MDC-T trio survives mob attack

EMBATTLED MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe, party secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora and national organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe reportedly survived an attempt on their lives yesterday after a mob of activists attacked them on arrival at former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s funeral in Buhera yesterday.


Khupe and Mwonzora are locked in a vicious power struggle with acting MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa, who wrested the opposition movement hours after Tsvangirai died of colon cancer in South Africa last week.

Bhebhe seemed to have gotten over the ordeal, but Khupe sobbed as she sat at the top table, while Mwonzora stood motionless, even when Chamisa made reference to him in his speech.

A villager, Maxwell Hapanyengwi, in whose house the trio sought refuge, expressed shock after the incident.

“It was a shocking experience. I could not believe it. It was a mob of over 150 people chanting death threats against the three,” he said.

“They threatened to burn down the hut, but the police and other activists worked hard to protect them.”

Mwonzora confirmed the incident.

“It was the three of us. Initially, 10 activists attacked us, but they were warded off by our security,” he said.

“However, they went and regrouped and came with over 100 others. They were chanting slurs like ‘Khupe go back to Matabeleland. We will not be led by a woman’. It was wrong.”

Mwonzora also confirmed the mob had tried to set the hut on fire.

Asked why he thought they were being targeted, Mwonzora pointed straight to the leadership scrap in the party.

“It’s clear, they were chanting Chamisa, Chamisa, Chamisa. They were accusing me and Khupe of pushing for the extraordinary congress. They demanded that we respect the leadership chosen by the national council,” the former Nyanga North lawmaker said.

Efforts to get a comment from Khupe and Chamisa were fruitless.

Mwonzora said Khupe was shaken, but remained strong.

“She was shaken, but remains strong. As for me, I will not be intimidated by people who are scared of constitutionalism,” he said.

“I confronted Chamisa about the issue and he denied being responsible. He feigned surprise.

“We were saved by the police and our youth as well as the negotiation skills by Isaac Maphosa, of the Zimbabwe Institute, and Father Francis, from the Counselling Services Unit. We were surprised that those in the leadership did not find time to help.

“Chamisa, however, tried to address the issue, but generalised things rather than being specific to the shocking incident that had just happened.”

Khupe and Mwonzora did not attend the actual burial.

Mwonzora claimed they had been warned of a plot to puncture Khupe’s car and attack her.

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  1. when shall we be free? democracy is not about a hundred men beating up a defenseless woman. this doesn’t look good at all.

    1. She deserves what she got. How can she oppose the coalition when people have suffered under the hands of Zanu PF?

  2. @Wonderson. When you take medicine that does not agree with you you vomit. Democracy is a cure so called which the West is shoving down our throats. Our meaning Africa. We don’t know democracy. When they first came the whites they found us comfortable in our chieftainship systems frequently fighting and killing each other. What happened at the funeral was behaviour previously thought erroneously to subsist in Zanu PF DNA only. The truth is Zanu PF = MDC = Zimbabweans.

    1. Chamisa issued a chilling warning a few days ago to his fellows, that the real owner was going to remove unnecessary bottle tops. We are tired of these dictatorships and chilling warnings.

  3. Kana Gogo Tsvangirai vava kuzotaura mozoti hee

    It is indeed despicable that in the 21st century such a seemingly well rehearsed terror attack by members to a party that Pharisaically preaches democracy each time it stands at a political pulpit, could have happened and more so, in front of a sea of people that comprised foreign dignitaries, western cash cows, family members, clergymen and diverse political persuasions. Unfortunately for Chamisa, the horse has already bolted out of the stable and there is now need for a suave brinkmanship to convince the elastic electorate, the western donors and the Khupe camp that such an ignominious act will not happen again.

    By attacking the right heir to the throne, the party espoused hatred for the elderly, women and Ndebeles. Indeed, it can be suicidally interpreted as demographic, gender and tribal warfare. Shockingly, Gukurahundi language and act were used. It is well known that Ndebeles were called dissidents and most of them died by being shut in thatched huts before they were torched. Or maybe it is not coincidence that Chamisa idolises Robert Mugabe?

