Khupe given ultimatum over use of MDC-T name

A FIGHT for the MDC-T name looms as former deputy president, Thokozani Khupe and allies have been given an ultimatum to stop using the party name or be sued.
Khupe and her allies have set up interim structures, as they prepare for an MDC-T elective congress that will see the former deputy Prime Minister being endorsed as the party president.


She was fired alongside organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe and spokesperson, Obert Gutu for opposing Nelson Chamisa’s power grab via a national council meeting resolution.

But that has not stopped Khupe and allies for using the party name, with Bulawayo provincial spokesperson, Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda saying they were left with no option, but to approach the courts.

“No one shall be allowed to abuse our brand and name; very soon she shall be called to order to stop that chicanery (sic). She has to be reminded that MDC-T has a functional constitution which makes it clear that the national council (NC) is a de facto congress between the congresses.

“We get our mandate from section 18 (of the party constitution) that states that the NC is the highest organ in between the congress and its resolutions bind to the core of the party. To our knowledge, Khupe and her cabal have no legitimate NC to draw those mandates from,” he said.

Sibanda’s executive belongs to the Chamisa faction. Khupe suffered a blow recently after she was ordered by the High Court to vacate the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices.

Khupe’s spokesperson, Witness Dube, however, said the faction remains unfazed by threats to be dragged to court to fight for the party name.

“Is it not rather revealing that they would go to a court of law to further their factional interests, and yet they will not entertain the party’s own constitutional provisions? Khupe is the constitutionally mandated acting president of MDC-T, pending the extraordinary congress this April,” he said.

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  1. strange that Khuphe insists on using Tsvangirai’s ‘s name for factional purposes but was nolonger on talking terms with the man when when he died.

  2. Its a shame.

  3. Comment…yeka lokhu makhuphe hamba uyoluka mancansi emakhaya,isindebele sakithi nawe sithi inkuzi ikhethwa ematholeni,sikhethiwe dadewethu yehlisa umoya mhlobo wami uyishiyele obaba bathi ukuyibhunga ayisangangawe le sifuna madoda aqotho,Go Chamisa Go

  4. Maa Khupe and those who are keeping on closing their nonsense ears and eyes, please leave all those dirties tricks that you are doing for non of you knows what tomorrow will hold.Politics is a very dangerous and dirty game to those who take chances without vision.So please take care of your families rather than forging ahead with a disastrous mission.

  5. strange indeed.I am starting to think Khupe is mentally challenged.

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  7. Khupe and her cabal, especially her so called spokesperson are all hallucinating and living in cucooland. Can’t they see that this is a long done deal.Chisa Chamisa chisaaaaaaa

  8. just change the T to MDC-K thats good enough

  9. Dear Editor, why is the caption on the photo reading “MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe” then the first line says former? She is former! End of.

    It’s a shame that this lady has decided not to climb down from the high horse. It’s only a matter of time that those criminals around (sic) her will see the light and she will fall of that horse. Madam Khupe do the right thing and join forces with the Chamisa camp. Find a level ground if at all you care about the people you claim you want to represent. Be the bigger person madam!

  10. And so Chamisa changes the T to MDC-C.This is stranger than fiction; kkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. or fuse the T with the C and it will be funnier!!

  11. MDC-TK is best for madam Khupe kkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Mam’Khupe,simply drop the nonsensical T from the name and you will have more a decent name for your party. You will have my vote for the Byo Central constituency(MP) and Ward 1(councillor) but Ed has my vote for the presidency.

  13. OG ex MDC-T member

    MDC – T is more proper for madam Khupe than for Chamisa coz T will be for Thokozoni

  14. Chamisa our leader

    Asimfuni UKhuphe , she must go hang

  15. Richmond Mbada

    Khupe hamba maan

  16. it is obvious khupe was given some money


  18. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    Whoever is encouraging this smart on face but careless in thinking lady is actually leading her into a bottomless political pit.How can she continue to fight a battle that she has already lost?It is not a secret that before Morgan Tsvangirai’s death Khupe was no longer seeing eye to eye with Tsvangirai but when the battle hardened Tsvangirai finally succumbed to cancer Khupe was the first person to glorify him in a spectacular case of shedding crocodile tears.

  19. Stop it.. How come we have so many Nelsons and Thokos why claim a name and waste your money..No one owns a name.

  20. Chamisa wenyu muchachema naye ne blind following yamuri kumupa iyi

  21. it is so funny mdc the last time they split before crucial electios and it seems some us here did not even learn a thing from that. such shallow oversimplificatios of the facts on the is highly intolerable.madam khupe this madam khupe that instead of focussing on the forthcoming battle. nzara chaiyo muna2008 stl zanu pf worn (whichever way u wanaa call it) being a young candidate is not the only way to state house its hardwork not just having a packed stadia at a rally

  22. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    MDC T for Thokozani Khupe, MDC N for Welshman,MDC 99 for Job Sikhala, MDC C for Nelson Chamisa,period. Tsvangirai is dead and its being folly for Chamisa to use a dead man’s surname for his party

  23. This is crazy.. how can u own a name.. its like claiming a colour.. M D C its letters of the alphabet.. no one owns them.. u can go and waste your money..e court..

