Cop accused of assaulting CIO informer trial date set

A MBARE magistrate yesterday set March 13 as the trial date for a top cop, who allegedly handcuffed a CIO informer and dragged him out of a courtroom before assaulting him.


Joseph Nemaise, who works in the homicide department had allegedly been refusing to stand trial, arguing he was not properly brought to court.

Nemaise, who was initially represented by Simon Mupindu yesterday appeared before magistrate Sharon Rakafa in the company of his new lawyer Musindo Hungwe, who requested access to the docket, saying he wanted to see information contained before proceeding to the trial.

However, magistrate Rakafa dismissed the application and the State proceeded to proclaim March 13 as the trial date.

The court heard that sometime in August last year, Nemaise stormed the courtroom and dragged out Central Intelligence Organisation informer Delish Nguwaya, where he was answering to extortion allegations, handcuffed and assaulted him while dragging him down staircases.

The State alleges Nguwaya’s watch and mobile phone worth $2 000 were damaged during the assault.

It is alleged Nemaise produced a pistol and threatened to shoot Nguwaya, if he continued exposing his workmates who included one Shambare, Munyonga, Majachani and Sheperd Tachiona.

Nemaise was brought to court by way of summons six months after the assault case was reported.

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