Wutawunashe seeks media blackout in divorce case

FAMILY of God Church (FOG) founder, Andrew Wutawunashe has approached the High Court seeking to bar journalists from covering proceedings in his divorce case set for January 29.


Wutawunashe is embroiled in a messy divorce with his wife, Rutendo, over allegations of infidelity.

In his urgent chamber application filed on Tuesday, the cleric said efforts to engage his partner in the same application had failed.

“I have even suffered character assassination through an online media house, under the headline Pastor has sex with a Satanist for 11 years: My hubby preacher has been seduced by a Satanist,” he said.

“Such not only portrays me as an adulterer, but even so a devil worshiper as I have been accused of bedding a Satanist.

“This has serious consequences on my profession, as I am a revered clergyman, who not only leads churches from all over the world, but also conducts religious business on instruction by the government of Zimbabwe.

“My image and that of the respondent (Rutendo) too, is, therefore, at serious stake and I will suffer prejudice should my right to privacy in hearing of this matrimonial case not be upheld in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and in terms of the rules of this honourable court.”

Wutawunashe said the relationship between himself and his wife “has broken down to such an extent that there is no possibility of reconciliation. More particularly, we lost all love and affection for each other and last had an intimate relationship in 2005”.

“After publication of such privy information, my lawyer has attempted to seek the origin of the slander, but no party has accepted responsibility for the publication of articles, whereas the matter is still sub judice.

“As a result, it has become a source of distress that the divorce has come into the public arena,” the cleric said.

“If the case is held in camera, the Press will not have the right to remain, thus, protecting the right to privacy of both parties involved, as well as the dignity of the church members associated with the figures ought to enjoy.

“The church has already split and another church called Family Covenant Church has been formed by former members of FOG at the emergence of the slanderous statements, thus, there is no telling what further publications will do.”

The two got married in Harare in 2000.

Wutawunashe, who has six children with Rutendo, is also fighting with her over how to share the church property.

Wutawunashe argues that church property is not part of the matrimonial assets and remains the exclusive property of a universitas, an assertion which his wife has disputed as false.

The clergyman also proposed that upon the granting of the decree of divorce, he must be awarded house number 89 Cheltenham Drive Park, Ruwa, and that Rutendo retains number 42 Stratford Drive, Greystone Park in Harare and 2663 Tettenhall Flat also in Harare.

He also suggested that stand number 1319 along Fife Avenue in Harare be awarded to Rutendo, so that she uses it as a surgery to generate income, since she is a registered medical practitioner.

Wutawunashe also argued that Rutendo does not require post-divorce maintenance.

However, Rutendo insists she wants the church property to be included in the sharing of their matrimonial property, a demand Wutawunashe has vehemently contested.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.


  1. even if journalists don’t come, other people will come and then share the stories with journalists. what lesson does it give congregants when the leader who preaches against divorce acts against what he teaches.if you did not do anything bad why worry about the media. God will vindicate the innocent.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaah This man, they got married in year 2000 and last had an intimate relationship in year 2005 yet they have 6 children together, so its either he has been raping her from after year 2005 to make babies or the ma of God akaitisa vana mukadzi uyu before they got married, cz really i 5 years vana 6>>>>>>

    1. they had been married for decades. there always have been rumours about promiscuity, but some women use locking juju.

  3. Ko Rainbow Hall inotorwa nani?

  4. Sigodo phenduka

    It must be in the public arena. We are tired of these fake, money guzling pastors. Yeeee

  5. This Fake Prophet like many making millions it should be made public there must be something he is hiding Goodness Gracious he will not hide it from the one and only almighty after abusing his name and making money out of it

  6. Alipejo Million.

    Pakaipa. Murume uyu should face the music. Aifara paaiwana mablessings aMwari achifamba mugwara. Now kana Mwari Vamufuratira nokuita kwakaipa, ngaasangane nazvo zvinouya zvose. Otendeuka futi asazorambe achitenderera. Nyaya iyi angadai akaipedza kare dai akatedzera zvinoreva shoko raMwari. Varume vepasi rino dai tasiya zvokuti tikaita mari kunyangwe nenzira ipi totsvaka tukadzi tudiki tichisiya uyo akararama nesu munhamo nemumatambudziko . Torega zvekuita Church se money making bussness. Asi toshandira kuunza ruponeso kunyika. Nyaya yekurambana uku kwapastor nemudzimai Rutendo yatora nguva yakareba pane varikutodya nayo . Ngaipedzwe nokuti irikutoparadza vamwe pamweya. Pliz vanotonga do something.

  7. trials n tribulation

    To those who lie to themselves that the church belongs to God, hewo mafaira akuvhurwa na “Giresi”.

  8. Yes. Why don’t reporters protect him like they are protecting Magaya. This is a divorce case which gets widespread coverage but a RAPE CASE is never covered. We only see documents on whattsapp? This khaki envelope journalism has to stop! The nation deserves to know. Why are you protecting Magaya?

  9. Haaite uye takatombomuona kuLivingstone mucruise on the Zambezi ane babe and this was 2003. We greeted him and was very surprised. The cruise tormented him and I guess he didn’t enjoy it nokuti anga azikanwa.kkk Sungirai imbwa dzenyu

  10. Comment…Man of God/gold????? Which is which???He is high profile let him roast in the public domain.

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