Zanu PF to use Tsvangirai’s funeral to lure voters: Madiro

ZANU PF Manicaland chairman Mike Madiro has urged party members to take advantage of MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s death to woo supporters ahead of the upcoming elections.


Madiro made the remarks yesterday at an extraordinary provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting in Mutare to welcome Oppah Muchinguri, following her appointment as Zanu PF national chairperson last year.

Madiro told the meeting that Zanu PF supporters should attend Tsvangirai’s burial, which is set for tomorrow.

He urged Zanu PF party supporters to be vigilant claiming that he fears violence against MDC-T supporters at the burial claiming that when they attended the late Tsvangirai’s wife Susan burial some Zanu PF supporters were assaulted.

“Let’s attend the funeral of Morgan Tsvangirai… I am urging you to be vigilant when we attend the funeral and we should not wear our regalia, at the burial of Tsvangirai’s wife, Susan some Zanu PF supporters were beaten up,” he said

“Our President Emmerson Mnangagwa will attend Tsvangirai’s burial. Let’s use the bereavement to add value to our party,” he said. Ads

Tsvangirai succumbed to colon cancer last week in South Africa, where he was receiving treatment.

Madiro, however, said the province was celebrating Muchinguri’s appointment as Zanu PF national chairperson.

“The position of our national chairman Oppah Muchinguri is very important. We sat as the provincial executive council and we decided to host our chairman during this PCC and give our national chairman the platform to meet local people as she comes from this province,” he said.

Muchinguri weighed in saying the MDC-T was a force to be reckoned with.

“Don’t take the issue of opposition party lightly, yes, there are divisions, but it’s good to be prepared and it’s critical to be prepared every time,” she said.


  1. The Second Coming

    “The position of our national chairman Oppah Muchinguri is very important. We sat as the provincial executive council and we decided to host our chairman during this PCC and give our national chairman the platform to meet local people as she comes from this province,” he said”
    Chairperson muchishona ndiSACHIGARO. Can be a man hence CHAIRMAN and can be a woman hence CHAIRWOMAN. Usually CHAIRWOMAN is not oftenly used making people preferring CHAIRPERSON.

    Manje kana vana Madiro vongoita madiro avo ekungoti chero mukadzi ndichairMAN, uuuh is nerve shatterring and mind boggling

  2. From The terraces

    @ The Second Coming kindly take note that Chairman is the most appropriate term to use. I encourage you to do a bit of research on the word Chairman….I’m sure you will emerge linguistically more enlightened

  3. sweet strategy

  4. Comment…Hunzi, ‘kakara kununa hudya kamwe’

  5. Nothing lures votes other than jobs , the promised jobs in 100 days.But signals on measures of economic magnitude of changes in GDP induced by a change in autonomous aggregate spendingIS STILL NON EXISTENT, 20 days to the 100 day benchmark.The economy is still a closed one, with a single industrial sector , agriculture which only contributes less than 25% to GDP growth.The local demand for agri is minimal to drive the growth we want.We have excess land capacity over output demand.International investors are not in a hurry to Him which is still a security threat to investments bcoz of no returns , no quick exit from market.SA next door is hungry for the same investors.SA has superior markets that offer securities to investments and quick exit for short term investors.Zim is only hoping for externalities from SA.These jobs will take 100 months maybe.Gvt please look at local withthem to grow economy.There is now talk of A 10 March MMen’smatch to statehouse for jobs , jobs , jobs..Its 20 days to go.

  6. Shame on you Oppah and Mike Madiro,surely God will punish you for your stupidity.Infact,you have a misplaced sense of humour to try your mischief at a funeral of our national hero Mr Tsvangirai and you seem happy that he is no more.What have you to offer that you could not offer the past four decades? It is only insane people and social misfits who can be lured by such a moribund grouping.

    1. You expect ZPF to suspend their programs when MDC executive council saw it fit continue with its party business convening to elect Chamisa?

      1. Mpola7 we said.

  7. mamwe madiro avamaMadiro ekushaya mavalues haana musoro. such intentions does not need to be said out kuvanhu. many knows that chero ED pachavo nice nice yavarikuita iyi about MT’s funeral kutsvaka ma votes, asi havangozviti bvuuu pachena. Vana Madiro kusaziva politics mobva mazviti bvuuu. musadero motinhuhwira. hazvitaugwi izvi nhamo inochemwa nekunyaradza vafigwa kwete kuti tono campaigna. regai kuita maopposition party supportaz ma sasikamu. shanu dzavo dzinotogaya kudarika 2 cents dzenyu.

    1. I agree with you sibale .Madiro inini I am a zanu pf supporter but not educated to yr level .But with my little educationI know what to say when it comes panhamo.Apa vataridza kusava munhu pavanhu.What i cantell you is vataridza huduzvi hwako hwose

    2. ngavasiyane nechiZanu chamugabe chakarambwa na ED

  8. Yaaa kufunga kunosiyana hako. Zanu Pf kubva vatadza kushandisa state media kuratidza zverufu rwaTsvangirai? Pakaoma asi social media iripo hayo. Tichaonana kumavotes.

  9. madiro a georgina

    Madiro achiri nekahunhu keku old era, izvi hazvitaurwe nemunhu anofunga, zvinoita kuti progress yaitwa ne gvt panhamo ionekwe se desperation plus vote buying

  10. The zanu pf constitution since 1990 is constituted at undermining the development of zimbabwe,henceforth enriching very few individual useless selfish people.These black short haired and short minded people knows very well that their policies prioritized personal gains rather than developing zimbabwe because if their minds were functioning properly,they would have done away with useless policies.They keep on following to the Chinese look East policies when i know that china only want to plunder our resources without compensation.Madiro and his zanu pf partners have been in zanu pf government for ages,what development have they done in Manicaland province yet it is the hubby of mineral resources which have been looted by the Russians and Chinese? Madiro and zanu pf people must not be allowed any further more 5 years to keep on punishing people and destroying our country.Hands off.

  11. Please any zimbabwean person out there, tell me the really truth,which zanu pf cadre has brains to change the fortune of zimbabwe when 37 years of their misrule are counted for murder and destruction? In one of Simon Muzenda’s sermon during the opening of Mutimurefu prison,he said that people of Masvingo province must have the first preferrences to be rehabilitated in the prison cells rather than the outsiders to take first slots. Is this the right brain products zimbabwe is crying for as is the wishes of zanu pf?

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  13. Newsday ma headline enyu are becoming more and more misleading, itai click bait shoma. Asking supporter not to wear regalia but instead go attend farewell of a hero in an amicable way that reflects well on the party is not the same as “using Tsvangirai’s funeral to lure voters”.

  14. my comment on 2nd hand cars applies here as well to Government thinking!!!

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