Kaseke, ministry official clash over Mzembi

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke yesterday clashed with ministry director, Rudo Faranisi over the conduct of former Tourism minister Walter Mzembi.


Speaking at a national tourism sector strategy consultative workshop in Mutare, Kaseke said Mzembi did not accept advice, claiming he formulated a tourism sector vision without consultation from other stakeholders.

“The tourism sector does not have a vision and only that the other vision was only crafted by the former minister and two officials from his ministry without consultation,” Kaseke claimed.

“We were never consulted. Mzembi did not listen to advice on the tourism vision. I even said this yesterday in his home area.’’

Soon after Kaseke’s presentation, Faranisi took to the podium and shot back at the ZTA boss, defending Mzembi.

“The former minister was open to discussions and Kaseke was the adviser to the minister. He is still the adviser to the current minister,’’ he said.

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Kaseke immediately interjected Faranisi’s speech, saying: “No, no, the minister was not advisable and you also were not advisable. Mzembi could not listen to my advice and the current minister (Priscila Mupfumira) is open to advice and is willing to work with all sectors.’’
“For over the years the government did not have the tourism vision.

“Honestly speaking, the government did not provide the needed leadership because the former minister Mzembi, who was supposed to provide that leadership did not do that,” he said.

“In fact, what he did for the ministry was only for his personal glory. We should now move with times and be focused to our future. It is sad that we still have people in the (Tourism) ministry and my department (ZTA), who are still leaving in the old era. We have a new dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that seeks to deliver. If some people do not want to achieve his goals and objectives they must ship in or ship out.

There was bad blood between Kaseke and Mzembi, who reportedly wanted the ZTA boss fired. The two also belonged to different Zanu PF factions.

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