Beitbridge evicts squatters

THE Beitbridge Town Council on Monday successfully evicted about 20 families and other squatters that had set up camp on the periphery of Dulivhadzimo high-density suburb.
Earlier attempts to evict the squatters in November last year were quashed by the courts, which demanded council to secure an eviction order.


In an interview yesterday, Beitbridge town secretary, Loud Ramagkapola confirmed the squatters had been moved.

“I can confirm they were evicted,” he said.

A messenger of court teamed up with the police to drive out the squatters from the site.

“We drove them outside the district. We left them at Bubi in Masvingo province,” a police source said.

According to police sources, the squatters claimed to be from Masvingo province and offered little resistance to their eviction from Beitbridge town.

The squatter camp had turned into a haven for criminals, mostly robbers and drug traffickers.

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