  24. At the end of the day its all worst of time , mdc this mdc that , zanu will allays win and this time by far


  25. Khupe has run out of ideas…let her continue barking she some day will become tired and stop!!

  26. First of all no sane person is still talking about zanu bcoz it died on 15 November 2017 . MaKhuphe umosha is khathi sako lapha eMat hayi asikufuni vele lakancani .You fought Morgan was always contesting all decisions he made now you want pretend you liked him . We were not born yesterday please we can easily see foolish pretense bcoz we are no shallow minded like .haaaaamba asikufuni

  27. Myopic zimbos as usual; never learning from past mistakes. Mdc-T is a breakaway from Mdc; we have lost count of the number of breakaways from the origional. Go on dzamara maneta, when you have come to your senses you will ALL regroup and come back to the MOTHER of all parties, ZAPU. Even Zanu will run and run but all their efforts will come to nothing just as they have come to nothing in the past 38 years. WHY? because of marginalization, injustice, discrimination of other Zimbabweans. Most Civil service jobs are reserved for Zanu and one has to be vetted by the Cio; and the God of justice is watching – then you kid yourself that it shall be well. We are a cursed nation; its not too late to truly repent. It is written in His word, “If my people humble themselves and pray, I WILL HEAL their country” 2 Chron 7:14

  28. Tsvangirai disregarded National Council vote for senate in 2005 when Welshman Ncube broke away.She toy toyed in support of breach of Constitution.She is educated but unlearned.

  29. From within and without, Khupe’s faction has realized that it cannot make it and now wishes to turn the tussle murkier by seeking a legal challenge on a non-issue for Chamisa’s faction to lose their bearing. Whereas she may argue that she is the bona-fide MDC-T leader as Chamisa leads the MDC Alliance, this may end up as a protracted court battle as Zanu PF continues on its campaign trail. She may nonetheless convince the court and retain the suffix ‘T’ as Chamisa’s faction settles for a new name. In the end, Khupe earn some extra votes from misinformed and /or ignorant voters not to mention the time the opposition wastes in all these legal issues. This would end up in a landslide win for their ‘composed ‘ competitors -Zanu PF. Let us cheat this trap as we continue seeking for reconciliation of the mainstream MDC-T.

  30. divided we fall united we stand.khupe hakuna musha unotongwa nemukadzi ukamira musha iwoyo.ita hako asi pandikuvhotera newe uchapaudzwa soon

  31. thats a Technical Knockout

  32. It’s MDC-T(hokozani). Tsvangirai is no more, so she can use her own name to identify her party, MDC-T

  33. Heey we are yet to see a zanu rally all we have seen so far is flip flopped zanu rallies including one which was cancelled in Masvingo 2 weks ago . Actually they is nothing to worry about bcoz they chased away the owner zanu all iswhat is left is not so clever la coste followers.As for Khupe no part organ appointed her acting president .She was elected deputy president at a last mdc t congress it remains that way .

  34. Wena Ferix Magarera chibanda go and entertainment yourself with your Harare City Council elected leader and leave our Matebele warrior alone. She is not like you who lick their asiz for money. Your visit in matland is over, im telling you as the original Matebele, we want leaders who are not pulled around by nose in our region. Nevertheless MDC-T means MDC Thokozani wena silima

  35. MDC means mother, daddy, children. So lilahleka ngaphi? mama maKhuphe…tshisa.


  37. Why should ZANU PF hold rallies when it has already passed that stage?WE will win the election without your vote iweeeee.Tichangotonga tichingotonga kkkkkkkkkk.fools!

  38. In my opinion, Ms Khupe has NO idea what it takes to lead the nation and let alone being a women. She would probably make a good activist in things that may pertain women but NOT politics.

  39. It’s terrible to say the list, our leadersite take us for granted. How can a divided party win against a well oiledesigned rigging machine.Please don’the stop

  40. Even Shamisa will never rule that country, It belongs to crocodile and his generals, Just wait and see. Viva mnangagwa viva.

  41. Pana Chami ipapooooo we are just waiting for election day to arrive and we elect him our president . In 2005 they was a split in MDC and guess what happened zanu was thrashed by mdc in 2008 . With Khupe its not even a split it was removal from the party of a three some clones .

  42. The constitution is the glue that binds and without adherence to it, the party never had a foundation.
    Surely when the party was founded, it was never about personalities.
    When our dreams of victory are dashed once again, its only because history was let to repeat itself again.
    Individuals supported by people they know to be opportunists would have prevailed (surely rewarding the same will lead to more spinoffs, even if its groups like POVO Zim), so they can continue to supp under the table only because of ego.

    You cannot have unity when you are alone, and at the end of the day only the righteous will have a clear conscience.

    But its never too late to do the right thing.

  43. These are tired horses trying to compete in a tough race bt they are finished shame

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