  4. “Khupe go back to Matebeleland , we can’t be led by a woman”. Tribalism and sexest its highest level. Its an open secret that without Matabeleland and Midlands the MDC can’t win an election but those idiots don’t realize that. Leaders are democratically elected constitutional , not endorsed. Chamisa what are you afraid of going to an extra ordinary congress if you are a democratic leader?

    1. Chamisa and Mugabe havana kumbosiyana.havadi vanovapikisa.kuda kupisira MaKhupe mumba zvakaitwa naMugabe kuvanhu vekuMatabeleland.hausvodi Chamisa, unoda kuuraya mai vangu MaKhupe.mumuchenjerere mwana uyu, ndiMugabe adzoka ari panaChamisa.kana ukaita vimambo bwekubvuta nechisimba chero iwe ndizvo zvauchaitwa.haana nyadzi mwana uyu,kana kupa vekwaTsvangirai nguva yokuonekana nemwana wavo patsika dzedu dzechivanhu.ngwarirai mwana uyu vanhu veMDC-T.Vanhu vamunodzinga ava ndivo vanemavhoti ekuhwina kwete Nelson uyu mwana achiri kubuda mukaka pamhuno.dai Mwari vatibatsira pamwana uyu.ko vanaMunangagwa votaurigweyi parufu,yava rally here???????ko zvavaichemavo nenyika yose?

  5. Chamisa hired the MDC T youth thugs to instill fear into Khupe. No one in his right senses should vote for this barbaric, immature, power hungry and dictator in the making. People from Matebeleland and women should never vote for Chamisa, let him contest for presidency he is going to lose dismally and that will mark the end of his political career. If he thinks he is popular, which I doubt he should form his own party where candidates are imposed.

    1. Thats true 2018, let him form his political party and contest.MDC-T was a democratic party led by Save but what Nelson is doing is undemocratic.remember the whole country is watching and l just all those who are supporting his barbaric acts have registered to vote for him.Mhainini Thoko Khupe is very right.we thought we have removed a dictator in form of Mugabe not knowing another one has already grown up in form of Nelson Chamisa.kusakwana.

  6. Comment…if Chamisa fools himself achayeuka bako yanaya him alone can not lift the party.Akapiwa 30% anenge azama

  7. Lunacy, idiotic, barbaric, stupidity and tribal hatred partly sums up the leadership in politics resulting from greediness and lack of reasonableness. How do these idiots expect to get support when they are disabling a supportive machinery. The same imbeciles expect to be voted into power by dissidents? These many in numbers and mentally retarded idiots cannot be guided by their own constitution? Whatever differences cannot be resolved in reference to their laid down constitution? Their only excuse is that women and people from Matabeleland are not part of this poorly governed country??? Shame on Chamisa and his many lunatic supporters!

  8. You never seize to amaze me, ko when DEMBARE or BOSSO supporters cause a match to be abandoned,Should you accuse Chairmen of the clubs for bad crowd behavior.
    Anebhora diye anomakwa thats CHAMISA FOR YOU, OUR TRUSTED STRIKER

    1. If you defend such behavior iwo ma votes enyu achingoita mashoma by the day. You surely deserve to be just a rabble rouser party and never anywhere near the seat of power


  10. ZanuPF trying to make MDC look bad full in these comments trying to make the leadership seem tribalistic.

  11. VanaChamiiisa!

  12. its the same trio who were once bashed in buluwayo and this is a repeat just leave politics guys

  13. Its not Chamisa to blame really but the leadership in structures of the party who are sending these thugs Chamisa must ruthlessly deal with these thugs .also Chamisa must know the party belongs to everyone of all ages not just youths.G40 yakapidigura nemayouth ayo youth vana vedu ukaramba isu waramba nevana vedu .

