Known gays manned State House in Mugabe era: Musindo

Zanu PF-aligned cleric and Destiny for Afrika Network founder, Obadiah Musindo has claimed that G-40 members who had captured the State before the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe comprised of known homosexuals, whose agenda was to legalise the loathed practice in the country.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

Addressing clerics who are set to benefit from his housing schemes ahead of this year’s election, Musindo claimed Operation Restore Legacy which ousted Mugabe, was sanctioned by God to save the nation from named homosexuals who wanted to introduce the practice in the country.

“Operation Restore Legacy that was done by the soldiers helped us in one thing, because State House had been captured by gays, not from opposition, but from Zanu PF.
“Temba Mliswa was clear on who these gays are, so restore legacy saved us from the kingdom of gays who had infiltrated State House.

“If these guys had managed to secure power (G40), it was (homosexuality) going to be legalised. Some people really know that this one is this one’s wife. Right now you will have been doing all night prayers asking why God had done these things to you,” Musindo said amid applause from the congregation of pastors.

Musindo also warned the President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration against abusing power in the same manner Mugabe and G40 members did, as God will remove it because he only ordains leaders who were willing to serve his people.

“What Mugabe did was not good for the country, and if this leadership of Mnangagwa, (VP Kembo) Mohadi and (VP Constantino) Chiwenga forgets the people, I tell you that God shall remove them. If Mnangagwa is there to serve himself, then he has no business with God,” Musindo said. Ads


  1. While known RAPISTS like Musindo man the pulpit in ED’s era! You must go to jail! Nyoka yemunhu.

  2. Homosexuals and Rapists are both undesirable elements in our communities. Infact Homosexuals are better because there is consent. What about you Musindo raping young girls? You must go in front of a firing squad!

  3. homosexuality is a spirit which can only be overcome by the blood of Jesus.

  4. Chipangano chauya

    mdidi wako iwe u sing for your supper

  5. @Chipangano chauya stop using vulgar on this platform.

  6. stupid wat is chipangano yakapera time yekuda kutyisa vanhu.

  7. garai nacho

  8. To me… Homesexuals have their own demons but rapists like Obadiah need to be jailed.

    Why does Mnangagwa preach that criminals will be jailed and necodemously eat in the same plate with Msindo?

  9. It takes a gay to know the other in the closet.

  10. Homosexuality is not a choice

  11. Ngondi kamupinya

    Kana uriwe O.Musindo ibva wanyarara zvako.Hapana imbwa inopfuura iwewe.U are “as dull as u are”….a political prostitute.U think zimbabweans are as foolish as you?….all the good u used to say about Mugabe is still vivid in our minds…..URI BONGA…JUST SHUT UP.

  12. You Msindo, you are a MORON. Leave the LGBT pple alone you STUP!D. You raped your maid some few yrs back and now you want to sound holier. Gays do not rape anyone. Gays are human beings created by God and have the rights just all straight pple. Just yesterday, you were equating Mugabe to God. Now that Mugabe is gone, you are talking Sh!t. Why you didnt tell those sorrounding Mugabe that, they are Gays during that time?
    LGBT pple are here to stay. For your own information, Gays and Lesbians have offices in Zim and even Mugabe knew that.
    One thing i discovered is, those who criticizes Gays are the very same pple who, during the night, go to night clubs hunting for homosexuals.
    Pliz Msindo, leave the LGBT pple alone. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE, YOU BOOTLICKER?

  13. This snake and his venomous “network” needs to be burnt by the stake.

  14. Msindo, you were praise singing for Mr. Mugabe – now you have switched sides, unomanya neakabata chimuti. You are a shameless and unprincipled leader we not blind to this fact.

    Mugabe, is for me is a peripheral issue – history will judge him. I am focused on the upcoming election, we

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