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Stand up: You won’t be down forever!

Opinion & Analysis
Anyone whoever achieved anything great in this challenging life, has tons of bad stories to tell.

Anyone whoever achieved anything great in this challenging life, has tons of bad stories to tell.


He has the true capability to narrate those negatives from morning till day end.

It is so because this life is a composition of the good and the bad. It just has the things that can make you smile and things that can make cry. All these are wrapped in a package called your life.

So don’t murmur. Believe that things will one day change. And for sure it will be so.

Remember, you can’t be a victor without being a victim in one way or another. Being a victim of certain life circumstances is a sure sign that one day you will be a victorious victor.

Though you can be temporarily down today, but you can’t be down forever. Being down doesn’t mean you are out. One day you will rise and fight for the top honours because that’s what you were meant for.

Be a soldier

Soldiers can’t go to war and come back without scars. They can’t come back without casualties, because those are the true signs of real fighters.

They will always have them because it’s a sign that they were in the battle. You will always have them. This shows that you are an active actor of this game of life.

There is an inspiring story that we pick from the Bible. This is a story about a man who lived in the land of Uz. This is none other than the gallant warrior of faith, Job. He fought his and won at the end.

Always don’t forget that, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The man was perfect and upright, one who feared God and eschewed evil. He was very rich. With a big family of seven sons and three daughters.

One day, evil struck him. As it sometimes do.

He lost his wealth and all the children. Bad messages were coming to Job one after another.

Job’s catastrophes

The first narrated how the oxen and asses were taken by the Serbians. The Serbians did not only take his possessions, but also slayed his servants. As Job was giving ear to this, another servant came in.

The second one came and explained how fire fell from heaven and burnt his sheep, servants and consumed everything.

The Bible [Job 1:17] goes further to say: “While he was yet speaking, there came also another and said the Chaldeans made out three bands and fell upon the camels and carried them away, yea, and slew the servants with the edge of the sword and only I am escaped to thee.”

It is further said while he was yet speaking, another came who explained how his children had been killed by a “great wind from the wilderness”.

Here is a man who was supposed to surrender. He was the man who was supposed to give up, turn his back and call it quits.

Not a man like the great Job.

He soldiered on, and remained totally composed. He knew life may be difficult. For that’s what it is supposed to be.

Life may take you to the deep end of catastrophe in the evening. However, in the following morning, wake up accepting the new mercies of the day.

No matter, what comes and goes, decide to live your life by design not default. Be a hustler. Engage the accelerating mode.

Stay hungry. Be challenged by challenges. Life usually has a way to knock you down, but you are also made to stand up and withstand the pressure.

Your personal happiness is just in your control. It’s not auto-piloted by foreign forces. Be blessed. It can be done.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or his email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com