Chigumba appointment at Zec raise questions

Justice Priscilla Chigumba will reportedly be sworn in as the head of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) today, a good development for the elections management body, but a worrying sign in the fight against corruption.

While Chigumba has not been found guilty or charged with any impropriety, there have been allegations made against her, which Chief Justice Luke Malaba at one point described as “a matter of great concern”.

Chigumba was accused of approaching one of the parties in a case she was presiding over — through a third party —and demanding a bribe of $20 000.

The allegations were raised by the late former Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku when Chigumba attended interviews for elevation to the Supreme Court.

Chidyausiku took the allegations seriously to a point where he wanted to consult former President Robert Mugabe on the setting-up of a commission to investigate Chigumba’s conduct.

In her defence, Chigumba accused the person, who had raised the allegations, of being unstable and telling lies, but Chidyausiku said the claims had a ring of truth warranting an investigation.

Chidyausiku said a “judge had to be beyond reproach” and this is what we expect from the head of Zec.

There is a heightened interest in this year’s elections and the direction the country takes after polls is determinant on whether they are free, fair and credible.

Zimbabwe has for long been considered a pariah State and the only way the country can shed this tag is if it able to hold polls that meet certain thresholds and there is need for the person running elections to be beyond reproach.

As we have pointed out, Chigumba has not been found guilty and neither has she been tried, but the very fact that there are such allegations hanging above her head should have been enough to exercise caution before appointing her to such a lofty position.

There was no harm in first setting up an inquiry, clearing her name and then appointing her to the Zec position.

Her appointment calls into question President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption drive, as there are enough red flags to stop Chigumba’s appointment.

Zec needs a person of integrity, who has not been tainted or implicated in corruption scandals, so that whoever loses elections cannot turn back and accuse the electoral management body’s head of chicanery.

Chigumba assumes a very important role at a critical point in our country’s history and how she manages it could shape the nation’s destiny, and this will intensify scrutiny into her past conduct.


  1. Svakanyanya kunaka hatisvidi apa. Svinozoita kuti tingoti ‘yes’ nezvatisingadi tichisvinyengerera kuti tiwane lumo. Such jobs need absolutely ugly ones like the former. Ndasvida hangu svimwana isvi kuti svizondibikira svabva kubasa. I will be great. Kkkkkkk.

  2. Sure,akanaka mwana uyu asi nyaya yaJohn Kanokanga inoda kuongororwa . Is she still single and/or available??

  3. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Yaaaa! Zvinoreva here kuti Justice anosungirwa kuva munhu akachena, uye kuchena seMAZAYA echando? Zvoreva kuti vazhinji vavo ndozvavari?

  4. Like i have said before all these anti corruption rhetorics by the state president are nothing but just empty words that can be said by any dictator in any part of the world.It boggles the mind why people get carried away by just “words” that are not in tandem with action.The very day he appointed Obert “Obedient son” Mpofu as minister of home affairs is the very day he gave himself away as someone who cannot walk his talk.Just like Priscilla Chigumba,Obert was never charged with any corrupt activity but he was fingered in some corrupt activities which included illegal diamond and land dealings.That alone was enough for a serious president not to include such soiled names in the government let alone in the cabinet.Did people really expected Ngwena to say to the world”I am taking over from where Bob left,i will make sure that the elections will be rigged and you will never access your money from the banks,excetra?He speaks what the gullible would want to hear and the gullible will fall hook ,line and sinker.Are there no other judges with untainted images?If anything ,Ngwena is actually fueling corruption because all those that were sitting on the fence are bound to think that corruption pays.I could go on and on but let me rest my case before i get too emotional.

  5. No one should be surprised what the by the capabilities of the “crocodile”. He obviously is setting his field ready for his own kind of elections, you are all going to want “R.G” back in his sit. This one is not the very brilliant “R.G” who managed to contain the whole of Zimbabwe and the world with his tricks and chicanery, yes “R.G” was very smart. He was only cheated by the “Grace” just like you all know what that she tried to achieve.

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