Indaba to unlock tobacco value chain

AN accounting firm will this month host a tobacco farmers’ business conference geared towards entrenching the golden crop as a key pillar for economic growth.


Cardinal Chartered Accountants (Zimbabwe) director Ericanos Matukudure told NewsDay that the indaba to be held on March 12 would dwell on the whole tobacco farming value chain and was critical taking into cognisance of the golden leaf’s contribution to the economy.

“Remember tobacco is one of the top foreign currency earners in this country. So the main agenda is to train tobacco farmers to take farming as a serious business. The thrust is to have farmers educated about tobacco growing from tobacco seedbed through the whole process until they get to the auction floors,” he said.

Speakers will be drawn from the ministry of Agriculture, Metrological Services Department, Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board, Tobacco Research Board, Premier Tobacco, Providence Human Capital, banks and insurance companies.

The coming on board of Metrological Services Department is anticipated to raise farmers’ awareness on the need to adjust farming patterns in line with the changing climatic conditions.

Tobacco marketing is expected to commence this month oiling the country’s nostro accounts and facilitating the importation of key commodities such as fuel, cash, raw materials and electricity.

Last season, the tobacco sales generated $600 million after 190 million kg of the crop went under the hammer. This year, Treasury has projected an output of 200 million kg.

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  1. when and where will the Indaba be held?

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