Think like hackers, expert tells firms

DATA centre generators have to think like hackers in order to successfully fight cybercrimes and offer customer trustworthy service, an expert has said.


South African Torque IT business manager, Sean-Lee Evans, told NewsDay on the sidelines at the just-ended Data Centre Africa expo in Victoria Falls, that security managers needed to take on a pro-active approach to curb cybercrimes, as every data centre has a potential of being attacked.

“It’s not about the physical building, so we want to play on the world stage and be part of the competition by offering services and solutions, as the world is becoming a very smaller place but as always been, there is need for more data centres to store that data but on that, there is high need for security professionals check considering that your data has become a gold for cybercriminals,” Evans said, adding there was no one fit solution.

“They [data centre generators] need to start thinking like hackers, but there is a lot of training in that too that is forensic investigation and security analysis courses and those are things they need to expose themselves to in order to understand.”

He said after setting up a data centre, there was need to benchmark the environment and see “if you can break in before a cybercriminal knows”.

Evans said research shows that businesses risk at 60% of their data being stolen by 2020, due to the inability of the security teams protecting their infrastructure and opening up digital risks transformation.

Customers, he said, needed to adapt to the road of digitisation, as the world was fast becoming small, while service providers needed to also offer attractive services.

“Looking to the future, the world is changing to a more digital environment and humans are communicating more on digital platforms like social media applications, make purchases online, work, play, transact and research, so with that the world generators’ mindset need to be innovative in a way of approaching customers to their products of services platforms in order to captivate their experience and that play a huge role in a move to foster a digital transformation journey,” Evans said.

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  1. that mind set is wrong because one of the vps of a small opposition ended up hacking the emails of his boss and thrust himself in control fradulently for 24hrs

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