War vets call for Chinotimba expulsion

War veterans in Buhera have called for the expulsion of Zanu PF’s Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (pictured), accusing him of exhibiting some G40 cabal “divisive” traits.


The war veterans alleged that the outspoken Chinotimba had not repented despite him known as a G40 cabal activist.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) Manicaland chairman Gift Kagweda, who is also the ruling party’s provincial political commissar, yesterday confirmed receiving a complaint letter from Buhera war veterans raising concerns over Chinotimba’s conduct.

Kagweda said they would soon investigate the allegations raised against Chinotimba.

“We have received the letter, but we can’t take action without investigating, we are investigating the allegations,’’ he said.
In the letter, signed by Buhera district war veterans chairman Nelson Mahamba, Chinotimba is accused of labelling all executive members of the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led ZNLWVA as “bogus’’.

The group alleges that Chinotimba once collected money from villagers in preparation for a rally that was addressed by Grace Mugabe at Mutiusinazita, but he allegedly diverted it to his personal use.

Contacted for comment, Chinotimba hits back at Mahamba, describing him as a “fool’’.

“I am a member of central committee and do you think I can be fired in Zanu PF? Do you think you can fire the best Member of Parliament in Zanu PF?” Chinotimba retorted.

He added: “We have some war veterans who are being used for money and in the end lie. Yes, I supported Zanu PF and Cde (Robert) Mugabe just like any other person including the current President.

“But it is a lie that I was a member of G40. They are trying to tarnish my image, but I am sorry, it is not going to work.
“I am a principled man, how can I support dead things like G40? I never benefited anything from G40 because it was a dead project.”

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  1. We all remember Grace Mugabe offering Chinoz the war vets top job after jabulani Sibanda was fired, there’s no greater G40 cabal link than that

  2. all we know is that Chinoz is a lunatic nothing more nothing less

  3. Comment…We all remember Oppah standing down from her post as secretary for women in favour of Gire and defending the bogus PHD

  4. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Munongovenga Chinoz mahara imi.Ndiye MP one ane ma-results arikuoneka. Zvenyu zvekuti G40 what what manyepo. Mune-jealous imi. Tibvirei kumhepo


  5. mukadzinga Chinoz mauraya bhora. mauraya musangano. he is one politician who brings smiles to all Zimbabweans.

  6. Ndapota musadzinga Comradie Chinoz, fungai zvimwe

  7. He must clear his name, especially on the theft allegations. He is very stupid to think that where RGM himself was fired, he can’t.

  8. Kkkkkk vashaya zvekutaura. Chinoz the politician liked across the political and social divide. He jokes with everyone.

    1. Actually it is not true that he is loved across the political divide. he murdered Talent Chiminya and Nabanyama in Zaka. Still in Zaka he tied an MDCT activist to a moving vehicle and dragged him for more than 2 kilometers and the guy died. He locked two MDCT supports in a car and torched it. One of the victims died from burns sustained and the other carries scary scars to this day. He shot a woman in Glen Norah. He invaded Chief Justice Gubbay’s chambers. He is an idiot

      1. Come on man, Chinoz is liked across or rather people have developed a soft spot for him much as we know the shortcomings of almost all people in government regarding human abuses. He is the devil you can smile to maybe put it that way and if we have to punish people for crimes of politics we might just sentence RGM to death bcz he was the President then him in turn will point out at how the white people used to do worse to people just for fun yet he chose to forgive those whites upon independence, so so bro forgiveness helps ,esp issues to do with political ethnic violence. But when it comes to thievery ngavabatwe

        1. ‘esp issues to do with political ethnic violence.’-my foot! what are you trying to defend? you seem to insinuate that sins committed through ethnic profiling are forgivable-leading me to conclude that you belong to the perpetrator ethnic group. look i am already profiling you out of anger. given the circumstances, do you think you are in the position of forgiving me for what i have just said. be honest.

  9. Siyanai naChinoz. Only Grace, Jonathan, Zhuwao and Saviour deserve punishment. Vamwe vese vana Mzembi, Sandi, Mahoka, Makhosini,etc inhiyo. Stadiums used to be filled to the brim wani with people following Grace everywhere. ED said no retribution.

  10. Chinoz is the only MP who does his work of course in politics no one is smart. Mahamba is fighting Chinoz becoz as he said all MPs supported Marujuta except Joyce and Jabulani. Mahamba think of bring sanity in the party not to tarnish the true cadres. Lets go for election Chinoz has won his seat.

  11. hapana kana nyaya apa. matanga chizanu chisina kana nebasa rose regai vanoshanda vashande

  12. Chinoz was G40. Zviri pachena izvo. He is a murderer, a crook and a lunatic who is not ashamed to change suides any time for his selfish gains. He shot that woman in Glen Norah and killed many in Zaka. iduzvi.

  13. i personally don’t support ZANU but i have a soft spot for King Chinoz,like Cde Muzenda Chinoz speaks his mind and i like him for that.please leave Chinotimba alone.

  14. mwari ndewemunhu wese

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