come home and in less than 10 minutes you will have finished voting and go back to your work.”

His remarks comes before the Constitutional Court makes a ruling on the Diaspora vote.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said Mnangagwa was offside, as his statements were unfair and nothing but an attempt to suppress the voice of the Diaspora.

“That is unfair, resources have to be availed to ensure Zimbabweans outside the country to vote. They are allowed by the Constitution to vote, fortunately a case has been argued in the courts on the Diaspora vote and we are waiting for a response,” he said.

Mwonzora said Mnangagwa had made a legal blunder commenting on a matter before the courts as Head of State.

“His statements have an effect of influencing the judgment and it also says even if the courts rule that they should vote his government has taken a stance,” he said.

Electoral watchdog Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (Zesn) said the government should act and show political will instead of crying rivers.

“It is imperative that the government avails adequate resources to Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) in order for it to effectively discharge its constitutional mandate of running elections in Zimbabwe.

“Political will must also be demonstrated in establishing mechanisms to extend the right to vote to segments of Zimbabwean citizens in the Diaspora, those in prisoners and hospitals to ensure inclusion of all eligible citizens in electoral processes. Other countries such as Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa have made great strides in ensuring that those living in the Diaspora are given an opportunity to participate in electoral processes,” Zesn said.

The Elections Resources Centre said: “The credibility of the 2018 will be partially based on issues of enfranchisement. Dismissing the issue of the Diaspora vote, which already exists by the way, through postal voting by officials on government business outside the, flies in the face of assertions of full support for credible, free and fair elections.

“How can our elections be fair if there is segregation in allocating the right to vote. That not withstanding, it is exaggerated that their diaspora vote costs too much money. There are versions of diaspora like the currently existing one which is voting by post which does not require extensive resources.”

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  1. Honestly why should diaporans vote for a government which has little and or no direct effect on their day to day lives. I think its a far fetched idea and folly to say the least that governemnt must avail resources to kept for so and so needs yet they voluntarily left the country not as such on government business. lets be realistic and pragmatic cdes, diaporans vanoda ku Voter should come back home if they feel its important for them to.

    • You don’t understand law at all. Look at how other countries run their elections. You are very uneducated. That is why you Zanu PF guys can’t develop anything but to destroy

      • You are the one who is uneducated. You cannot compare Zimbabwe with other countries. Zimbabweans are in literally every country on earth and in different cities in their millions. Not many countries are in this situation. Zimbabwe has liquidity and financial resource issues and right now teachers are threatening to go on strike, Doctors are on strike etc. If I was ED I would say the same thing. People in the Diaspora have a right to vote and they can exercise that right by coming home to vote. Please also remember that our system is constituency based and hence if you vote in Perth, your vote will have to be accounted for in your constituency which could be Buhera as an example. So the votes across the country will only be announced after all the diaspora votes have been counted and allocated to the correct constituencies and wards for the local government elections.

        • You totally missed the point. If the government doesn’t have resources that’s why organizations such UN have asked if they can assist. Assisting not only in organization of elections but making sure adequate resources are made available to discharge constitutional right for every Zimbabwean

        • Did you know you can use your bank card on different sites in different countries to make payment at the same time and your bank balance with not need to be flown in a plane to update on your bank statement. I used the dumbest possible scenario I can think off. I hope you wont ask me how is this relevant to your stupid comment about voting in Perth and Buhera

        • well said, and you want to print ballot papers in Israel while the country is in liquidity, i rest my case

    • How primitive.Anyway that is how thugs behave and hide behind a finger. I am definitely affected, I am out here in diaspora because of the politics there, it is not by choice. In any case I still have to furnish for my brothers and parents who are in that “sh….hole”, caused by ED and Zano.

    • The diaspora has the right to vote because they are also Zimbabweans first and foremost. They are there because of the direct effect politics had on their lives, how hard is that to understand Simon Phoenix?

    • Diaspora remittances to the economy amount to about $900 million! They make a contribution to the country and economy whether they left for this or other reason. As such they cannot be ignored just like that surely?

    • Really? Diasporans are major contributors to the welfare of their families back home, and have been so for many years and you claim voting has no effect on their daily lives? Try again Simon.

    • Why should a government which has nothing to do with the Diaspora seek their money? Its quid pro quo my friend

    • Simon you words are devoid of any literacy…where do you think the usd you are using comes from? We are pumping in forex from our hard work here why shouldn’t we as zimbabweans even in the diaspora vote? Are we any less Zimbabwean because we are not in zimbabwe?

  2. Honestly why should diaporans vote for a government which has little and or no direct effect on their day to day lives. I think its a far fetched idea and folly to say the least that governemnt must avail resources to cater for so and so needs yet they voluntarily left the country not as such on government business. lets be realistic and pragmatic cdes, diaporans vanoda ku Voter should come back home if they feel its important for them to.

