Zanu PF bars party regalia at First Lady’s visit

THE Zanu PF Midlands provincial youth leadership has barred ruling party members from wearing party regalia during First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa’s meeting in Gweru tomorrow.

BY Stephen Chadenga

The party’s provincial youth commissar, Simbarashe Mutukwa, said the meeting was open to all political parties, hence, the move to discourage wearing of party regalia.

“When the First Lady comes to Mkoba Stadium on Wednesday, we do not expect party members to put on their regalia,” he said.
“This event is open to all political parties and churches, and every Zimbabwean should be afforded the opportunity to meet the First Lady.”

Auxillia is expected to make donations to children’s homes in the Midlands capital before addressing Gweru residents at Mkoba Stadium.


  1. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    What is the source of funds for these donations , it is always good to accept a donation where one knows is from a clean account of money , this is an open question to those who speak on behalf of the First lady.

  2. Mhama chimbomirai marally makuda kuenda kwakaenda Gire.It all starts good but ends up in the wrong direcction . MaFirst lady shouldnt be so visible on the media like this for whatsoever reason. if you are doing it for charity you can do it without calling for a gathering. The bible says what the right hand gives , the left should not know. If all you are doing is for the name of God to be glorified .

  3. source yemafunds enyu ndeipi?anti corruption pliz investgate

  4. ooooh oooh Zvatotanga sooo…chatosimuka chitima chacho dzatobata mhepo dziya

  5. Dear 1st lady i am sincerely applying for a job, as your make up artist.
    Whoever is doing that for you right now inyoka hayo and i believe i will do a better job.

    Thank you mama!

  6. takakuudzai kut munangagwa namugabe vanhu vamwe dont be surprised nezvakuitwa naAuxillia kkkkk

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