Tsvangirai deserves better

The late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai does not deserve the drama that is playing out in his family and his party following his death last week.

The biggest question has been over his succession in the party, with his three deputies all seemingly at loggerheads and each attacking the other.

This is unnecessary and uncalled for, as it is tantamount to desecrating his legacy.

What the MDC-T need to do now is smoke the peace pipe, bury their leader first and then seek to address the succession question.

It is embarrassing that the party leaders are already fighting for control of MDC-T when they are supposed to be mourning their deceased leader.

They need to get their act together for the survival of the party and honouring the legacy of their departed leader.

Yes, the party needs someone to take decisive leadership following Tsvangirai’s death, but this can be done in a more civilised manner without name calling and mudslinging.

The nation is unanimous that Tsvangirai was a hero, but the happenings in MDC-T are sullying his reputation and image.

It is clear that there are deep-seated leadership issues in MDC-T, but now is not the right time to resolve them.

What the leaders of the party ought to do is put on a united front for the public, give Tsvangirai a dignified send-off and then they can go back to trying to solve their differences in an amicable manner.

The very survival of MDC-T depends on how they navigate through this period and if they fail, that would be the end of the party and Tsvangirai’s legacy.
If they cannot put their differences aside for just a few days, then they should agree on a very amicable separation, instead of this tragi-comedy that is playing out in the public gallery.

MDC-T deputy presidents, Nelson Chamisa, Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri ought to see the bigger picture and realise that there is a party and a country that needs leadership, that they cannot all be presidents of their organisation and more importantly, that life needs to go on after Tsvangirai’s death.

This public fighting is uncalled for and Tsvangirai certainly deserves better than this.


  1. Frankly speaking this whole mess was created by Tsvangirai himself, just like Mugabe he failed to put in place a clear succession plan in good time. We all know what happens to a family when a wealthy father dies without leaving a written will, it’s a disaster

    1. Dude a political party is different from a family thing.when it comes to a political party the so called constitution is the one which provides for any conduct within the party. go to the constitution of MDC-T and see what does it say of the issue of change of leadership in the event of a death of any leader whether the president or his vice. among the three vice presidents, 2 of them want to violate the constitution. for now Khupe is supposed to act as the president and she calls for a special congress within 3 months or earlier than that as we are approaching the elections.at the congress that is where all the succession matters will be sorted out

  2. Comment…Its cio/nikov causing the problems by rigging the proceedings.

    1. chamisa aenda nenyika

  3. Some reporters cant be just straight to the point. Problem is Chamisa who has rushed to grab power.


  5. What I’m trying to understand is why in the world do they have THREE deputies??? why don’t they have a clear succession policy?The nation is considering this party for Government. More than one head (or deputy head in this case) makes a monster.

    Parties need to build their constitutions and organisation so as to avoid this kind of madness.

  6. Had Biti not given in to ……. he could have been an automatic leader for the MDC party. Then followed by Chamisa. The other horses do not have the chaunga. Actually, Ngwena has shown to be a reformed leader who is capable of turning around the fortunes of Zimbabwe. Remember that, we all have our dark “histories”, and Zimbabwe is likely to give him a fresh mandate this year.

  7. Icho.I am not an MDC but chaunga or not Chamisa need Khupe Mwonzora and Mudzuri if he is to win .Throw these three away. They do have their own supporters. He needs to respect the constitution.

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