Grace PHD: Mararike under probe

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has opened investigations into former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s (pictured) PHD supervisor, Professor Claude Mararike, with a view to check if he possessed the requisite qualifications for the job.


Mararike supervised Grace’s controversial PHD degree at the University of Zimbabwe, culminating in her graduation in 2014.

The latest probe into Mararike comes amid reports that he did not have a doctorate and, therefore, could not have supervised a student pursuing a higher qualification than one which he holds.

Information submitted before the High Court by Zacc has put in question the qualifications held by Mararike, for a long time the chairperson of the department of sociology until recently.

Zacc has demanded that Mararike produce all his qualifications because doubts have been raised, with his fellow workmates saying he did not hold a doctorate.

Zacc wants the documents which include the first degree, second degree, doctorate degree of Grace Mugabe’s supervisors and certified copies of all academic certificates.
Mararike was recently relieved of his post as chairman of the sociology department after a petition signed by the department on January 4, calling for his removal over his qualifications.

“We the undersigned constituted as a departmental board of the Sociology department, met on January 4… discuss the state of affairs in the department, the following concerns were raised. The board noted that the acting chairperson has no discernible qualifications and background in sociology and social anthropology and therefore limited in giving guidance and teaching core aspects of the disciplines,” read the petition submitted to UZ vice chancellor Levi Nyagura.

Mararike has since been replaced by the pro vice-chancellor Pedzisai Mashiri.

A senior UZ lecturer said Nyangura had agreed with the board that Mararike was underqualified to head the department, yet found it prudent to allow him to supervise a PHD student.

“In simple terms, it was a Grade 7 pupil supervising a Form 6 student, such glaring contradictions will show you that, there was no degree, that award was hot air and nothing close to the degree,” the source said.

Mararike has, however, defended his qualifications saying in 1991, he went to Morgenster Teachers’ College for a teacher-training course, went to the University of Zimbabwe to read for a Bachelor of Arts, 1986, he enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe to study for a BSc honours in Sociology.

He said in 1989, he read for a Master of Philosophy and later enrolled for a Doctor of Literature and Philosophy, although he did not mention which institutions he studied with.

UZ vice-chancellor was arrested last week over the same issue.

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  1. “going to read” is not attainment. The question will still remain, did he attain after”reading?”. Some go to study and attain.

  2. Mararike was once ZBC company secretary. With what qualifications?

    1. ZANU PF Membership Card!!!!!

  3. This Mararike is really bad news!

  4. muchadura, saka akadzidza pa UZ NDIYANI?????????????? pamwe nyagura is not a professor chokonyonyo.

  5. lecturer wese pa UZ under probe zvipere. gore rino ZACC sa kumunda.

  6. Let the ZACC probe continue…the nation needs to get to the root of the problems at this once-great University.

  7. Whoever got in contact with Grace was soiled.

  8. We had a constitutional professor who made a big political arse of himself running some silly National Constitutional Assembly.
    We had a professor who made a political arse of himself a few months back.
    As we speak, we have two professors who are busy make arses of themselves in the ministries of Primary and Secondary Education and Higher Education.
    Now elsewhere we have a legal professor who kept mum over Tsvangirai’s fraudulent aquisition of a fake Doctorate from some obscure Sun Moon University, and now chooses to conveniently vukura about Grace Mugabe’s PhD.
    The media must stop addressing people by their academic titles. Academic titles are only relevant in colleges and universities only. The media must drop all this Advocate Chamisa, Dr Gucci, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Prophet Magaya, Prophetess Makandiwa, Engineer Mzembi nonsense.
    The ‘Doctor’ title must be legally protected and reserved for our registered Medical Practitioners and registered Traditional Medical Practitioners.

  9. hey man ,, this is rubbish, mararike is an expert in terms of human factor approach studies, a, ubuntu etc so zvamave kutaura about his qualifications is rubbish and it doesnt hold water in terms of arguements

  10. @dombodema, having some with fraudulent qualifications doesnt mean others do not have credible qualifications if u want mararike’s qualifications contact UNISA, aripo and even brother google can help you out

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