Mugabe rapped over Gukurahundi utterances

DUMISO Dabengwa’s Zapu has taken issue with former President Robert Mugabe (pictured) after he blamed the party and Zipra, its military wing during the armed struggle, for instigating Gukurahundi massacres.


Mugabe on Thursday denied responsibility for the 1980s mass killings, arguing “Zapu and Zipra are also to blame”.

The former President also questioned the 20 000 deaths resulting from the mass killings.

“Mugabe does not at all surprise us as Zapu. He remains the same unrepentant blood-dripping monster who hid behind a thin finger of ‘madness’ when he killed hundreds of thousands during Gukurahundi. He is trying by all means to justify himself on the genocidal atrocities. We, however, are alive to the events and conspiracies that surrounded the genocide.

“We would rather remind Mugabe that the arms caches in Zipra properties were a deliberate and covert operation by the State secret service under Emmerson Mnangagwa, who himself remarked that they had to create a story and reason to justify the atrocities that followed the discovery,” Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said yesterday.
Mugabe had unleashed a North Korean-trained military unit to crack down dissent to his rule in Matabeleland and Midlands, resulting in the death of over 20 000 civilians, according to the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice (CCJP).

The former President once described Gukurahundi as a “moment of madness”, and also dispatched a government probe team, the Chihambakwe Commission, to investigate the emotive issue. Its report was never made public.

“Mugabe’s denial of the genocide is in sharp contradiction with his statement at [Vice-President Joshua] Nkomo’s burial where he admitted that it was a moment of madness. His denial of the 20 000 deaths shows he really is mindful and aware of the magnitude of this madness and he surely knows that the number is for deaths in only two districts of Matobo and Tsholotsho.

“Mugabe is fully aware that these 20 000 are direct deaths at the hands of the Fifth Brigade, the number does not include curfew induced deaths of children, the elderly and the sick from malnutrition, hunger and disease,” Maphosa said.

“Mugabe fully knows that Gukurahundi deaths run into hundreds of thousands, hence his refusal to acknowledge the mere 20 000 that was given by the CCJP, whose survey or investigations only cover Matobo and Tsholotsho.”

The massacres began after the government discovered around 60 arms caches in Matabeleland, half of them at Gwayi, Zipra’s main base, and another 30 at a farm owned by a company connected to Zapu.

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  1. You are very correct Dumiso Kamugabe kanoda kungwarira nhema .Ndiye satan uyu

  2. There you heard it straight from the horses mouth and nkomo and the dabengwas know it and mugabe did the right thing to shed light on what transpired during those days and every adult of those days knows that zipra had stockpiled arms to dislodge the government and that is not a case for any argument.

    1. Just shut up idiot if you have nothing to say. You dont trample on the pain of others like that

      1. you have said absolutely nothing and this does not change the fact that a massive onslaught against the government by those behind it in consultation with the savimbas and dhlakamas had been hatched and it was foiled dead on its tracks together with the innocent accomplices who were supporting the dissidents. I for one witnessed an ambush by forces of the day on a house in kuwadzana were stockpiles of arms were discovered and recovered in an early morning raid involving helicopters and jet fighters and thats how bad the situation had gotten into. These facts are not in dispute and for your information the Zipra command is aware of it and thats why there are quiet.

    2. True. ZAPU and ZIPRA had never accepted Mugabe’s authority

  3. Mugabe should be taken to America & be chained onto the next space shuttle to Mars. That man is surely an alien monster of some sort that doesn’t belong on planet earth. If madam Khupe can also join him perhaps we can strike a dollar for 2 ticket deal

  4. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Massacring of thousands of innocent and defenceless souls could not be justified and measured against the discovery of a few dumps of ammunition and assortment of small arms of war at the assembly points.Genocide was too disproportionate to the offence, if ever there was any offence committed by unarmed and defenceless pregnant women and children.

  5. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    No blame should be apportioned to Dabengwa he was simply a victim it was by shear luck that he survived.People Eliasha should not trivialise serious issues and if somebody has nothing to say should simply shut up.

    1. He was one of the architects of the tribalist rebellion, indeed he should not have been allowed to live.

  6. The former President is dead right. Those who started the armed rebellion are the chief culprits. And it is a damn lie that thousand civilians were killed. It is total madness to claim 20000 were killed.

