NGZ courts artists to submit work for exhibition

The National Gallery in Bulawayo is calling upon artistes to submit their art work for this year’s Zimbabwe Independence Annual Exhibition under the theme The Legacy to run from April 27 to July 16.


The submissions should be submitted at the gallery before April 20.

The exhibition’s curator, Cliford Zulu, told Southern Eye Life & Style that the exhibition was inspired by the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy.

“The exhibition is encouraging the participation by visual artists throughout the country on national issues. The exhibition also seeks to captivate the nation to revive the spirit of Ubuntu/Unhu that saw Zimbabweans from all walks of life expressing their desire for freedom,” he said.

“The exhibition is celebrating our cultural diversity and shared history, further enriching the nation’s legacy rooted in our cultural heritage and tangible visual culture.”

Zulu said the artistes are invited to make statements concerning their political observations, developments and inheritance issues and above all to ask the question: Whose legacy?

“What does legacy in the context of Zimbabwe’s independence mean? It implies a tradition, inheritance, culture and influence or one’s visual perspective of Zimbabwe’s independence. The exhibition aims to be seen as a contemporary guide for creative memory of our independence celebrations this year and driving to preserve cultural archives of the country’s inventive activities in the post-independence Zimbabwe over the passage of time,” he said.

He said submissions could include paintings, drawings, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performances, design, craft, sound and any new media.

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