Ex-AirZim CEO sues for $42 000 terminal benefits

FORMER Air Zimbabwe chief executive officer Ripton Muzenda has taken the national carrier to court demanding over $42 801 in terminal benefits, four months after termination of his contract on allegations of misconduct.


Muzenda left the national airline in October last year, leading to the signing of a deed of settlement between the parties. In his court application, Muzenda accused the airline of defying the settlement.

Part of the deed of settlement signed on October 20, 2017 read: “Whereas the employee (Muzenda) has at all material times been employed by the employer (AirZim) as the chief executive officer; and whereas certain serious misconduct charges were raised by employer against the employee leading to the employee’s suspension without pay and benefits with effect from October 6, 2017; and whereas the parties have agreed to enter into a mutual termination of the employee’s contract of employment with the effective date of such termination being October 2017.”

Muzenda claimed he earned a gross salary of $9 178 before he entered into a written mutual termination of contract agreement on October 20 last year.

“In terms of clause 2 of the agreement, the statutory terminal package payable to the plaintiff was one-and-a-half month’s salary, three months’ salary in lieu of outstanding leave days and pro-rated October 2017 salary and benefits up to October 6, 2017,” Muzenda said in his declaration.

“The defendant, therefore, owes the plaintiff the total sum of $42 801, being total amount after adding $13 767, $27 534 and
$1 500.

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“The defendant failed to honour its obligation to pay the terminal package set out above. The defendant is, therefore, indebted to the plaintiff in respect of the same.”

He added: “Despite demand and the plaintiff acknowledging indebtedness in its correspondence with the plaintiff, defendant has failed, refused and or neglected to pay the sum of $42 801.”

The summons were issued on February 12, 2017 and Air Zimbabwe is yet to enter its appearance to defend.

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  1. Uhhhh you want benefits when you helped to run the company to the ground. No no no….

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