Chamisa takes Mnangagwa to task over reforms

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa has written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, registering his displeasure at the slow pace at which electoral reforms are being implemented, a few months before the crucial harmonised elections.


Since the 2013 elections, the party has been calling for the implementation of electoral reforms that can usher in credible, free and fair elections.

At one point the party adopted a no reforms, no election resolution that resulted in the MDC-T boycotting by-elections claiming the environment was no even.

NewsDay has it on good authority that as elections drew closer, Chamisa last week wrote to Mnangagwa, seeking to have the outstanding reforms implemented.

Chamisa confirmed in an interview that indeed he reached out to Mnangagwa on the reforms and other electoral related matters.

“Yes, I wrote him a letter that these issues, ballot printing and the audit of the voters’ roll, are critical issues for a free and fair election,” he said.

“These issues must be resolved. This is the fundamental and core to a free and fair election apart from issues of intimidation in rural areas and others.

“We gave them reforms that we felt must be implemented. These issues must be solved before campaigning period. I wrote the letter last week.”

Early this year, Mnangagwa visited the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai at his Highlands home, where issues of electoral reforms were also discussed.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba later revealed his boss asked Tsvangirai to submit a document detailing the nature of their desired reforms so that they could be acted upon.

Human Rights Watch Southern Africa director, Dewa Mavhinga yesterday said pressure should be mounted to force the government to implement the reforms.

“Without sustained pressure, the government will not voluntarily design and implement a roadmap to democratic, free and fair elections,” he said.

“Opposition groups and concerned citizens should gather hard evidence about the existence of an uneven electoral field and detail all barriers to credible polls together with the necessary reforms and present that information to Sadc, African Union, the United Nations and others with clear demands that elections can only take place after reforms have been undertaken to the satisfaction of independent observers.

“It is not possible for a grossly uneven electoral field to provide for Zimbabweans to freely express their will as to who should govern them hence the absolute need for electoral reforms.”

Another analyst Rejoice Ngwenya said the position articulated by local electoral pressure groups must be taken seriously and opposition parties can take the reforms to the Constitutional Court.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) boss (Priscilla Chigumba) has already said reforms are done at Parliament level. So just consolidating all reforms as articulated by Zesn and ERC (electoral watchdogs), opposition can approach the Constitutional Court. The most important reform is Zec independence,” Ngwenya said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said: “If the current government is serious about legitimate and credible elections it must enact them otherwise the results would be contested and this slows down development and normalcy.”


  1. Chamisa you are a funny person, you now want electoral reforms implemented in 3 months hence you enjoyed dining with the same government for 5 years without doing anything to implement these reforms you are agitating for. Unoshamisa ufunge. It all about enjoying our money uri mugovernment of National Unity and no body amongst you MDC guys talked of reforming electoral laws.

    It is now clear that you are only scared of losing to ED. Face the bull head on without complaining.

    1. Ngoni kana usina nyaya nyarara izvi zvakatanga kare even 2013 asi ZANU PF government yairamba its not about Chamisa its about people of Zimbabwe.MDC yakashanda zvino zivikana kana nani zvake ane pfungwa dzakakwana remember kuwana line re fon waitotengesa mombe 1 wotenga line apo vana Botswana mari ye bottle of coke yaitenga line re fon .Pafunge varume avo vakarowa ne kuseri iwo vari busy kugadzira nyika vamwe vavo vari busy dodging election usa shore

    2. kkkkkkk useless twat. you want the field to be uneven so you can say you won. why is ZEC aligned with security service men why cant it just be independent. why cant other parties be broadcast on radios and TV. why is the voters roll not being audited, in fact is it even out so all parties can check. So grow up and sit down sir and dont tell us nonsense yóu used to rigging that’s the problem

    3. guess hez facing the bull head on

  2. Without reforms, the election is as good as done. Mnangagwa’s promises of a free and fair exercise is just hot air. For doubting Thomases, the current regime is a continuation of what we have long been experiencing even if the co-driver took the steering wheel. Anyone expecting change will learn it the hard way come the election. Keep up Chamisa, let us make hay now as the sun shines.

  3. Maface angu, these are political statements meant to carry the day to the next day. Honestly speaking, NGONI got it right, MDC formed part of the GNU and they were suppossed to have made noise about sorting out these issues then,when they were inside, instead ,they only talk about them when its election time to confuse the electorate so that they get some sympathy. Please politics is not a game of sympathy,its a game of tactics.

    We salute the efforts and achievements by the GNU, lets not attribute these to individuals or an individual party, that will not be ideal. Electroral reforms (all), cannit be implemented in 5 months but we failed to have them sorted out in 5 years.


  5. Poor Ngoni.Electoral reforms can still be demanded now.The opposition has always demanded electoral reforms.

  6. EDiot knows that he will never win an election if all these reforms are to be implemented

  7. Chamisa you want to play on an even ground yet you forget that you hoodwinked Khupe. The same feelings you have toward reforms is the same feelings elected Khupe is having.

  8. Chamisa you want to play on an even ground yet you forget that you hoodwinked Khupe. The same feelings you have toward reforms is the same feelings elected Khupe is having….You are just like Bob ..#EDhasmyvote

  9. Chamisa fake tears crying over election reforms when in fact he doesn’t want reforms so that ZANU wins.
    puppet job well done

    rumour has it junta is on chamisa s side,

    1)ZRP works hard to bar Khuphe the past the Mugabe regime would block MDC rallies,now its ZRp blocking khuphe faction rallies

    2)Court judges evict Khuphe from Bulawayo MDC offices

    Mhhh what is Chamisa and ED up to?

  10. Comment…ngoni uri mhata it seems u are enjoying the bondage we are enduring tsek neZanu yako we are fade up tiyambutse chamisa

  11. tichiri muhondo

    Comment…Hameno kuti ndi wezhira ve ku uzumba hre vasina njere avo .I suggest to say it in shona umm to be frankly speaking chamisa is 100 percent kungoti vanhu vakaresviwa pfungwa ne zanu havagoni kuona chakanaka
    ifa nenhamo wega titori boo na chamisa iyeye

  12. Ngoni just change your name to Inong

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