I haven’t sealed any deal with Mugabe: Mujuru

FORMER Vice-President and People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate Joice Mujuru (pictured) has refuted reports that she had sealed an electoral party with the newly-formed New Patriotic Front (NPF) fronted by exiled Zanu PF G40 members.


PRC deputy chairperson Samuel Sipepa Nkomo yesterday told Southern Eye that Mujuru’s recent private visit to former President Robert Mugabe’s residence had triggered speculation that she was on the verge of hammering out a coalition pact with the Mugabes ahead of this year’s general elections.

“There is just no way we (PRC) are working or going to work with Mugabe or this NPF. Mujuru went there in her personal capacity, not representing the PRC. The fact that she went to meet Mugabe does not mean that there is some grain of truth that we are therefore working with the Mugabes or planning to work with the Mugabes,” he said.

Mujuru visited Mugabe last week where the former leader reportedly proffered his apologies for expelling her from government when she was his deputy. The visit was followed by the unveiling of the NPF reportedly fronted by G40 members, triggering speculation of some underground movements to cut some unity pact ahead of the elections.

Sipepa Nkomo, who is also Mujuru’s deputy in the National People’s Party (NPP), said the PRC was open to any election deal with opposition parties, but not Mugabe, his family members or NPF members.

The PRC is a coalition of the NPP, the Lucia Matibenga-led PDP, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) led by Farai Mbira and the Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment (Dare), whose leader is Gilbert Dzikiti.

“Currently, the PRC brings together four opposition parties and if any other opposition party approaches us, and expresses interest in joining us, we will consider that request. But what I can tell you is that if Zanu PF and NPF approach us, the answer is no. We will not accept such a request in as much as we will reject working with Mugabe.”

Reports say the mooted NPF is the brainchild of exiled G40 kingpins — former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and former Indigenisation and Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao, who fled the country during the November coup that resulted in Mugabe stepping down.

The NPF has since petitioned the African Union and Southern African Development Community to shun President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.


  1. so was the meeting just for funny madam do not play games with us bob has no time for fun and jokes

  2. You’re spot on Elisha. Bob has nothing for mahala. That old man is very crooked.

  3. Mugabe is dead and buried. That’s the reality. Those that see the future in him must be out of their minds. Just visiting him was a grave political miscalculation Mai Mujuru.

  4. There is nothing wrong with Mujuru visiting the old state man;n one can visit him;in fact all people are allowed to if only they choose,I don’t think he has n aims of returning to active politics,however itz clear he might b the patron of his wife’s newly formed NEW PATRIOTIC FRONT PARTY, clearly intended to fight Ngwena & the retired general in an election war.legally there is nothing bad about its formation;but the question is; who would support Grace & her cabal in her presidential bid,given her misguided nature & crookery?Even many former Mugabe supporters are unlikely to.But Ngwena & the retired general might fear that if by n chance there is her possible retake of power might put a snake in their room

  5. If Sipepa thinks Joice will consult him on such issues, then he’s blissfully stuck in Lalaland!!!

  6. This is just Sipepa Nkomo expressing his personal views; sure as the sun rises and sets later today, it’s not the PRC official position!!!

  7. I didn’t believe kt Samuel Siphepha Nkomo & Lucia Matibenga will join hands with ZANU PF like this. Nkomo must accept that Mujuru is Mugabe’s former VP & nothing can stop the two from forming a coalition. Then the result will be a split. Mujuru kwake, Nkomo & Matibenga kwavo

  8. waienderei kundoona munhu akakunyadzisa pa nine interface rallies and by the way wanga wakapfeka futi mini skirt here tichazvihwa na Grace chete because uyo haana mangwana anozvifumura

  9. Questionable judgments this lady makes. Having married Mukoma Nhongo there in the bush in Mozambique she continued to allow Mugabe to bang her. She accepted his gratitude when he made her base commander. She accepted the position of Minister becoming the youngest minister in Mugabe’s first ever cabinet @25 when she could barely piece one single English word together. She looked the other way when Mukoma Nhongo was murdered because he had long dumped her and they were simply putting on a show of being together at the behest of Mugabe. Her two rivals of long spearheaded her being booted out of ZPF in a most humiliating way. She publicly supported the coup hurling expletives at Mugabe. Her own political outfit is so unstable splitting all the time that one would think its radioactive. Then she decides she wants to tag team with the Mugabes and G40 again.


  11. I think the misinterpretation of Mujuru visit to Mugabe has been modified to suit her enemy’s wishes. She was invited the oldman wanted to apologize. So to say they decided to form a Party or Coalition is just a night mare. Zimbabweans let’s focus on one thing. Who do we want to elect as our President this year . let us not consider political affiliation we want someone to revive our economy, agriculture and industry.

  12. who will support grace Mugabe
    who will support Jonso
    who will support Saviour
    not to mention Zhuwawo
    and by the way does mujuru have any supporters

    1. bvunzawo..kna uchisupporter crew iro hauna kutombokwana kana ka1

  13. Mujuru uyu wamunongopa ma acres of space muma newspaper enyu akambo achiever chii chaizvo mu politics. Given her track record since her unceremonious departure from government I don’t see what the fuss is all about.

  14. Just like the ‘bushwar’ Mujuru’s profile is exxagerated

  15. We Gudo there is something wrong with her visit. She came to London last year to collect an award on women and later gave a crocodile tear interview with the BBC saying her husband was killed by Mugabe and Grace humiliated her verbally. She was further asked why did she not say something about the women beaten and according to the interviewer they layed in hospital on their tummy because the buttocks had wounds. Her reply was my hands were tied. Well now her hands are free and she goes to the Blue Roof?If it was genuine released the tape about that meeting then I can believe her.

  16. Mujuru why did you accept Robert’s invitation when you actual know that Mugabe is an of every progressive people?

    1. makudo ndemamwe musatipedzera nguwa

  17. ma1 guys lets pray fr tsvangirai

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