Ndebele ‘king’ to engage ED on restoration of Mthwakazi State

ASPIRING King Nyamande Lobengula 11, Prince Zwide Kalanga Khumalo, says he plans to engage President Emmerson Mnangagwa to negotiate for the restoration of Mthwakazi state, soon after his unveiling ceremony on Saturday.


Mthwakazi Heritage Trust official, Kernan Mzelikahle, confirmed yesterday that the new Ndebele king would be unveiled this week at a public function to be held at Amphitheatre in the city.

Lobengula was the last King after a British Pioneer Column led by Cecil John Rhodes destroyed the Ndebele Kingdom in 1983.

Mzelikahle said Khumalo’s immediate task is to push for the total restoration of the Matabeleland Kingdom that was destroyed by Cecil John Rhodes and his colonial forces in 1893, adding the demand is not treasonous.

“Zwide’s approach in this matter is that he agrees that Zimbabwe is a State that seeks democratic development and his leadership is determined to pursue peaceful and democratic means to establish a workable structure regarding the Mthwakazi question,” Mzelikazi said, but reiterated that the Mthwakazi state restoration agenda did not mean cessation.

Mzelikazi’s Mthwakazi Heritage Trust is a cultural organisation interested in the preservation of culture of all people, and claims it is committed to peaceful and constitutional methods of cultural preservation.

He said the Mthwakazi state restoration is all about creating a structure to deal with the multi-faceted problems facing Matabeleland.

“This structure may involve among others, the development of a local assembly where pertinent matters can be discussed. This local assembly can be called a local parliament and must discuss issues such as the Gukurahundi question, the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project (MZWP), de-industrialisation and so forth without causing political destabilisation.

“Khumalo respects the political structures in Zimbabwe but takes it upon himself to address problems facing Mthwakazi,” Mzelikazi said.

He said the right to self-determination (Restoration) of the people of the Mthwakazi state a fundamental human right that is enshrined in the United Nation’s (UN) self-determination principle and as such legal at international law.

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  1. The Rozvi state ciovers the Mutwakazi area. We need to restore that one first, and you can go to find your state in KZN.

    1. Ngama Lozwi, hayi okwakho lokho okwe ZANU!!

  2. we are restoring the ndebele kingdom, it doesnt concern anyone who is not ndebele, you can restore your rozvi kingdom, 3 MARCH is the day of the coronation , NDABEZITHA ngiyesaba ukukubiza ngengama ,mzila kawulandelwa, wena onyathela kudume izulu,BULELANI LOBENGULA KHUMALO.

    1. Hey wena Thokoza. If you want non Ndebeles not to be involved do not talk of your Ndebele state restoration in the land of Zimbabwe. Idiots you came and colonized this land and now now you have the audacity to think that you have the right to own it for yourselves. Go and form your Ndebele state in KwaNdebele there and no one will bother you. The British also came here and establish a state in Zimbabwe should they also claim ownership of Zimbabwe because they had a state here. Nonsense.

      1. Your ancestors were beaten to the game of land grab my friend. Even the indigenous people of this land the Khoisan have said that and congratulated our ancestors for restoring their dignity. Accept that reality, otherwise i BP izokuqeda. They miss you in Burundi, by the way!!

  3. rubbish

  4. I pity some of these Shonas – they will commit suicide I tell you.Just because of the pain of tribal hatred. They are really desperate to see Govt ban the issue of the King, but alas, nothing of that sort will ever happen – ZANU PF has already said its a culture thing that has nothing to do with them – now crying Shona tribalists – what you gonna do? Dolololololo!!!

  5. Whats wrong with these Ndebele people..History is history when it suits them…History is when Mzilikazi and Lobengula raided the Shona people every year…It is something to be proud of that you wont apologise for ..also history is when there was Gukurahundi and its something that you want compensation and apologies for.This Guruuswa nonsense is not a Shona issue but all bantu speaking tribes..if you really know your history…So if you want Shonas to go to Guruuswa all Ngunis must go back there too…Do not speak for the so called san they can speak for themselves…Your raids used to go as far as baNgwato lands in Botswana …are you going to claim part of Botswana as your land too or what…Do not try to be smart retards..Let sleeping dogs lie because your claim is fueled by tribalism disguised as Mtwakazi..
    Your ancestor Mzilikazi came to Zimbabwe at the same time as Robert Moffat around 1840s..So if we kicked Moffat’s British back to Britain its high time you guys go back to KZN…The Kalangas, Tongas and Nambyas etc are the right people to be complaining about these issues..Not aliens whose history in this country is not even 150 years…Take away their citizenship …they are Zulus

    1. History does not start with King Mzilikazi wena stupid. It started long before when you raided the Khoisan lands. You are obsessed with the Ndebele because of an inferiority complex and also because it is convenient for you to ignore your own sins of land invasions in Southern Africa!!

      1. I think we need prayer

      2. simbarashe shoko

        you only know history of mzilikai killing the Rozvi and Gukurahundi. You dream of Mzilikazi supremacy. Muka ubike doro.

  6. Comment…3rd of march we are kicking all shonas our of south Africa back to mnangwangwa

  7. we invite all the Shonas on 3rd March ,come and see restoration, and the culture and Kingdom.

  8. I,m surprise about the zanu pf government by not respecting Ndebele culture ,This is not about owning the land but to keep us united as Ndebeles and follow our tradition on which i believe that it will reduce diseases like HIV if elders monitoring us under the leadership of Ndebele King , i respect Mr ED Mnangagwa and i think he will meet ndebeles halfway. last but not list, those who celebrate thinking that it is over about Mthwakazi you must watch this space BY MR M J Nhlelenhle Tamuhla Gwande Ncube.

  9. It.s our culture as Ndebeles you must respect us

  10. Yebo rise Ndebeles rise.Kasiyindawo singamaNdebele njalo kasideli

  11. simbarashe shoko

    There must be a restoration of the Rozvi kingdom first who were colonised and destroyed by Mzilikazi. Ask yourself why vaera Moyo (Rozvi) are so many in your purported Mtwakazi state. Ask yourself who are the Ncubes (shokos), ndhlovu ( Zhous), Sibanda (Shumbas). your mtwakazi colonialists forced those shona people to change/translate their shona totems and you also forced them to speak your language. This is why these Mtwakazi are so much worried as to why the shonas are not showing any interest to speak or learn ndebele. Thus why even the clever Chamisa promised air pies to you when he said he will force leaders to speak Ndebele. this is because you are not united. You don’t support each other and you always go by the wind. You failed to support your own Khupe when she was used and dumped. Instead you rushed to support mfana wechidiki Chamisa/ Kamisa.

      1. viva ndebele vivaaaaa king bulelani

      2. viva ndebele vivaaaaa king bulelani

        bongani dube

  12. i think sharing the spoils will be more like it coz whether Ndebele or Shona in Zimbabwe we all came from some part of Africa. Just share the spoils of the land invasions

  13. David Kenny KHUMALO

    Hello history is history, get it through your thick head if you ever went to school b4 we call names

  14. Oh what a great day it will be halala ,bayethe

  15. Tell these shona fools that not every Ndlovu or Ncube’s are shona’s you might have adapted the surnames, kukhuluma uMzilankatha,uShezi,uMcaphaphayi,oMangosolo,unkomo zilal’uwaca hayi oSHOKO

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