‘Mnangagwa, Chamisa have no chance against Mujuru’

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru has urged her supporters to embrace the G40 members who were being fired by Zanu PF over their links to former President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.

BY Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Addressing People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) members in Masvingo yesterday, Mujuru said her coalition with the Lucia Matibenga-led splinter group of the People’s Democratic Party would become stronger by incorporating smaller parties and fired G40 members

“You are the ones who know the people who are being chased away. Do you know we want them?” she asked.

“It is our duty to call them and work with them. There are also small political parties that are mushrooming and are in search of parties to work with. Let us not block them, rather let us invite them to our party and combine forces.”

She said Zanu PF and the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T had no chance against her PRC.

“Zanu PF and MDC-T do not count in this scenario. There is little time left. Tave kunorova bhora redu mugedhe, hapana goalkeeper (We are now going to score, there is no goalkeeper). We want free and fair elections, no military support,” she said. She insisted that NPP would not join the MDC Alliance due to four fundamental reasons which she did not mention.

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“There were four reasons why we did not agree with MDC-T and that is why the friendship failed. We are not going to join MDC Alliance as what people are saying,” the former Vice-President said.


  1. Kikiki. Wishful thinking. You are the same old regime that plundered the nation. Analogue face, this is the digital error where a digital face rules so no chance madam.

    1. hhhahaha vanopenga mai ava

  2. Innocent maposa

    Kuhoro kwenyu motherComment…

  3. kkkkkk if wishes were horses, burgers might ride, she thinks kt all zimbabweans have same mind of those pple in Dotito, shame

  4. KKK hunger for power, embracing what G40 kkk. Who killed the nation, who stole from the nation?

    1. Comment…A daydreaming piece of shit

  5. But Mujuru will make a mark even if she doesn’t win this time;if she properly play her tricks as a renowned mother,a woman,a liberation war hero with wide experience in gvt & national politics,a progressive academic with phd and above all hire expertise in international relations& business world;she might make such an appeal to the women demographic groups who are in their own struggles to emancipation who might want to join forces with one of their own who has such wide experience in governance & national development.business might also support her candidature;of course women will use their numbers to defeat n one else.She only needs to play her cards well & concentrate on women votes;might surprisingly come well atop;make no mistake

  6. chamisa chete chete

  7. mike somusa moyo

    mujuru you were surpose to win may be but becouse you are together w2ith mugabe no one is stupid can vote for mugabe to lewade again for 37 years kkkkkkk forget mama but u right keeep on dreaming

  8. Maybe i didn’t get well the heading, Manangagwa, Chamisa, when these are the only contestants vamwe zviroto zvoga. Ma Journalists azivawe zvekunyora zvinozvoresa bepa

  9. Kkkkkkkkk inga mbuya inorwara iyi. Joyce Mujuru ndiani asingazive kuti imbavha. Kana kacheche kazvarwa nhasi mukakati kabate gororo hombe. Musati mapedza kutaura kanenge katobata mbuya ivava. Joyce and Bob hapana chavakasiyana. She is just fighting her former employer. What kind of opposition inoshora mamwe ma opposition. Hamuna direction ambuya. Endai munoitira vazukuru ngano.

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