Lovemore Moyo quits MDC-T

MDC-T chairperson and former Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo has quit the opposition party, NewsDay can reveal
Moyo’s resignation came ahead of an MDC-T national council meeting today to expel the party’s defiant deputy president Thokozani Khupe for allegedly failing to abide by its decision to endorse Nelson Chamisa as president.


Moyo and MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe have also been accused of refusing to recognise Chamisa’s ascendancy to the post of party president.

The pair has also been boycotting party programmes and MDC Alliance rallies together with Khupe.

“I have no comment for now,” Moyo said when contacted for comment about his resignation.

Insiders told NewsDay Moyo tendered his resignation yesterday, citing irreconcilable differences over the party’s leadership dispute.

Moyo recently said he would not be contesting his Matobo North parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections.

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  1. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    We cant lose sleep over this, it was long over due , lase Matopo bebevele bengamazi lokuthi wenzani.
    we are on the ground we know better.

  2. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    With Welshman and Coltart we are home and dry , Xotshani okuKhuphe Lokhu

  3. I listened to your radio interview and from that discussions with Radio DJ i could predict this,Go well as MDC-T will soldier on till we deliver a NEW ZIMBABWE

  4. @warrior -speak for yourself. The fall-out will affect MDC votes in Matebeleland like it or not, by how much we’ll only know AFTER the elections. However, if you read the news you’ll discover that Chamisa’s Plumtree rally was poorly attended….in my view, so will many others in these provinces. This MDC Alliancet is a tactic to bring politicians who had lost relevance back into parliament through the back door. This is similar to what Jonso Moyo did in Tsholotsho years back.

    1. The first and second split in MDC had all to do with Morgan tsvangirayi (MHSRIP) not MDC as a whole so to say Ncube and Bit are failed politicians is taking it too far. People look at the party not individuals.

    2. You only wish for your thoughts to come to pass, it ain’t going to happen. Khupe is irrelevant to politics in Zimbabwe, whether in Bulawayo,or under a rock.

    3. Don’t know where you are getting that from, those can only be your wishes.Even if it were poorly attended, the attendance was much larger than khupe’s borrowed small crowd. Matter of fact Sharia,Khupe has no relevance in politics, even in Bulawayo or from under a rock. Problem is she over-estimated her relevance. Even in the GNU she was hugely anonymous for the entire duration.

  5. join zanupf

  6. who is moyo?????????

  7. Hamba Moyo

  8. Comment…baya shamwari its your time hatidzori tsvimbo

  9. MDC-T not moved an inch, it was long over due as you were not participating in party activities since your election in 2014. Famba mushe Lovemore Moyo, Khupe and the serial flip-flopper Bhebhe. You have proved what you are..


  11. wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara famba Chamy tiende dzamara tatotara nyika yedu ivo nevamwe vose vachizviona varipo

  12. Kanti why some pple always talk of Chamisa Plumtree rally what of Dete rally which was well attended in rural areas Dete is more rural than Plumtree . As for Moyo hayi hamba baba uyo phumla this man was never with the part from last year . So vele siyanjabula kakhulu hamba . zwaa wende obootu mwayi .

    1. twalumba loko aya makani maphati

  13. emmanuel mlambo

    Its good you have seen the light Moyo. Why associate with people who will turn a round and call you dizidendi. With your resignation we can safely say….rest in peace….MDC(T)swangarayi

  14. Uzo khamisa u Chamisa ….come election day.. Welshman and Biti will have the last laugh…

  15. Hawu madoda zonke ndawu ngu Chamisa kuphela vele leyi hi walk over vele use winile lapha eMatebeleland wena maKhuphe uledlozi lendla shuwa phuma uphelele .

  16. ULovemore Moyo You a great man with a vison, famba nestrugle and join wise party.

  17. ULovemore Moyo You a great man with a vison, famba nestrugle and join wise party.

  18. NdiDydmus Mutasa mujinga maJoyce.

  19. Khupe, Moyo and Bhebhe are key to determine Matebeleland vote come 2018. They are principled and taking that away from them is grave mistake, They are true democrats which is what this country desperately need going forward. Extraordinary elective congress was avoided for obvious reasons, Chamisa was scared of a repeat of what happened in 2014 when he was trounced by Mwonzora despite the perceived then when he was reduced to an ordinary party card carrying member and only to resurface via back door through Save’s dictatorial tendencies. We hear now Chamisa crying for electoral reforms when he cannot realize that charity begins at home. He will leave to regret this move.


    haha Chamisa is a cockroach we are going to smash that dickhead of his. He is stupid enough. He is a Shona racist

  21. haha Chamisa is a cockroach we are going to smash that dickhead of his. He is stupid enough. He is a Shona racist. Ngaatikwanire

  22. He is Stupid Chamisa iyeye….

  23. When people stand for principle they are maligned in one way or another. The splits in the MDC from it’s inception have been based on matter of principle more than anything else. Unfortunately the popular tide has always reached the shores ahead of sound judgment, sound reason and mutual respect for institutions’ values. As it stand the nation has suffered regression because of popularity. Hats off to all who ever stood for principle even if it meant their going into political oblivion, and woe to those who went with the swelling popular tides for selfish reasons for a man who cannot stand firmly for something will certainly fall for anything.

  24. MDC Alliance will lose big in the Matabeleland region in the 2018 election. I see Dumiso Dabengwa’s ZAPU winning most of the seats in rural Matabeleland. MDC independents led by Khupe will take the seats in Bulawayo. Chamisa’s MDC Alliance will take Harare province. ZANU PF will win in six provinces: Manicaland, Mash Central, Mash East, Mash West, Masvingo and the Midlands. ZANU PF’s presidential candidate, Mr E D Munangagwa will win by more than 50% of the voters in the election.

  25. Who is moyo anywhere? Welshman ncube and Biti were far much better in influence than this Moyo. But MDC T still soldiered on without them. moyo, bhebhe and khupe thus the end of your political carriers hamusimuke futi vunzai biti. Iwe khupe wakapusa u were supposed to join team chamisa kana chamisa ahwina okuita vp wake we Zimbabwe. But as it is u are lost. If u want form your own political part muone kuti murichinhu here. Even a parliamentary seat khupe and your screw musiri mu mdc T hamuhwine. I feel pity for u.

  26. makajaira mashona kudzvanyirira mandex chamisa kuno kumatebe haulume kkk

  27. Gutu was fired for defending democratic Constitution.
    MDC another ZANU pf party which doesn’t respect it’s own Constitution .

  28. your departure was long overdue. Mr,Mrs,Miss or Ms Maricho what has Zapu to offer which suddenly makes us dump Chamisa. We do not need Zapu this side.

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