Man accused of abusing ex-wife

A HARARE woman has accused her husband of trying to kick her out of their matrimonial home after she applied for their child’s maintenance.


Theresa Magombeze appeared before civil court magistrate Lazini Ncube accusing her ex-husband Cleopas Mutiri of insulting and assaulting her after she applied for maintenance at the courts.

“He comes to the house to assault and insult me, he wants me to leave the house because he was told to pay for the upkeep of his child at court,” she said.

Magombeze also accused her husband of forcing her to be a tenant and use the money she received for maintenance to pay rent.

“He wants me to leave the house and be a tenant. He is saying that I should use the money he gives me for our child to pay rent,” she said.

Magombedze’s ex-husband, Mutiri was, however, opposed to his ex-wife’s application for a protection order claiming that his wife’s child from another marriage was showing his young daughter pornographic material. ads Ads

“I only approached her for a discussion after I discovered that the child she sired from a separate marriage was showing my daughter pornographic pictures and I told her that her child had to leave my house,” he said.

Mutiri also accused his wife of engaging in prostitution after she sent her daughter to boarding school.

“After her daughter left my house she called me thanking me for letting her leave and she said that she was now engaging in prostitution as she had no one to monitor her,” he said.

Mutiri also accused his wife of once deflating his car tyres when he wanted to leave for the rural areas.

“She once deflated my car tyres and she threatened me with death, saying I would one day have an accident in my car,” he said.

Mutiri also accused his wife of hiring six men to attack him when he visited her.

“She called six guys to her house when I went to see her. They came to me threatening to beat me up and I fled in the nearby maize field,” he said.

In granting the order, magistrate Ncube advised Mutiri to desist from verbally and physically abusing his ex-wife and also to desist from kicking her out of their matrimonial home.

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