Zanu PF members call for Mohadi’s wife’s ouster

ZANU PF members in Matabeleland South will today celebrate Vice-President Kembo Mohadi’s ascension to the Presidium, as youths in the province bay for his estranged wife’s ouster from the party.


Beitbridge police on Wednesday barred youths from demonstrating against Senator Tambudzani Mohadi and provincial chairperson Rabelani Choeni.

The two are accused of being aligned to the G40 faction led by former President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace.

The youths have, according to Zanu PF sources, the backing of the war veterans who view Choeni and Tambudzani as divisive and tribal.

“Choeni has been rude to civil servants from other parts of the country and has often asked why they came to Matabeleland South,” the source claimed.

Tambudzani, together with Choeni, provoked Swereki villagers when they invaded George Watson’s banana farm, the largest employer for the community.

The officer commanding Beitbridge police district Chief Superintendent Francis Phiri said: “There was a meeting of the youths, but I am yet to be briefed about the demonstration that was stopped.”

Matabeleland South Zanu PF youth chairperson Washington Nkomo confirmed a meeting was held in Beitbridge, but did not shed light on the proceedings.

Choeni was hostile to the reporter while Senator Mohadi could not be reached.

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  1. Her crime must be wanting to divorce Mohadi.

  2. Her crime must be wanting to divorce Mohadi.

  3. CDE Rabelani was almost fired by G40 for being Lacoste. Now Lacoste wants to fire him for being G40. Very funny.


  5. This is a replay of the Chombo and Miriam debacle, why does Politicians have a strong appetite for divorce, it boggles my mind and i would not encourage any connection of mine to be a career politician as the next thing which is sure like the rise of the sun is that we will read about his/her seperation in papers.

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Provoked Swereki villagers who invaded George Watson’s banana farm, the largest employer of the community???? Kutsiura handi kutuka. Vanhu
    ngatizive musiyano. Zvoreva kuti mutsigiri weZanu PF hafanire kutsiura mutsigiri weMDC-T/MDC-A. WeZanu PF hafanirwe kutsiurwa nemutsigiri weMDC-T/MDC-A. Zvino mudzimba baba Zanu PF vana MDC-T/MDC-A. Amufanirwe kutsiurana. Chimbo, Nzira dzemasoja. Musaita zvinoputsa nzvimbo yenyu. Chokwadi mukore uno muchikungoda zvemuhara.

  7. Mai Mohadi is doing a great job by making sure locals get jobs first bcoz it is unfair to have people from far provinces grab jobs for the locals .And for that reason she is hated heeish zanu yawora mhani

  8. I believe at one time the church gave some cattle to be distributed amongst the villagers.
    Mrs. Mohadi ended up with those cattle.

  9. Madhara acho zvipari ndizvo zvinovanetsa.

  10. Be careful Tiger when you post a comment you may get yourself in trouble about an issue that you may not know much about.What if she produces evidence that those cattle did go to the community?

  11. Be careful Tiger when you post a comment on an issue which you know very little about. What if she produces evidence of distribution to communities?

  12. Best view you can finde , in this side of world!

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