Mnangagwa targets MDC-T’s remaining 2 Midlands seats

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has psyched up his Zanu PF followers in Midlands to make a clean sweep of all parliamentary seats in the province, including the two Gweru seats that have been held by the opposition MDC-T for the past 18 years.

By Stephen Chadenga

Midlands province has 28 parliamentary seats, with Gweru Urban and Mkoba falling under MDC-T legislators, Sesel Zvidzai and Amos Chibaya, respectively, while the rest are under Zanu PF MPs.

“We have 28 seats in Midlands, but 26 seats are Zanu PF and the other two we lost to MDC-T,” Mnangagwa told party supporters in Mvuma last week.

“This time around, promise me that we will not lose any seat. We should get back these two seats.”

The two Midlands constituencies have been MDC-T strongholds since the opposition party’s formation in 1999.


  1. Comment…hahaha kuno havawane,mkoba ,Ascot,woodlands,Mutapa,and Mambo hakuna vanhu ve zanu pf kuno ende hatitode..

  2. Down with the people’s number one enemy in Zimbabwe ZANU PF.

  3. James Mudavanhu

    Comment…you don’t know what you are missing,without the mother party Zanupf, there would be no Zimbabwe to talk about The peace &tranquility we enjoy today came about as a result of sacrifices made by decorated soldiers like President Mnangagwa, vice president Chiwenga & many Zanla & Zipra cadres both living & departed We are a force to reckon with because of their efforts If we want peace and stability which lead to development & employment creation,Zanupf is the party to vote for We did not gain our independence on a silver platter,hundreds of thousands perished for us to be where we are today It would be a fatal mistake my fellow Zimbabweans if we take our hard won independence for granted

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