  7. At the 1979 Lanchaster meeting the British favoured Mugabe over Nkomo because Nkomo wanted land reverted back to its original black owners as the first thing for independence.
    The British then made sure Mugabe’s part won the 1980 peblicite, then Mugabe buyoued by that wanted Zimbabwe into a ‘one party state.
    They hatched a plan to furastrate Zapu by 1; giving Nkomo a lowly home affairs ministry. 2; 1982 dismissing from the newly ZNA most zipra cadres especially at 45 Command Gutu.
    The dismissed trained soldiers went and caused havoc in the Midlands Matebeleland provinces. Havoc that could have been contained by government if it really wanted to.
    Planted arms cache was ‘discovered’ then Perence Shiri’s boys were unleashed with the results that is Gukurahundi.
    The intelligence office manufactured Gukurahundi

  8. Hey this issue of so called massacres is now boring us. If at all you want an objective finality to this issue,it should not be viewed from a regional or political party perspective. In masvingo,mash central, West, Midlands etc the dissidents killed innocent people. Where the victims from these regions less human than those from matabeleland. If at all any reapation or apology is merited,those who are talking about the government owning up to the so called atrocities must be equally prepared to do the same coz of dissidentry.

  9. Chenjerai Makudo

    Those who don’t know PLEASE keep quiet. You will earn more respect by silence.

    The authors of this articles are NOT objective at all. Tell it as it is and let people make their verdicts with the correct information.

    Mugabe did not win elections because of UK meddling.(57 Seats against 20 and 3 is not a joke) Arms cache was not a planted story and it was not ONLY 60 and 30 arms as alleged. It was hoards of arms enough for a full warfare.

    Gukurahundi was not a result of the arms catch, but what ZIPRA/ZAPU did beginning from Entubane Barracks and Bulawayo Suburbs. Why are you denying the new generation this information?

    Dumiso Dabengwa, Lookout Masuku and other ZAPU cadres knew of the arms catche….knew about the Entubane crisis…knew about the origin of dissidents in Matebeleland and Midlands….

    The deaths from GUkurahundi was NOT 20 000, AND NOT ANYWHERE NEAR IT. It was massive, wicked and unpardonable but still the truths about its magnitude/origins/cause/perpetrators should be told to the younger generations (mostly Zimbabweans under the age of 40 years today).

    Dumiso Dabengwa’s hands are as filthy as those of Mugabe. However, Mugabe is only worse because as one who was in control of Government he should have shown Dabengwa (and cohort) what good governance is, and not murderous brutality.

    The history of Shonas and Ndebeles stinks. We need people/leaders/journalists who have interest in uniting our people and showing all of us that in TRUTH and PEACE we have unity and prosperity.

  10. For a start, let us all ignore the rhetoric of this old biltong faced stinking geriatric. He is a total failure who must not be allowed space to utter nonsense. The next thing is that we need to be responsible when we comment on issues that are sensitive. We are talking of innocent lives that were lost here. Regardless of the tribe, this development was inhuman. No human whatsoever has the right to take one’s life. The last is a question. Is the former president Zimbabwean? Eish. This geriatric is heartless and cruel.

  11. Nyausopo, you are the idiot. Zipra started the killings in Matabeleland, targeting Shona people. Read about Entumbane. It’s a pity we still have coward Shona people like Nyausopo who can’t confront the truth, and accept that the Shona were oppressed by the Ndebele from the days of Mzilikazi.

  12. The issue between Ndebele and Shona speaking people is very painful. to start with, we allowed our bread and basket country to be ruled by people who are not originally born of Zimbabwe. Selfishness and greediness resulted into people being killed. there was no need to have the Ndebele nation killed over power, the fact that Mugabe agitated the death of the Ndebele speaking people from Mozambique when Josiah Tongogara was killed for standing up for the truth that Joshua Nkomo will be the leader and him commander in chief. Lookout Masuku killed for being the best Zipra commander who would have taken the country into a better position than the current status. in ending all who supported Robert Mugabe should be arrested and be prosecuted. now Bulawayo people have no direction because Ndebele people are so accommodating. they speak 2 or more languages but Shona only speak their language and English because they were taught for the past 37 years that they are superiors than Ndebele people.

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