    • You are being a bit dim Phoenix – who in their right mind would voluntarily leave their country, life, wife/husband, and children? Most of the diasporans are economic refugees. Mnangagwa is simply shutting the door on voters perceived to may be support the opposition. Mugabe did the same for years – they have resources for limousines and luxury houses and trips but not for people to exercise their democratic rights. The millions used to buy chiefs cars (vote buying, if you ask me) could have been used for the diaspora vote. If they have limited funds, why not set up polling in SA and UK only, where the majority of diasporans are? Just at the embassy (UK), and Zimbos can travel to vote there. SA would need more centres but it’s be relatively less expensive.

    • kufunga kunotokurasa wo iwe, unfortunately you want to comment when you know very little. You dont even know how much diasporans have kept your bankrupt gvt going uchifunga kuti only the local are doing anything for the system. Zvino zvakusina kana company iri ku exporter how do you think the gvt is raising foreign currency and all those trips your ZANU PF cdes enjoy are taping from part of what diaspora is remitting

    • You EDiot, the reason they are in diaspora is because of the effects of this government, so they have a say because they are citizens here. And by the way they keep Zimbabwe running through remittances to their families in here. Diaspora remittances totalled $USD1 BLLN excluding the un accounted revenues. Meaning diaspora provide more foreign currency than a lot of exporters.

    • I live in the diaspora. I have a house in Zimbabwe, Cows and family. On average I spend between $3-5k in Zimbabwe annually and I consume nothing except for making use of Byo-Plumtree road twice a year of which I pay toll fees and carbon tax. So I deserve a say in shaping the future of my country.

    • ummmm this is like saying kuti since i moved out of my parents’ house and started living on my own, i have no right to be present panouya kuzoroorwa hanzvadzi yangu??!! Zvematongerwo enyika does have an effect on their lives because no one is an island, these people also have relatives, next of kin, dependants that are in Zim. Plus lets not forget kuti diaspora is not home. Zvikashata ikoko they will find their way back to the motherland.

  3. Simply things are done in faith.Zanu pf is not willing o develop zimbabwe forget about this all you zimbabweans,but self enrichment,killings and destruction are the pillar and corner stone of these gangsters.They are always crying for diaspora remittance,for what they have failed dismally? Who ever keep on supporting these murderous shall also be cursed.

  4. It won’t take 10 minutes is he really sure? And how much are the traveling expenses?Many people will not vote for a leadership that once contributed to them to make a choice to live a life away from home.Ed knows those people don’t constitute anything to his advantage,better say we don’t have the resources.

    • But are we getting his point of scarcity of resources? Surely we need not to be told that the economy is not performing and in any case during this fiscal year, ZEC was allocated less than its budget. Where then do we expect to get the funding for the Diaspora vote. Govt money is purely from tax and currently we dont have any meaningful tax base because of the closure of companies.Some of us are in the civil service and we are getting peanuts and to expect the Govt to source for funds for the diaspora vote would be expecting milk out of a rock.

      • That is where you are getting lost baba, it is the right of every zimbabwean to vote,saka kana pakadaro nga postpone ma election acho ka,so were you forced to work for the civil service here?,why usingatengese madomasi ne vegi like others,people in diaspora have contributed a lot in this country dayipasina ivo dayi takapera kufa nezara muno,I am really grateful for the decision that they made to go ku diaspora and hakuna imwe patriotism iri better than that.

  5. How can a President say such kind of statement before the judgement is made in the courts. That is why we need to vote Pres ED out of office. He doesn’t deserve to lead this nation. He must rest and run his businesses.

    • ED and your company you are evil . You announce free and fair elections but you have already started being unfair before the elections .

  6. diaspora vote is good. however the logistics of doing it this year is impossible. being a realist here wl tell one that our government is broke and wont be able to finance that regardless of whatever outcome the court wl determine.,

    • They have managed to finance extensive international trips for their ministers and politicians, they have managed to finance their own pet projects. The priority HAS to be what is mandated by the constitution, if the constitution is not upheld then there is no guarantee of democracy.

  7. Shame to you citizens in the Diaspora who are fooled to come back home with their money to support such leadership.Mukaruza mari munoita mushe!

  8. If this happens in other African Nations,, why cant it happenin Zim? He is fully aware that noone from the diaspora will vote him except the pple he posted in various countries to spy for him.

  9. The true reason this hypocrite, who now says he is now a christian is very afraid is that the diaspora are not under the brain washing ambience of seeing the First Lady performing theatrics on TV everyday and prisoners waffling that ED is full of mercy. Unfortunately they want to turn Zimbabwe into North Korea with brain washed populace under their armpits. This Zanuosis ailment must be washed away this year or else we forever have this virus forever and a country that will remain poor.

  10. ED only last year you were saying the Diasaporians (whatever you call them)should come with their hard earned currency to invest in Zimbabwe ,nhasi you say havafanirwe ku vhota haaaa. Hauone kuti ice cream yakupinda mumusoro here

  11. Just to check. Has ZEC done any projections on how much it might cost them to set up polling sites outside Zimbabwe? Timboshanda with figures?

  12. ED is complaining about funding and logistics of polling stations nee. Now sponsors are going to fork in with everything and get diasporians to vote.We will see how ED and his thugs will react on this simplified issue.

