Visionary Tsvangirai to inspire generations

THE man, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, is no more. The unifier, champion and indefatigable fighter for freedom and justice for all, and the beacon of hope for every down trodden Zimbabwean has finally succumbed to some suspicious illness.

By Agrippah Mutambara

Always commanding from the front, the courageous Tsvangirai remained resolute in his determination to build a just and democratic society in which people freely express themselves without fear or favour.

He endured pain and suffering at the hands of the tyrannical regime that Zanu PF represented.

For over 37 years, this despotic regime continues to use intimidation and torture to subjugate and subdue its citizens in order to remain in power.

Not long ago, in the glare of cameras, the nation was treated to a comic charade when a whole State President and his decorated deputy descended at the home of their nemesis and sworn “mhandu” to inspect the fruits of their handiwork and to offer hope for a life they had long extinguished, the comfort of a mansion deserved but for long denied and that they knew he would never live to enjoy, and above all, to shed crocodile tears in order to score political points.

The visionary Tsvangirai continues to live in our hearts and minds.

Way back, in 1999, when many viewed the former President Robert Mugabe as some angel Gabriel sent from heaven to lead our promising nation to greater prosperity and achievements, Tsvangirai began to discern the traits of a ruthless and unforgiving dictator.

Over the years, through his visionary leadership, Tsvangirai has seen his party grow in leaps and bounds until in 2008, when it was able to defeat Zanu PF but was denied ascending to power through the manipulation of State systems and institutions to overturn the verdict of the people.

As Zanu PF’s fortunes continued to plummet through internal divisions, the visionary Tsvangirai spearheaded the formation of a formidable alliance of seven parties — MDC-T, ZimPF, MDC, PDP, TZ, MCD and Zanu (Ndonga) — that is set to wrestle power from Zanu PF in the forthcoming general elections later this year.

Death has deprived Tsvangirai the opportunity to become the next president of Zimbabwe.

Nevertheless, his dream continues to live in us and through us, his vision shall be fulfilled.

The legend of the visionary man, his astuteness and courage shall continue to inspire generations to come.

Tsvangirai’s natural resting place should be the National Heroes Acre.

That he has been denied the honour that he so richly deserves, speaks volumes about a regime that has not changed.

The coalition government the MDC Alliance will form, will ensure the remains of the legendary Tsvangirai are brought to their befitting and final resting place — the National Heroes Acre.

On behalf of my party, Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), and on behalf of my family, I wish to convey our deepest sympathies to the family of our late national hero, Tsvangirai; to the party he built and transformed into a mammoth organisation and led with distinction; and to the people of Zimbabwe as a whole.

We pray for a speedy and peaceful transition of power within the MDC-T and commit ourselves to working together with them and the other alliance partners for the fulfilment of Tsvangirai’s vision.

May the soul of our national hero, Tsvangirai, rest in eternal peace.

 Agrippah Mutambara is the president of Zimbabwe People Firs (ZimPF)

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