  14. zANU PF thugs are the one who are exaggerating this issue and want to see MDC disbanded because they are evil blood sackers, to hell with them.

  15. Sukawena Tshamisa

    Here is another Mugabe in the making. Tactically, I have identified more than 9 similarities between the Bobster and little Chamisa.

  16. Mati Chamisa? Trust this budding demagogue at your own peril. He’s a political replica of Zimbabwe’s one and only great grandmaster, the fallen Matibili.

  17. MDC-T reduced to a bunch of ignorant students by someone who still thinks he is ZINASU Secretary General. Ndebeles must be stupid to vote for a party that intends to kill their main representative in this endeavour..

  18. Chamisa thinks MDC-T is for people below 40 years. Lets go for elections achanyatsoona paamire. He can hire thugs buy them beer to attack Mwonzora and Khupe. Not in this century. ED has reformed why not MDC-T reform also. They attacked Welshman, mangoma, bulawayo meeting now again. Matuzvi eMDC

  19. Ko vese vaipikisa kuti Ed aite president vari veG40 varipi zvozvi….they had they their houses sprayed with bullets and they fled…but you say Ed is better than chamisa…nxa

  20. MDC now led by a lunatic pikinini.A stone throwing pikinini.A pickpocket acting president.I dont think anyone above 35 will vote for this mambara Chamisa .wE ARE COMING OUT OF A SERIOUS PROBLEM of a 92 yera old president who gave away resources for foreign invites ,now we there is a 40 year old lunatic who wants to be president .MDC i have been loyal to you since 2000,this time NO, Chamisa of all people.Zanu you can count my vote in with your ngwena,at least he is presentable,not this pickpocket at MDC.wHATS WRONG WITH khupe.She is very motherly and very presantable .

  21. This Chamisa always surrounded by terrorists and prostitutes at Harvest house wants to be in charge of the countrys resources?Give me a break.Anyone just pass by Harvest house and see the thugs milling around the entrance when Chamisa is inside.Some drunk ,some smocking pot openly ,thugs n terrorists.This is the fellow President Tsvangirai left to lead the party?Honestly?A little man wth no record at all in MDC leadership.Is this boy not being pushed by Welshman for his own ends results?Smells all of it.

  22. Very immature young fellow, he should cool down and learn, perhaps he will make a good leader in the future. There is nothing wrong for him to contest leadership of the party but, there is procedures, I don’t see him win the national elections if he continues in this manner. Those who were still deciding on the best candidate will surely boycott elections and as it stands Zanu has the numbers. Beware of noise makers, they can lead you astray, they can have large mouths but few brains. Of course the problem was created by the late Morgan, he had started having dictatorship tendencies, it’s not worthy following in those footsteps. Why so many deputies?

  23. when Uncle bob got almost bashed , it was not ED it was the people demanding change in Zim . Politics kana dzaramba lets accept and go resting or farming

  24. This boy was wrongly brought up,we are waiting for you and if you think that we such fools you will be surprised,just reform before its too late

  25. Even zanu supporters can chant Chamisa Chamisa to cause chaos in mdc so lets not blame Chamisa others doing so will be playing to zanu ‘s game .Remember Chamisa is pple choice and zanu does not like that no matter what the party is intact with Chamisa leading it it is in good hands .

    1. just that chamisa warned them about a removal of zvimuvharo two days ago. the same way that Bob warned zapu that his government will never rest until members of that party had been crushed fully.

  26. Anyone can see that Nelson is immature. Why the rush when time is on your side Nelson? Give yourself time to grow up.

  27. Eish! Shame on you chamisa. You don’t value life but wish members who respect the party constitution dead that you takeover leadership. Does it mean that keeps, mudzuri, mwonzora as dominant leaders are all wrong except yourself? Shame sitereki. Hauna kubva kuvanhu mupfana.

  28. Nelson, you are too young to rule. Dzikama. You were thrashed by Mwonzora in the position of Secretary General. Respect the constitution, women and elders. Pasi neG40.

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