‘Police arrests cover up to justify civilians killing’


A LAWYER representing four Harare residents arrested for allegedly leading the stoning of Harare Central Police Station last week yesterday claimed his clients were nabbed to justify police’s negligence, which resulted in the fatal shooting of two innocent civilians.


Bothwell Ndlovu, representing Gibson Kataruware, Dennis Kondo, Prince Beni and Emmanuel Muzariri who are being charged with public violence, told magistrate Annie Ndiraya that his clients were potential witnesses in helping the State to identify the police officers who killed the two civilians.

Ndlovu said it was ridiculous for the State to oppose bail on a mere charge of violence, considering that the suspects were tortured and in need of urgent medical attention.

“It is nonsensical to deny the suspects bail. Citizens were killed that is common knowledge some were tortured and cannot walk properly due to the policy brutality while in their custody and some are battling for their lives at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals,” he said.

While opposing bail the investigating officer Leonard Chitororo told the court that the suspects were all sold out by their blue T-shirts, but his evidence was trashed by Ndlovu, who said the arrests show that they were only hunting for those wearing blue T-shirts on the day.

“These are frivolous allegations and they actually deserve their freedom because they are victims of police brutality. Your worship surely in this era of new dispensation we want police to exercise their duty properly not killing innocent citizens,” Ndlovu said.

Magistrate Ndiraya is expected to pass her ruling today.

Allegations are that on February 23 Evans Gogo, Kataruware, Kondo, Beni and Muzariri threw stones at police officers manning Harare Central Police Station pedestrian entrance, thereby shattering window panes.

It is alleged the suspects also stoned a Police Reaction Group vehicle and damaged its windows.
Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


  1. Police should use violence to deal with violence. Otherwise they’re gonna get killed themselves. People should learn to respect these law enforcement agents. Otherwise no government can exist without the police.

    1. The Second Coming

      Eye for an eye makes the world BLIND my friend. You can’t correct violence by violence, murder by murder unless if you are stupid.

    2. If the police had killed you father whilst working on a newspaper stand…You would think differently..

      We appreciate that you obvious work for ZRP but use your brain here and there to think

  2. i go against the comment made by Jokoti that police shld be violent. there is no anyone having a right to kill someone for the fact that he or she is violent. u left robbers, rapists,murderer going to jail facing justice but killing people who are demanding for their rights. law enforcing agency shld desists from being used everywhere lets the city council play their own game. the one who shot fire on the deceased shld face justice

    1. Well if you do not agree go and be violent ant try to over run a police station and see what will happen. Those utopian rights do not exist in the real world. For your own info avo vakatofa. It might be unfortunate but such is life. If you can safe guard it please try to do so rather than challenging the law enforcement agents. They will enforce it.

  3. Black Lives Matter?

  4. Tobias you are an idiot. there is no reason at all that justify the shooting of defenseless people. police must work with and protect people not to enemy of people.

    1. Tobias your brains are down there instead of up there.

  5. It really shows that Tobias still belongs to a previous brutal regime. Do it during this government of Mnangagwa, the next gvnt, we do not want to see it.

  6. Comment…we want peace, love and justice not police brutality

  7. Comment…we want peace love and justice not police brutality

  8. Justice should prevail in either parties. Nothing justifies killing or violence. Equally wrong.lwa should take its course.

  9. If you go and stone a police camp then expect the police officers to fold their hands you definitely need to have your brains examined

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