Bande, Zhakata join forces

Gospel musician Trymore Bande is set to release a single called Taurai Nesu featuring celebrated musician, Leonard Karikoga Zhakata, by the end of this month.


Bande told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the production of the single was already in progress.

Bande, who is currently enjoying success with his current album, Praise and Testimony in Songs, which carries the plug track — Mashoko Evanhu — said his partnership with Zhakata has great potential to give a cutting edge to his music career.

“The reason why I did a collaboration with Zhakata is because he inspired me. I remember when I sang Maruva Enyika and my wish was to sing with him one day and be heard on radio,” Bande said.

“This year I called him about the song and he said let us do it.”

The gifted gospel artiste, who has dominated the airwaves of late, said the single was about God communicates with people in various ways.

“God talks to us in different ways. God can talk to you in dreams or through somebody, so it is good to listen when God talks,” hee said.

“So when we say Taurai Nesu (Talk to us), we are saying we are ready to hear God and we are prepared to do whatever he tells us to do.”

Bande described Zhakata as a “humble person” with amazing composing abilities and he was happy to have his touch on the forthcoming track.

Zhakata has won the hearts of several gospel artistes, featuring on Togarepi Chivaviro’s chart-topping song, Maranatha and Sehlapi Mutombeni’s Noma Ukholwa.

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