Khupe sets splinter group interim structures

FORMER MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has started setting up interim structures, with Bulawayo Proportional Representation legislator Nomvula Mnguni, now acting chairperson for her breakaway faction.


Khupe has vowed to contest the upcoming presidential election on an MDC-T ticket, although she was recently fired by the opposition party’s national council for refusing to recognise the elevation of Nelson Chamisa to the post of party president.

Khupe dismissed her recent expulsion as null and void.

Mnguni confirmed yesterday that she was now the interim chairperson of the Khupe-led MDC-T, adding other provincial structures would be set up this weekend.
“I am the interim chairperson. It’s still work in progress, but the idea is that we need a team to work with, as we prepare for the elective congress and the coming elections.

“This is not selective of Bulawayo, but in other provinces too,” she said.

The congress is scheduled for next month with the date and venue to be announced in due course.

Mnguni is deputised by Mathias Moyo, a former member of Bulawayo’s provincial executive.

Khupe, organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe and spokesperson Obert Gutu were expelled from the MDC-T on Thursday for challenging Chamisa’s power grab through a national council resolution.

Former chairperson and Speaker of Parliament and Matobo North legislator, Lovemore Moyo, also quitted the opposition party.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, yesterday ruled out any chance of his boss and Chamisa mending ties, and uniting ahead of elections.

“We have no interest of coming back because we want a vibrant political atmosphere. We know if we all support MDC-T, then, it will end up like Zanu PF and, therefore, it’s healthy to have some good brains in opposition, so that we have a functional competitive political atmosphere that will foster development,” Dube said, adding that they were the real MDC-T.

“We all formed the initial MDC in 1999. It was the only opposition and greedy leaders led to the split and the many numerous parties, but MDC is a national effort and these people who claim to own it are opportunistic thugs,” he added.

MDC-T Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Felix Magalela Sibanda said the party was founded on membership, not individuals like Khupe who were bent in destabilising the people’s project,

“Leaders come and go, but institutions are permanent. It is most unfortunate that the Khupe cabal chose to work with Zanu PF and other tribal bogus or dubious formations. We are not moved.”


  1. Who are these Mguni things , we dont want you in Matebeleand with your Khuphe , this time you will learn it the hard way.

  2. Khupe wakabhaiza hona Baba Mudzuri vakangozvinyarara wani, Pamberi ne alliance.

  3. “QUITTED” here amana. Editor itayi mushe!

    1. Quitted is actually permissible as well as quit.

    2. Look carefully in your dictionary and you will learn that quitted is the is the past tense of quit. You want to appear as if if the editor is ignorant of tenses yet you are the one who is not well versed with them. Its very bad comrade.

  4. Madam Khupe has her self interest at heart rather than for the general suffering Zimbabweans. It is really unfortunate.
    She should put her ear on the ground and hear the voice of the people rather being selfish. I smell the rat on her actions.

  5. The end of Thokozani Khupe

  6. I think Cde KUPHE has CATEGOTIKARI isolated herself from the cause of emancipating Matebeleland, due to her selfishness. Together we can put pressure on Powers that be. but Divided we remain oppressed and marginalized. And she chooses division instead?? Gosh!! With 600 votes in Byo ungaenzani khonapho..

  7. umakhuphe sehlanya sibili. take your comedy elsewhere mama. nxa

  8. umakhuphe sehlanya sibili. take your comedy elsewhere mama. nxa

  9. And does Chamisa have the interest of the people?

    1. I wonder


  11. If only the electorate would give ALL career politicians and give them a break by not voting for them! This is from zanu and main opposition. these people are tired horses that can’t run far; the same going for Chamisa, a career politician who hasn’t proved anything outside of political rhetoric and eloquence.

  12. Good move Kupe for exposing to the whole world that those who break way from the people’s movement like you did are greedy. What I disagree with you is when you think or purport to be MDC-T while at the same time you are busy building structures across the nation. The bonafide MDC-T has no need to build structures because it already has solid ones built in 1999. You should just find another name and build from there.

  13. khupenga kwarooooo khupenga kwarooooooo go to hell n may the devil rape u

  14. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Khupe is full of shit

  15. UmaKhupe udali bakwetu. akafundi from Gibson Sibanda, Welshman Ncube labo Biti ngani?????. Akulula pandlele. uzaphela njengomlilo wamaphepha. asiboneni.

    Ngitsho yona ipolitical charisma ayikho.

  16. @ man, Chamisa has won his sit in Kuwadzana since he began sitting on it as a young boy. Ask the people in his constituency if they are not happy with him.

  17. Chamisa ndowangu ndisiyei zvangu zvemabhebhi kana zvimbuya bodo ndaramba

  18. Mama Khupe go back to others. You are now lost at last.

  19. 1000% behind you madam, thanks for opening our eyes, we thought all along this mdc t was people’s party only to find out they using us for votes but deep down bloody tribalist. Me my family

  20. Good mama, silawe all the way and siyanda every day

  21. At last we have a true matebele warrior who stand her ground,, than those who just keep quite while bulllied justfor money. Whats the use of getting rid of an old dictator and replacing with a fresh one?. You were chosen by people while chamisa was installed by whatever city council. Now lets find out whether that council will install him as Zim president, we taking our votes away with you. I wish they loose with 600 votes

  22. Do it faster and never listen to these tribalists. Go ahead with the structures

  23. I dont think its wise.Others have gone the same route but they have come back.Well maybe you are being sponsored to create the devision.Money is evil.

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