Govt urged to reduce workload for female teachers

GOVERNMENT must reduce the workload on female educators, as part of efforts to bridge the inequality gap in the sector, the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) has said.


In a statement to mark International Women’s Day on Thursday, Zimta secretary-general, Tapson Sibanda said the current situation was proving difficult for women teachers to strike a balance between their professional and family roles.

“In an endeavour to achieve gender equality and women educators’ empowerment, we appeal to the Primary and Secondary Education ministry to review and revise the workload.
“The current work overload for teachers is manifesting in large class sizes, hindering women from striking a balance between their professional roles and family roles,” he said.

“As the Zimbabwean national statistics unveils, women teachers in schools do not enjoy the same or equal opportunities as men in professional progression.”

Sibanda added that the 2018 celebrations provided a platform for reflection on the contributions of women to social cohesion and development.

“In embracing the 2018 theme, we take into cognisance that this is a time to reflect on achievements, to take note of women’s progression and confront the challenges ahead with the conviction that gender biases in the education sector must and will be eradicated, locally and globally,” the Zimta secretary-general said.

According to the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency’s 2016 survey, leadership and influence in Zimbabwe’s education sector is tilted in favour of men with the most influential posts being held by men, in both unions and the government, “although, teaching is highly feminised with statistics indicating that at least 57 % of workers in this profession are women”.

Zimta reaffirmed its commitment to transforming women educators’ lives through promotion of women participation and leadership in contributing to change, development and transformation of lives.

This year’s celebrations were running under the theme Time is now Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives.

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  1. Comment…So if the workload is reduced from women where is it going to be placed? …to men, i guess. So much about equal rights. Women only seek equal rights when it suits them best.

  2. This is a stupid article. Are you saying vakadzi cannot be teachers? If workload is reduced for female teachers whats next? cutting their pay and employing fewer female teachers because they cannot balance their family roles with their work schedule.? Schools must demand that female teachers put in the same work effort as men. Indeed they have been doing so. Whoever wrote this article pretends to have rights of women at heart but mudzvanyiriri wemadzimai. Where in the world do people ask for a reduced load for women whether its working on car assembly railroad construction or what. This ought to be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.What parent wants their children taught by half a teacher?

  3. women only want equal rights in pay not work. They like to be treated with kids gloves, if they claim to be eqaul with men let them handle same work load.Who said men do not have family roles?

  4. A look at any school shows that the majority of teachers are women, so if the work load is reduced will it be carried out by horses since male teachers are in the minorit. I am a female and see this as an April fools jibe.Be serious in your requests as women, talk of improved maternity leave, breast feeding etc not this madness

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