Chamisa bemoans lack of comprehensive reforms

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday met a pre-election observer team from United States Carter Centre, where he bemoaned the lack of comprehensive reforms ahead of general elections set for July this year.


Chamisa’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said his boss raised concern over the Zanu PF government’s lack of political will to align key pieces of legislation to the Constitution to ensure free and fair polls.

The laws that require urgent alignment to the Constitution include the Electoral Act, the Public Order Security Act and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

“He said POSA and AIPPA proscribe the freedom of assembly, speech and movement which are recognized by the country’s Constitution,” Tamborinyoka said.

“The people’s president raised issues to do with political violence, the militarisation of the villages, and the abuse of traditional leaders, impartial coverage and unequal access to the media as well as the independence of ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission), whose secretariat consists of serving and/or retired members of the military. He bemoaned the partisan distribution of food particularly in the rural areas where food continued to be used as a political weapon to hold the rural populace captive to a political party.”

The MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate reportedly demanded that all stakeholders in this year’s polls be given an equal opportunity to agree on the identity of the company that would print the ballot papers, as well as auditing the voters roll that will be used in the elections.

In an unrelated matter, Chamisa later met his party’s councillors for Bulawayo and exhorted them to prioritise service delivery
“The people’s president told the councillors that the thrust of responsible local governance rests on accountability, transparency and service delivery. President Chamisa said it was imperative for councillors to adhere to the party template that demands that every people’s representative regularly holds feedback meetings. The councilors raised issues of the challenges facing the city, among them the continued government interference into their affairs,” Tamborinyoka said.

Chamisa was said to have promised that his incoming government was committed to implementing devolution which would ensure that local communities were empowered to run their own affairs.

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  1. you also forgot to raise the issue of another scandalous allegation you were complaining about other day that ED was given a scarf by a Sangoma

  2. Dont just comment for the sake of comment,if you do not have something to say just shut up your mouth.Chisa Chamisa chisa.

    1. he raised this at a rally as a serious complain and we need to talk about it


  4. No Reforms No Elections!!!Zanu pf will never win a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.They will will use all dirty tricks to steal this Election simply to protect their Assets .Zimbabweans are tied of Zanu pf mis rule nomatter how much Mnangwagwa go around wearing a scarf will not heal us as Zimbabweans .Its time for Zanu pf thugs to realise that times have changed and they need to let go the power because they are not doing Zimbabwe any good anymore!!!!Mnangwagwa if you are for the people please step aside and let Zimbabwe rediscover itself again!!!!!Its very sad that Mnangagwa and his colleages were in the same adminstration that destroyed Zimbabwe and now you want to pretend to be a Saint!!!No No no you can not fool us again.If its that simply for you to free more than 3000 inmate why not just implement the much needed Reforms and we go to elections a free man.As Zimbabweans the freedom that we need is to have Free and Fair Elections , the freedom that we want is to have an independent audit of the ballot papers and all election materials , the freedom that we want is to have a non-partisan ZEC and a demilitarised ZEC,You can not go around wearing a Scarf as if you are a spirit medium yet people sleep in bank queues and industry is collapsing each day.As Zimbabweans we have suffered enough and to be honest we dont want anything to do with the word “Zanu pf”anymore!!Even if you are to possess powers to Resurrect people Mnangagwa we will never Trust the Zanu pf adminstration ever again!!! The only thing you managed to bring in your 100 days in power is to “Restore the Paraffin Scarf Legacy”.How are we suppose to even trust you when we all know that Orbert Mpofu is a diamond thief but yet you protect him!!!You ordered people who had stolen Rice (Mupunga) , Maize ,Cooking oil ,Bath soap ,wheelchairs to be arrested but yet the real Corrupt Zanu pf thugs walk free and some of them rewarding them with high government posts.People who are pulling down Zimbabwe are your best friends.The Army was not suppose to be rewarded with posts in Government when they helped you ascend to power.This is a clear sign that the Army is in control and nomatter how much you try to do the right thing the Army will always control you.E.D beware to go out in the Mugabe manner the very same Army that you have promoted will bit you tomorrow and the will simply blame you like you did to Mugabe my friend.37 year of destruction and you think 100days or two presidential term will revive Zimbabwe!!!This is a blue lie.You are equally to blame just like Mugabe and the Noble thing you can do is leave politics and pave way for new blood.Implement Reforms and see how well you fall from Grace my dear.

  5. tine nhamo mazimbabwe ediot n company are enemies of change

    1. Marufu Chihwandire

      ED is the messiah. Tinosvika kure naED.

  6. Marufu Chihwandire

    And what did “the people’s president” say about the sanctions he and Biti went to America for? Are they going to make the elections free and fair?

  7. KKKK, he is complaining about violence, has he forgotten he is the main perpetrator? Just get to elections and looosebig time boy. TTher’ll be no council to install you as president this time.

    1. KKKKK, yes, Chamisa himself is a beneficiary of inter-party violence. What hypocrisy

  8. Chamisa is a bootlicker of the Americans.Why does he engage with the Americans when he can raise these issues in Parliament where he is also an MP.MaSellout ndizvozvavanonetsa kuona ganda jena vobvunda kunge rutsanga,Zimbabwe will never be a Colony Again.

    1. These issues have been raised in parliament many times but Munangagwa is not willing to implement reforms. The same Americans also engages Gvt,so accoding to you gvt is a bootlicker??? Shalow minds make the most noise, now i know.

      1. Tell this fool!

  9. Chamisa must understand that ED is not Mugabe, the violence he is talking about was never witnessed under ED regime. Lets be honest, he never commented on the economic progress that we have witnessed under ED regime. People must understand Chamisa, he is not political messiah but a chameleon, he is going to be the second dictator of Zimbabwe. A typical example is the case of Khupe which he failed to handle in democratic terms. What Zimbabweans a looking forward to see is not Chamisa but economic progress that transform their lives. Chamisa is looking forward to get employment and not worried about the concerns of the mass. Let us understand what politics,the back bone of MDC is not in the ability to transform the nation through logical means but through begging. We going in a direction where all the history of Zimbabwe is going to be diluted, a government of puppets. The second Smith regime is MDC.

  10. Newsday can u also be clear on the MDC T and MDC alliance titles.

    Khuphe is officially MDC T president as registerd with ZEC while Chamisa is officially MDC alliance leader

    taurai zwiri professional and stop being emotional

  11. Chamisa was part of the GNU for 5 yes. He failed to correct not even electoral reform but he expects Mnangagwa to have addressed all in 4 moths. How foolish Chamisa is. Easier said than done. Kuda kuitirwa nevamwe iye akakoniwa.

  12. Chamisa was part of the GNU for 5 yrs. He failed to correct not even one electoral reform but he expects Mnangagwa to have addressed all in 4 months. How foolish Chamisa is. Easier said than done. Kuda kuitirwa nevamwe iye akakoniwa.

  13. #chamisa chete chete

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