Mujuru attackers not fit for bail – State

THE two Zanu PF activists who last week allegedly assaulted National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru at a campaign rally in Harare were yesterday remanded in custody to today for bail ruling after the State argued that they were unfit for bail as they were likely to engage in other acts of political violence.


Simbarashe Mudzengerere (31) and Paul Chitsa (46) had appeared before magistrate Stan Mambanje charged with public violence.

“If granted bail, the suspects may flee and as the State we want to maintain peace and say no to violence during this election period and we also want to send a message to others,” argued prosecutor Lawrence Gangarahwe.

It is the State’s case that on February 1 this year, Mudzengerere and Chitsa connived with other Zanu PF youths, still at large, and stormed Mujuru’s rally in Highfield while moving in a hired commuter omnibus armed with stones and bricks.

They allegedly pelted Mujuru’s supporters with stones and bricks. Several people were injured while a number of vehicles used by the opposition party were damaged.

Mujuru and her supporters aborted the meeting and drove towards Gazaland shopping centre, but Mudzengerere and his team continued pursuing them in the commuter omnibus throwing stones at the vehicles.

The alleged gang continued trailing the NPP members until they reached Glen Norah and further to Glen View 8 where Mudzengerere and his alleged accomplices began attacking people with clenched fists.

It is alleged some of the victims managed to escape and reported the matter at Machipisa and Glen Norah police stations.

The Zanu PF activists allegedly proceeded to Montana Products Butchery which is owned by one of the complainants and barricaded the entrance demanding $500 from the owner.

Mudzengerere and Chitsa then threatened to bomb the butchery and were only restrained by police officers who rushed to the scene and arrested the duo.


  1. This Mudzengerere guy was a G40. His brother benefited from corruption and built a school in Hopley farm from proceeds of being a vending space baron.Everyday around 5 they would move around collecting money from vendors. ZACC must also investigate how they got those many vending spaces they let out to desperate vendors.

  2. The gang should face justice so as to set a good example to those who still think that violence is tolerated in this new dispensation. President ED had clearly indicated that we should shun violence so a heavy sentence is necessary to curb politically motivated violence.

  3. Let the law take its course.

  4. Otherwise hats off for the Acting Commissioner General for bringing the culprits to book regardless of their political affiliation. Such behaviour brings the name of the party into disrepute.


  6. These suspects must not be released on bail, as there is a risk of them causing violence before the upcoming general elections, which we all want to be free, fair and credible for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. Controversial elections will not redeem Zimbabweans from the current harsh economic situation, as investors and the International community will shun us for want of legitimacy. I urge the authorities to strike a balance between the accused persons’ rights to bail and the risk on the welfare of the citizenry posed by the these accused persons.

  7. These are the guys that wash away the credibility of our harmonized elections. We the people of Zimbabwe condemn in strongest sense such barbaric acts. Such people deserve to rot in Jail. They are not good for the progress of this country. The president ED is preaching love, peace and forgiveness whilst they are busy destabilizing the country through violence. Chikurubi should be their home

  8. The law must make an example on these two. They must be imprisoned for many years. I really doubt that they are ZANU (PF) youth as they tried to soil President Mnangagwa’s image. May be they are G40.

    1. whoever they re we don’t care they should be punished. g40 or lacoste we dnt gve a dame

  9. This is good. I hope other people learn and desist from political violence.

  10. Leaders are God appointees

    Surely after our able Government has banned the slogan pasi na so and so who are these guys who see it otherwise.Let them be the guinea pigs

  11. They are worse than dogs and are anti- gvt.the police must make sure they arrest all those who ran away votaura akavatuma.ndichipanga nagire neg40 chete…..


    They are worse than dogs and are anti- gvt.the police must make sure they arrest all those who ran away votaura akavatuma.ndichipanga nagire neg40 chete…..

  13. chematsenganzungu

    mabasa eg40 ayo.vanhu ngavasungwe…..

  14. what makes then ZANU PF

  15. Why label these two vagabons zanu pf what form of identification was used to come to the conclusion .they can be anybody else who want to cause trouble.

  16. Violence is a product of Zanu Pf.

  17. Comment…let them rt n jail

  18. Janana wa Bikaz

    Heavy punishment meted to these dogs of war so that all those who had the same barbaric thinking of commiting violence in the name of Zanu pf will think again.The “Jimmy Kunaka” of this world should all be brought to book if the country is entertaining any hopes of enticing the outside world.Perpetrators of political violence are usually cowards who hide behind a party protected by stae machinery,otherwise without the state’s protection they don’t stand any chance beating up anyone.It is the state that protects such barbarians.If only the state would not interfere and leave justice to decide the fate of such animals Zimbabwe would be a better place to live and invest.

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