Khupe takes over MDC-T Byo offices

MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson and deputy mayor Gift Banda has dragged party deputy president, Thokozani Khupe, to court for allegedly grabbing the opposition party’s provincial offices.


Khupe stands accused of locking out party president Nelson Chamisa’s followers as the fight for leadership of the party escalates.

The latest development came two weeks after Khupe and Chamisa’s supporters violently clashed over control of the party offices, leading to the arrest of Banda, Mlandu Ncube and 11 other activists.

On Wednesday, Banda took the matter to the High Court, seeking a ruling ordering Khupe’s allies to vacate the Bulawayo offices. In his urgent High Court chamber application, Banda through his lawyers Mathonsi Law Chambers, sought an order barring Khupe and her allies from disrupting and interfering with party business conducted at the Bulawayo offices.

“I submit that this matter is urgent because as a province we have nowhere else to operate from as all lawful structures of the party under my control and supervision have been excluded from accessing the offices at a critical time when we are processing candidate selection and preparing for crucial elections,” he said in his founding affidavit.

“I seek this honourable court’s protection and intervention on an urgent basis from the unlawful actions of the respondents in despoiling me of control and occupation of our provincial offices. The practice is that any organ of Bulawayo province intending to use the party offices is required to seek my authority. I, as a matter of fact, grant such authority for all legitimate and lawful activities for the province,” he added. Ads

Khupe, her personal assistant Witness Dube, the party’s national organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe and close allies Artwell Sibanda, Gershom Zimba, Samson Mubhemi, Elliot Doctor Moyo, Mthokozisi Ncube and Mbuso Sibanda, were cited as respondents.

Khupe yesterday said she would file her opposing papers today.

“I will not comment on the matter which is before the courts, but we will be filing opposing papers supported by the rest of respondents cited by Banda,” Khupe said through her aide.

Chamisa took over leadership of the MDC-T last month following the death of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai. Although Chamisa’s elevation was endorsed by the party’s national council, Khupe insists she was the bona fide party leader as she was the only one among Tsvangirai’s three deputies who was elected at congress.
Chamisa last week told party supporters during a rally at Cross Dete, Matabeleland North province, that he was engaging Khupe to find closure to the leadership dispute.


  1. thats the way to go khupe its now time to share the assets chamisa grabs harvest house and you do same to byo offices meantime there is no message to voters and zanoids at end of day are benefitting big time from this circus

  2. Khupe is organised, her office is at Harvest House. urikudei pa provincial office. the provincial office belongs to the provincial executive

  3. Mama Khuphe leave all those nonsense you are doing,go back to where you belong to for i see red and gloom in your indeavours.

  4. Madam keep on fighting the good fight. Why should any party go to elections with an interim president. If Chamisa is ready for the national presidency he should show his mettle by winning the post at a special congress. He must debate his way to everyone’s hearts and not hold everyone at ransom. Debate and win hearts and minds, not alienate and destroy. You must do what is right and what feels right even in your heart.
    Imagine the free press such an exercise would bring, and the momentum that comes with it. Otherwise all the steam that the young man started with will evaporate.
    We want democracy and we want amadhodha sibili. @Biti, @ProfNcube, charity begins at home, as does democracy.

    1. MDC constituition allows its NEC to make decisions in between Congresses, thus the NEC choice/decision of anoiting Chamisa is very legal. MDC/NEC concluded there was not enough time to have a congress then campaign for elections. If Khupe cannot understand that simple sense she is not for the people.

    2. Chamisa for President 2018


    3. If Khupe and crew can sponsor the congress you want so dearly, which she has already lost anyway,can she and crew sponsor it? Resources should be channeled towards a winning horse. Khupe is a horse now meant for slaughter kkkkkkkk….

  5. KHUPE wavakufarisa hure remunhu

    1. Uncalled for

  6. khupe go to hell and let the devil rape u

  7. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Mama Khupe, I think you need to go in line with others. Just see where the wind is blowing? There are more benefits of you and Chamisa working as a team than think of eating a piece of an animal that is still being hunted. From the look of things on the ground and for the sake of victory, lets all rally behind the candidate who is wooing more grass roots. Other issues will be sorted after we get to state house.

  8. Khupeor kupenga. Wakuda kukonzeresa sa Mugabe ku Zanu. Takahwa kuti wakainda kumusangano ne G40 ku South na Mai Mujuru. Chii chaizvo chirikuitika

  9. Khupe hauna support.Leave the nonsense that you are doing.WE SUPPORT CHAMISA.GO CHAMISA GO

  10. MASVINGO, BRIAN and BINYA are one and the same person

  11. khupe if u want the chair revise your gender and your origin thus all, l assure you take over chamisa tomorrow if not pliz live chamisa going

  12. speak foryourself.Chamisa bulldozed his way up to presidency. As far as I’m concerned Chamisa started all this noise,so we can’t blame khuphe.

    if we do lose these elections its because of Chamisa,popular or not.respect people and the constitution.

    this is the reason why Zim is in this mess,all because of people who have no respect for rules and laws

  13. kkkkkkkk yah tunganai dzemudanga… isu tinovhotera ED! pasi nemhanduuuuuu.. 2 idiots

  14. @Jaffa wataura ipapooo…Chamisa is just an idiot…muzukuru waMugabe cheteee…

  15. I sympathize with Kuphe. She can grab those offices but she can’t grab the people’s hearts away from Nelson Chamisa, the people’s president. Her political road is ending come election time.

  16. We are with you Mai Khupe. We support you

  17. I we be the least surprised to meet Khupe at such places as Waverley and Manor Hotel, where people of her like meet because her political sun has set.

  18. Emmanuel Mlambo

    Pasi ne mhanduuuuuu !!!!!! Cant be ruled by this kindergatten boy….student politics…kkkkk

  19. This is how Khupe is inviting violence to get sympathy, does she have an office in provincial offices, or hers is in Harare’s harvest House.She should be arrested for inciting violence.

  20. Its time MDC-T take decisive action on Khupe before its too late. Time is running out they have to fire her and rebuild Bulawayo structures.

  21. Furk manh.. because she is a Ndebele so you have to talk to any how if she was eShona how wld u say. Chamisa is same like rg hapana zviripo apa akula lutho nje talk shi now ubone

  22. Your answer lifts the inletligence of the debate.

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