Mbeu reaches out to underprivileged children

AFRO-fusion star Mbeu has found himself new love in charity work, as he reaches out to the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.


The fast-rising artiste whose guitar-strumming skills and vocal abilities have charmed many, said it was important that beyond performing, musicians found time to serve the community.

“I am a musician, yes, but my art is consumed by the community and it is important that I spare a thought for the less privileged in the community. We are blessed for others and even the talent that God gave me must bring a smile to someone,” Mbeu said.

Born Ashton Nyahora, the Pakare Paye Arts Centre graduate spent an hour performing for over 50 handicapped children at St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Harare on Wednesday afternoon.

“We must not see disability, but we must see humanity. I believe we are all born with a certain special deposit and it was really touching to see some of the students singing with me. They are super talented,” he said.

The children with various disabilities were openly excited to spend time with Mbeu, whose plug track Mavanga has been receiving generous air play on Trace TV channel.

One of the children, Greatjoy Chaitwa, who played drums during the visit by Mbeu proved that disability did not mean inability.

“I love music and I am happy that Mukoma Mbeu has spared some time to come and entertain us. I believe with more support from artists like him and other stakeholders we will achieve our music dreams,” Chaitwa said.

Mbeu also highlighted that he will be engaging various stakeholders in his quest to reach out to the disadvantaged groups.

Officials at the centre expressed gratitude to Mbeu for his kind gesture and said they hoped he would continue working with them.

Mbeu’s star continues to rise since he launched his music career and he has performed at high level gigs featuring international stars besides curtain-raising at most of Jah Prayzah shows around Zimbabwe.

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