Chiyangwa, Zifa sued over security, terminal benefits

ZIFA president Phillip Chiyangwa has been sued by a local security firm, National Eye Security (Pvt) Ltd, which is seeking to recover $10 439 for services rendered at the business mogul’s premises in Crowhill, Harare.


The security firm, which is under judicial management, said Chiyangwa breached the terms and conditions of their contract.

“Plaintiff’s (National Eye) claim is for payment of the sum of $10 439 being the amount due and payable by the defendant (Chiyangwa) for security services rendered to defendant at his specific instance and request at 11 Priesthood Lane, Crowhill in Harare from July 1, 2017 to February 9, 2018,” the firm said in its declaration filed at the High Court on Tuesday this week.

The same security firm also issued summons against Zifa seeking payment of over $43 000 for similar security services rendered to the football mother body at 53 Livingstone Avenue, Harare.

“Plaintiff’s claim is for payment of the sum of $43 440 being the amount due and payable by the defendant (Zifa) for security services rendered to defendant at its specific instance and request at 53 Livingstone Avenue, Harare from September 2016 to January 2018,” the firm said, adding it was also seeking payment of interest against both parties at the rate of 5% per annum from date of summons to date of full and final payment and cost of suit on a legal practitioner and client scale.

Meanwhile, 17 former Zifa employees have also approached the High Court seeking registration of a $195 818,72 arbitral award against the football mother body and the matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

The ex-Zifa workers said sometime last year, they won an arbitral award after their employment contracts were terminated in 2016 by their employer under unclear circumstances.

The employees, led by one Letwin Sigauke, said they were forced to approach the court after Zifa allegedly neglected to pay the award.

“In the premises, the applicants (ex-workers) humbly pray for an order registering the confirmed ruling as more fully appears from the order attached hereto this application. The claimants allege non-payment of salaries and unfair labour practices by the respondent (Zifa). The claimants submitted that they have not been paid for 15 to 21 months as at August 31, 2016,” the employees said in their submissions before an arbitrator.

The employees also accused Zifa of unfair labour practice following its dissolution on June 4, 2016 and creation of another entity called the National Football Association of Zimbabwe (Nafaz) which was later disbanded.

“The association (Nafaz) was deserted and Zifa is back, but only five employees have been called back and the rest of the employees do not know their fate,” they said, leading to the granting of the award.

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  1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Mr Editor, is this report on “dr” Chiyangwa and Zifa debts true? Chiyangwa the money person? Kkkkkkkki. As for ZIFA, is it because Sir Chivayo is now being roasted by our vigilant parliament? He used to donate to ZIFA when he appeared to have the State in his pocket. Kkkkkkki. Sir Chivayo cannot now go dining in DUBAI with his “mother and brother”. Kkkkkii.

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