Soldier guns down 3 family members, attempts suicide

A soldier based in Gweru allegedly ran amok and raided his in-laws’ family home in Bulawayo yesterday, where he fatally shot his wife, her two sisters, injured his 18-month-old son and later turned the gun on himself in an attempt to commit suicide.


The accused, Carlos Chapeyama is alleged to have long-standing marital problems with his wife, Archly Phiri (21), who had since relocated to her parents’ home in New Magwegwe, Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore confirmed the shooting incident, saying: “On the day in question, the ZNA member had been assigned night guard duties at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation transmitter at Guinea Fowl, Gweru. He then finished his duty and sneaked out of the camp with his service rifle,” he said.

“He then travelled to Bulawayo with the AK47 folding butt rifle concealed in a bag. Private Chapeyama went straight to his in-laws’ house in New Magwegwe, where he found his wife together with her two sisters, the now-deceased Rita Nkomo (23) and Nkosivumile Ncube (16) plus his child Tlowi Chapeyama (18 months).

“He then randomly opened fire on the three sisters killing them on the spot. The child survived with serious gunshot wounds. He tried to commit suicide by turning the rifle on himself, but was only seriously injured.

“The perpetrator Private Chapeyama is now detained under heavy military police guard at Mpilo Hospital. The child is admitted at the same hospital,” Makotore said. ads Ads

He added that the army would provide funeral assistance to the family.

When Southern Eye visited the house in the morning, Archly and her two sisters, Nkomo and Ncube’s bodies were lying in pools of blood, with gunshot wounds on their heads.

Police sources said they recovered an AK47 assault rifle and more than 20 spent cartridges at the scene.

Members of the ZNA later visited the scene and took their colleague and his son, Tlowi Chapeyama to Mpilo Central Hospital, while the deceased were taken to the mortuary.

Ntando Nkomo, an uncle to the deceased, said Carlos and his wife had a long-standing marital dispute, which prompted her to return to her parents’ home in Bulawayo.

“Carlos and my niece had been having quarrels, which led to her fleeing with their son and come back home after she was struck with an electric cord. Carlos then followed them on Monday,” Nkomo said.

“I then received a phone call around 12 midnight today (yesterday) from Phiri telling me that Carlos was at home, threatening them. I then called and alerted the police officers at Magwegwe and asked them to go and check, as I was on my way to the place from Pumula,” he said.

Nkomo said he then received a phone call from Carlos around 1:40am telling him to call an ambulance.

“Carlos then called me and said call the ambulance to get your people. When I got there, I found police and neighbours at the house and my three nieces were lying in the kitchen dead in a pool of blood. My niece’s son was also lying there, but was alive. Carlos was also lying down bleeding, as he tried to kill himself as well,” he said.

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Zvinorwadza uye zvinosiririsa. Veduwe, kana wagumbuka wana wepamoyo waunotaurawo
    naye zvinenge zvichikushungurudza. Wogara pasi, wodzamisisa pfungwa dzako. Ukadaro, unenge wadzivirira ngozi mudzinza.

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Zvinorwadza uye zvinosiririsa. Veduwe, kana wagumbuka wana wepamoyo waunotaurawo
    naye zvinenge zvichikushungurudza. Wogara pasi, wodzamisisa pfungwa dzako. Ukadaro, unenge wadzivirira ngozi mudzinza.

  3. What a hell soldier he must be hanged

  4. people shouldn’t run amok.

    1. So they should walk amok ….well literally !!!!!!!

  5. Janana wa Bikaz

    If you get to the bottom of it ,it could be the wife who led him to commit such a heinous crime.I am not condoning this barbaric bahaviour from the soldier,but at times wives take their husband for granted by even telling them that the children are not his ,just to inflict pain on him.It is dangerous because you dont know how the husband is going to react even if he has never laid a hand on you.Women,please refrain from testing your husbands because even the one that you think is harmless will end up doing the unthinkable.I have witnessed so many instances where you see husbands being toyed around with women and at times being told that “my first boyfriend was actually good in bed than you”.Such situations may force the husband to think that if the two happens to meet they will continue from where they left.Take your marriages eriously ladies.

    1. Iwe indawa kani ungauraye vanhu vese avo bcz of mkadzi ati zvakati.Manje zvaapona achaona moto unonzi moto

  6. nhai Janana,honestly…… do you have a girl child,a sister or mother ? I don’t think so!! mhunu ane record ye violence uyu,heishh.
    how old is this soldier murderer

  7. The Chiwenga type who also attempted suicide after being caught cheating at the ZSC, surprisingly he is now the VP of a country where idiots went to the streets in celebration after he ordered soldiers to open fire on families of his political opponents.

  8. Janana. Don’t give excuses for a man who has murdered people to the extent of trying to kill his own child. I my be very angry with someone but will never kill my son. Why did he divorce her if she was that bad. He should pay the price though but no death penalty. It’s barbaric. Going to Smith and our fore father’s who used to stone people for fornication. Nooo

  9. Majority of soldiers are temperamental. These guys should not be allowed to marry. They should live in their barracks and not allowed to mix and mingle with povo. THESE GUYS ARE DANGEROUS.

    1. mmmmmmmm are you serious !!!

    2. Jst because they work wit guns does,nt mean that they have a ryt 2 kill’aspecialy woman and kids,nomatter how big is a prblm’if its not working out”divorce or send the woman back home and move on wit yr life peacefull.what i knw most men are cowards they can’t stand a pain or challenge,they alwys want 2 end things with fight,plz this must stop.God have mercy on them.

  10. @Nacido lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @janana u are 100%right

  12. nacido rico, your father is a soldier, i know well, you have his blood.

  13. mmmm pasi pamera ziso hama dzangu,sad indeed.

  14. mmmm sad indeed,pasi pamera ziso

  15. master blatser


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