Chipinge man jailed for killing nephew over sadza

A 35-YEAR-OLD Chipinge man will rue the day he struck his nephew on the head with a piece of firewood to death over sadza, as he will spend the next three years behind bars.


High Court judge, Justice Joseph Musakwa made the ruling in Mutare on Friday against Trymore Mlambo from Zamuchiya village under Chief Garahwa in Chipinge, who was facing culpable homicide charges.

Musakwa sentenced Mlambo to four years imprisonment, with one year suspended on condition that the convict will not commit a similar offence in five years.

It is the State’s case that on December 25, 2016, the deceased, Phenias Mangende Gwenzi, also from the same village, had consumed copious amounts of an unknown brand of alcohol.

Mlambo and the Gwenzi had a fall out over sadza at the deceased’s home, the deceased then struck the accused with a piece of firewood on the head.

Subsequently, Mlambo disarmed Gwenzi and used the same piece of the firewood to assault the deceased.

Owing to his drunken state, the convict assaulted the deceased indiscrimately and several blows landed on Gwenzi’s head.

Gwenzi sustained head injuries and Mlambo, sensing danger fled from the scene.

Gwenzi died before receiving medical assistance and a post-mortem concluded that the death was due to severe head injuries, with possible basal skull fracture caused by the assault.


  1. The Second Coming

    Ok haa ndangandashaya kuti 3 years only?

  2. Zamchiya is under Chief Musikavanhu

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