  13. Diaspora vote we are not saying all cities in the world but we are saying cities were there is a majority of Zimbabweans e.g Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban, Francistown, London etc others can liaise with polling stations in those countries in proximity with them.

  14. already Zimbabwe has embassies in most countries were a majority of Zimbabweans are staying thus my assumption is the only major cost associated with this move is transportation of voting materials and staff to these countries.

  15. But ED dd not refuse, there are not enough resources chete meaning if you force it there will be rigging loopholes and the same people will be crying again. Resources people, resources!

  16. Comment…chivhoterwa nembavha nemhondi dzawakabudisa mujeri unorambirei kuti varikunze vavhote mhondi nembavha dzino vhoterana

  17. Vanhu vari diaspora pavanotumira mari vanenge vasingaitiri nyika, kuitira mhuri dzavo.
    Sei musiri kuda kuti vadzoke kuzovhota ati havana mari yekuuya ndiani

    • Nonsense do you know that traveling cost a lot of money,some of our brothers and sisters only to come home once in a year,vanoto ona kuti sending money is better than kuuya kuno,have you ever considered people who are in UK,Canada,USA,Australia how much they will spend to come and then return back,kuzoti food,transport when they are here,even munhu aripa Joza anoto spender more $150.00 chaiyo,but if he sends that money kuno inoto cover something,zvakaita sema school fees.Iyoyo mari irikutumirwa ndiyo yacho irikuita zvifaye kuno ini sa builder mari yangu inobva ku diaspora,ndiyo yandinotenga nayo grocery kwa Pick and Pay,ndiyo yandino bhadhara nayo rent nema rates ku municipality,ndiyo inotambirwa nemateacher,masoja ,manurse nemi magreen bomber majayira kudya zvemahara stupid muchifungawo manhi.

  18. @petros you are lost mufela. There is no country with more of its citizens in the diaspora kudarika Philippines. It’s poor yet they all vote. That’s what civilized humans do. Uncivilized ones who came to power thru a coup are always afraid of a truly free and fair election. How hard is it to set up a polling station at the embassy manned by reps from both big parties and count the ballots right there when polls close?

  19. Simon Phoenix ,you are a very dumb block,In your rotten mind you dont even know that almost 90 percent of diasporans were forced out of the country by unemployment and political persecution and the general decay of the economy and human rights abuse caused by the same mafia party that Ngwena represents?Zanu pf’s misrule has a direct effect on diasporans because it is the same party that separated them from their loved ones.Those diasporans yearn to come back home.It is as clear as day light that they will not vote for Zanu pf hence Ngwena’s reluctance to reform himself and the party out of power as Jonathan “Motor-mouth” Moyo once said.

  20. Lets proceed on the assumption that the “diaspora vote” cancels out among the political contestants since going abroad is not premised on who you politically support locally. Further the opposition can campaign in the diaspora while Zanu PF cannot on account of sanctions which critically is a bit unfair also other small parties have no access to state funding enjoyed by MDCT and Zanu PF thats irregular and unfair too. Isu tiri kuno we can make the decision on your behalf. The diasporas must just be the prodigals they are (they can not have their cake and eat it) and chill it out there. You have simply forfeited your rights. Voting is good but for the time being tough luck guys.

  21. If you want to vote ED/ZanuPF out of office, then you must come home and vote. Or is the lifestyle of the whites and their food too much to resist? You will not change Zimbabwe by sitting in another country. And if you shout at the top of your voice from outside the country nobody is going to listen to you. Come home! Until you do that, there will never be a Diaspora vote.

  22. This can be proved, it is not a subjective statement, therefore you must make a rough estimate of the expenditure and make a feasibility analysis. Zimbabwe is on the recovery path from Mugabe’s mismanagement of resources, hence do not put value on your vote alone but understand the history of the country and its economic trends. Behave like MDC cowards and you will not have any revelation of anything good said by ED. Whether you come home or you stay in diaspora we will vote. The venue is in Zimbabwe not Diaspora.

  23. I will be travelling from South Africa to vote. Most of my country men are here illegally. They are undocumented.Lots of them have fake papers.They spent a lot of time playing hide and seek with the police. Some how there is a mistaken belief that diasporans fled persecution. I am outside Zim because of the education I received in my country which opened lots of opportunities for me beyond our borders. My vote is for mature unexcitable leadership that won’t require hand-holding.

  24. If you want to vote come back home and vote. Mari hapana yekutsikisa mapepa kunze uko. Yakadyiwa namudhara naamai.

  25. That has always been the excuse used by successive dictatorships in the country! Truth is that ED knows he cannot win an election in which disgruntled citizens, who were forced to become unwilling immigrants, will participate!There are an estimated 3 million Zimbos out there; just do the math!

  26. Sir ED If thinking is one of your inadequacies , you would rather pretend that you are thinking.And mind you ,the Zim populace is no fools camp like your Lacoste faction.Now you cant afford to set up polling stations abroad but you can afford 4×4 isuzus for chiefs.How many of military service personnel are you recruiting pre-election period.How much does it cost to train them and adding them on the paysheet.We are in deep stinking human shit …with a leader of this nature.God have mercy.

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