MDC-T youth urged to desist from violence

THE MDC-T youth wing in Bulawayo has warned fellow youth to desist from being used as pawns to fan political violence by their party leaders in the run-up to this year’s elections.


This comes in the wake of a brutal attack on MDC-T vice-president, Thokozani Khupe (pictured), organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe and secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora by suspected party youth during former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera on Tuesday.

Khupe and Mwonzora had to seek refuge at a nearby homestead, as the youth, believed to be sympathetic to interim MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa, bayed for their blood.

MDC-T Bulawayo youth spokesperson, Alfred Dzirutwe yesterday urged the opposition party to rein-in rogue elements bent on tarnishing its image through acts of violence.

“The rogue elements must be stopped forthwith and must desist from acting violently towards chosen leaders, who were mandated with the responsibility of taking the party to the next congress. We must be vigilant and guard against being used as instruments of violence,” he said.

“We shall render all support and protection to our elected VP [Khupe]. Our departed leader used to preach peace and peace we shall have as the youth wing. We are very saddened and really at a loss for words with what transpired at the burial of the people’s hero Tsvangirai.”

Dzirutwe described the violent youth, as unruly elements, who continuously masquerade as “vanguards” of the party, before condemning them for what he termed barbaric and undemocratic action.

“As the youth wing, we call upon the relevant leaders to sort their differences, for we shall not be your pawns of violence. The youth of today is hopeful and sees a future sustainable work, education, working economy, away from violence,” he said.

“As a youth wing, we believe in ideology and tolerance of pluralism. We are not a private army and we shall stick to the dictates of the constitution that guides and binds us.”

This is the second time that Khupe and Bhebhe have fallen victim to attack by the so-called party youth, who last year pounced on senior party officials at the Bulawayo offices and attacked them for boycotting the MDC Alliance signing ceremony.

Khupe, Bhebhe and party chairman, Lovemore Moyo are against the allocation of Matabeleland parliamentary seats to alliance members, arguing that the MDC-T has never lost an election in the provinces.



  1. Sure. Let’s not use our youths to promote violence. In fact let’s not support so called acting presidents who support hooligans on the party.

  2. Yep, let’s see and hear every MDC leader and supporter condemn violence and unconstitutionalism unconditionally.

  3. Khupe said before that she is in politics for money … not surprised by her shenangins coz a few shillings will sway her. Put in simple terms this woman does not have the grassroots support and she should get lessons from Ncube and Biti that MDC is a peoples’s movement and if you divert from the their wishes and aspirations they will punish you severely on the ballot casting. Listen Madam “you just do not match Chamisa on any single platform”.

  4. Khupe and others were beaten by Zanu pf youths hired to tarnish the MDC T party.

    1. Comment…simply means mdc has no youth all the youth attended the funeral was zanu pf youth hanty

  5. Zanu games

  6. Chamisa chinomiswa nani

  7. Chamisa ndiye wedu full stop

  8. People must understand the zimbabwean issue in terms of political games, no woman can able to stand against the hostile situation in zimbabwe today as it is. Chamisa did well on his position as Minister of information and technology during the GNU, even during Mugabe’s reign non of his ministers are totally failures. Zimbabwe needs a youthful and very intelligent leader not power hungry people. We are very tired of useless entities.

  9. kuwiriranakwakanakisakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Vanhu VOSE vanenge vakonzera mhirizhonga ngavasungwe, vovharirwa kusvika sarudzo dzarepa.

  10. Madam Khupe, we salute you as one of the founding members of this movement. Together with some of your colleagues still in the party, fallen and outside the movement you built this party based on hope for a better future of all Zimbabweans, desire to change the status quo on a simple logo, credited to a villager in rural Masvingo of an open palm, signifying peace and non-violence. You stand tall in this people’s struggle for democracy and human rights. However, I want to appeal to both your logic and pragmatism as the party is facing watershed elections in just under five months. The logic here is that ZANU PF has alienated itself from the youth of this country as it has appointed a cabinet full of old people and even the leaders of ZANU PF youth wing cannot properly articulate the issues of the youth – simply because they are just too old. Chamisa therefore appeals to the youthful generation, a significant constituent of our population. Obama managed to enter the white house on the back of this dynamic demography which can be easily reached through social media and would associate a youthful leader with their aspirations and challenges. Campaigning in rural areas will always be a challenge for MDC thus if you can find other practical methods of reaching out to the potential voter without risking lives and limbs the better. Madam Khupe you are our very own Winnie Mandela, the stalwart of a revolution who then allows others to take the mantle, not because she doesn’t deserve it or incapable, but for the sake of the movement. it is far much wiser and practical to field the person of Nelson Chamisa as representative of the MDC alliance and hopefully all other opposition parties so that he can take advantage of ZANU PF’s divisions and weaknesses but pointing to the fact that ED is 75 and therefore should be retired according to a universal labour practice, based on the wisdom that as a person reaches 70 and beyond he/she loses touch, stamina and even intellectual capacity particularly in this age of rapid technological advancement, complicated financial derivative instruments and youthful global leadership.

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