Banda regrets bloody clashes

BULAWAYO deputy mayor and MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson, Gift Banda, yesterday apologised for the bloody intra-party clashes that rocked the city on Sunday and pledged to ensure the perpetrators were brought to book.


Banda’s apology came a day after he together with 11 other MDC-T activists were released on bail following their arrest in connection with the clashes which involved supporters from the opposition parties’ two rival camps.

The clashes were centred around leadership of the party, with deputy president Thokozani Khupe refusing to recognise Nelson Chamisa’s recent nomination as party president.
Khupe’s faction insists that she is the rightful heir to the post left vacant after the death of MDC-T founder Morgan Tsvangirai.

“But that as it may be, I unreservedly condemn all forms of violence in the province. We will do everything internally and outside to make sure that all those involved face the consequences,” Banda said.

“As a party, we categorically express our profound and sincere regrets to our supporters, members, residents, motorists and the society at large for the ugly scenes of violence witnessed at our provincial offices.”

On Monday, the MDC-T leadership dispatched its secretary for security, Giles Mutsekwa to investigate the Sunday violence, and make recommendations to the national council on the way forward. Banda said the provincial executive was also executing parallel investigations so as to take disciplinary action against the perpetrators. Ads

He, however, said the provincial executive could not take any disciplinary action against Khupe, saying only the national council could deal with her and other top party leadership.

A meeting organised by Khupe at the MDC-T provincial offices was cut short following the violent skirmishes. Banda, insisted the meeting was not sanctioned, and clashed with an elections directorate meeting called by his executive in line with the party’s constitution.

“The [Khupe] meeting was convened without the knowledge of me as the provincial chairperson, the provincial administration committee and the secretariat … On the very same day, there was a meeting that was convened by us as the Bulawayo province, which was a meeting of the elections directorate, which was supposed to take place at 12pm,” he said.

“So it’s clear that on the particular day, as a province, we had a programme, and that particular programme was for the elections directorate to come in and explain the details, the template for the selection of candidates for the coming elections.”

“We have got a robust committee system that guides our programmes. The has a responsibility of organising party meetings requested by the party leadership, but on that particular day, the meeting that happened and I have said as the chairperson it was never brought to our attention.”


  1. So this stupid Banda thinks he’s more senior than Khupe. an elected VP? The MDC is headed for doom with idiots like these in their “leadership”. He’s being charged with the other hooligans and should shut up until he’s cleared by the courts. Why did it take so long to dispatch Mutsekwa to Byo? It seems this has been done reluctantly and only motivated by the police case to shield baby Cham.

    1. khupe wacho ngaapinde mubus rimwe chete nevamwe kana asingadi, she is free to form her own party please, otherwise this is her political demise

    2. Chamisa for President 2018

      Kupe might just as well go hang herself who cares ?elected by who ?nxaaaa She cant stand Mnangagwa that lady Stop It Thoko

      1. You go hang yourself because Khupe is a strong woman & is going nowhere no matter how many thugs you sent her way. She is the legitimate & constitutionally elected MDC VP & therefore acting President. If this case goes to court then Chamisa will be forced to form her own party or join NPF

        1. Uyagula wena strong ngaphi kkkkkkk

      2. kkkkkk stop it Khuphe pliz stop iiit

    3. hey sharia,

    4. he didnt say that , read again. he said only the national council can deal with KHUPE. Zvauri kutaura wazviwana kupi iwe.

      1. Wamunza achitaura kudaro iwewe???

  2. #NELSONHASmyvote

    Chamisa is President.

    1. No Khupe is the elected President, Chamisa was serving at the Pleasure of Tsvangirai

  3. So ndiwo here ma clo ezanu aya ,you see the greatest enermy for mdc is they believe that their party is made up of angels yet they are just humans.

  4. People can go and hand themselves and leave khuphe alone.shinga mai khuphe in terms of not fear they can not do a thing to you because cause there are cowards.regional politics in this time and edge does not work.if they isolate you,we will meet them at the ballot box

  5. Maa Khuphe,stop this nonsense pliz and work hand in hand with others because those people who are supporting YOU will leave you forever,hence people do changes their attitude. Wake up and smell the smoke MAA.

    1. You stop your nonsense of supporting unconstitutional power grab by Chamisa. If he is so popular & is a man of the people then why not go to Congress?? You saw even Pres. ED with the Might of the army behind him & multitudes on the streets supporting him, he still opted to be elected & appointed by his own party congress. Now wesee this so called advocate who cannot appreciate the importance of being seen to operate within the constitution. So u Stop it!

      1. ED was never appointed by the Party at the Congress… The Congress was not elective but it was just to pass the resoultions made by the Central Committee which is equivalent to National Council. Taurai kwamaswera

  6. This dude banda is a thug-period, police should see to it that he is locked up ASAP. He is just talking and talking but saying nothing. Lock him up, he must not take part in 2018 election, he is a danger to society

  7. Chamisa is the President not Khupe

    1. Which congress elected Chamisa??? I was there in 2014 & Chamisa ran away from the congress after Mwonzora had thrashed him for SG. So usataura zviroto

      1. Ko pakaitwa Chamisa VP naMudzuri maivepi? And maKhupe wenyu aivepi

  8. Khupe started boycotting meetings when Tsvangirayi was still alive.Which means she was also against the leadership of Tsvangirayi. So she has continued boycotting meetings. Had she not expelled herself by not attending meetings. Also did she want to be installed president at her house. She should have attended council meetings to be installed president. So people chose the one present.

  9. Leli liNyasaranda straight. Khangela umlomo walo!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dont bother coming ku “dissident’ area.. wena Chamisa.. VP Khuphe silaye.. Ayihlome.

  11. mdc yakadhakwa

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