Pressure groups sue Mugabe, Mnangagwa over Gukurahundi report

BULAWAYO pressure groups have sued former President Robert Mugabe, incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice-President Kembo Mohadi and British Premier Theresa May demanding release of the findings of the Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry on the Gukurahundi massacres.


Represented by Mathonsi Law Chambers’ Dumisani Dube, Ibhetshu LikaZulu secretary-general Mbuso Fuzwayo, Dumisani Mpofu of Masakhaneni Trust and Charles Thomas, a victim of Gukurahundi, yesterday filed an application at the Bulawayo High Court seeking the release of the findings.

They cited Mugabe as first respondent, and Mnangagwa, Mohadi and May as second to fourth respondents, respectively. In his founding affidavit, Fuzwayo listed Mugabe as the chief architect who ordered the ethnic cleansing of the Ndebele tribe when he was Prime Minister between 1980 and 1987 and was the one to whom the Fifth Brigade directly reported during the killings.

Mnangagwa is cited as the current President of the country, while Mohadi is cited as the VP responsible for Healing and Reconciliation. May is cited as the head of the British government which was the guarantor of the Lancaster House Agreement and was directly in charge of the demobilisation process of ex-fighters between 1979 and 1985, the period in which Gukurahundi occurred.

“This is a constitutional application to compel the respondents jointly and severally to release the official findings of the Zimbabwe Commission of Inquiry into the Matabeleland disturbances, also known as Chief Justice Dumbutshena and Justice (Simplisius) Chihambakwe Commissions respectively, and/or alternatively first and second respondents to set up a public inquiry (Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the Gukurahundi genocide) and ensure post-conflict justice, healing, reconciliation and reparation amongst other measures,” Fuzwayo submitted.

“In 1981, the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) opposed Mugabe’s Zimbabwe National Liberation Army (Zanla) and violence broke out in areas surrounding guerilla camps throughout, particularly Entumbane. Politically-motivated violence in Entumbane during 1981 was followed by killings in Matabeleland, a western region in Zimbabwe inhabited by Ndebele, Xhosa, Venda, Kalanga, Sotho and Nambya people, among other minority tribes who were opposed to Mugabe’s rule.”

Fuzwayo said the government responded with a series of military campaigns in which thousands of civilians were raped, butchered, tortured and lost their property.

He said the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Confederation and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace spoke to Mugabe and provided documented evidence on the killings and as a result a curfew was ceased on April 5, 1983 and the Fifth Brigade was withdrawn from Matabeleland.

“After widespread international condemnation and domestic criticism, first respondent set up a commission of inquiry headed by an international jurist and then Chief Justice Enock Dumbutshena (now late) to investigate the killings and other atrocities,” Fuzwayo submitted.

He said findings made by the inquiry team did not please Mugabe, leading him to dissolve the commission. He said in September 1983, Mugabe set up a four-member commission chaired by Zimbabwe High Court judge Justice Chihambakwe to further investigate and it compiled a report on the atrocities through recording of statements from victims and witnesses.

The inquiry team presented the report to Mugabe, who did not make it public. Fuzwayo prayed for an order compelling the respondents to release the report.

Mpofu and Thomas in their affidavits concurred with Fuzwayo and prayed for the release of the report demanding that the government should set up another commission of inquiry on the killings for healing to take place.
The respondents are yet to respond to the application.

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  1. Mr Chihambakwe is a Senior lawyer but has never been a judge. It is grossly erroneous to refer to him as Justice Chihambakwe.

  2. This is very silly by these pressure groups why not form companies and employ Zimbos let bygones be bygones those responsible will compensate if there have the spirit to do so but these fellows of these misguided groups must focus on improving their life style as no matter how there cry that situation is unchangeable.

    1. Nyatsimba Mutota

      Eliasha you are an idiot. companies must be formed but we need to solve gukurahundi issue. Munhu haangourawi kunge chikwari

      1. You are totally lost and living in a fantasy world, if you think that by making noise about Gukurahundi you will benefit either financially or otherwise, the days are long gone when we used to dream that ‘munhu harove’ these days anything is goes and if you try to live a life of ruing about the past you will be left in the past. This Gukurahunda crap is being paddled by poeple trying to remain relevant or trying to eke some few bucks for their pockets and its no different from those who would want to cry foul about the thousands of people massacred by the Rhodesian forces. Bringing up this topic time and again will not change an iota of a thing and to those still stuck with Gukurahunda madness period, i am sorry you will die sympathising with that historical topic whilst others are making inroads with their life.

        1. elisha you are right. Shonas were murdered by ndebele ZIPRAs. ZIPRA were secrtely told by Nkomo not to surrender their weapons. they used the weapons to kill Shonas everywhere in Bulawayo. Ndebele civilians were safe and they would hide information about their whereabouts. The security agents couldnt get to the culprits because the civilians werent telling the truth.

      2. But who are you to solve Gukurahundi the governemnt has moved on and if you are not careful you will die ruing about the past and your kids will blame you for having focused on wrong things more so the departed without being forward looking and making your life and and that of your family pleasurable.

        1. You are very very stupid elisha.

          1. Are you one of those who thought you could make a quick buck by supporting this dying topic, too bad nobody is going to pay anybody, these gvt guys are busy looking for funds to jump start the economy nothing more nothing less.


    3. There is nothing silly about demanding the release of the inquiry report. What are they hiding. Let the truth come out. Eliasha what are you afraid of, were you involved in these massacres?

    4. They simply want to identify and bury their relatives and of course know why they (not their neighbours) were killed.

    5. Try to think first before making an absolute idiot of yourself….avoid the “what comes up comes out” syndrome.

  3. If none of you relatives suffered or was killed by the gukurahundi you cannot understand the pain. Please eliasha do not trivialise human life.

    1. Many of our relatives perished but get the real cause of Gukurahundi. It was caused by tribal issues and a civil war broke out. Matebeleland had become a no go area for the Shonas to the extend of ripping open pregnant women’s wombs butchering both. Don’t open up healing wounds because at the end of it more pain is afflicted. Someone is trying to benefit selfishly out of this. Let bygones be bygones. Can we move on?

  4. chihombe madhara

    all is fair in war and love.


  6. If I may ask ,what really is supposed to happen, I do not see Mugabe being called by International Court ,he is no longer President yet there is no arrest to his effect. People died they were butchered yes but this was a very dark period in our time where even the minority ndebeles i believe retaliated and a few shonas suffered. I grew up fearing Ndebeles they were violent towards myself and it was easy for them to pick out a knife and stab till i realised its not all Ndebeles like that. Most are peace loving people some have come to be good friends. Mugabe did not lift machete it was overzealous people . Gukurahundi needs closure yes but lest we open a can of worms and end up worse than before.

  7. I support u Eliasha

  8. Comment…we read in history that theNdebele pple used to raid the shona pple of their beautful women and grain and take them to matebeleland. Was blood not spilt during the raids as well? Iam yet to hear of a shona requesting or demanding their women and grain. huyai navakadzi vedu vamakatora tokupai report yenyu iri pasoft copy

  9. Why not suport him bcoz your fathers were gukuahundis and they had been lying about it to you

  10. Elisha of course knows nothing about gukurahundi and must not talk about things he does not know from his hallucination it tells us he was still in his father a gukurahundi half of him in his mother chimbwiido when 20 000 pple were killed by Mnangagwa and Mugabe .But what we know the sigebengazi will not be prosecuted bcoz they are still in power . When we have a new civilian govt they can be brought to courts where they can face the music

  11. @Mhazi please do not be a fool the Ndebeles never used AKs to attack your forefathers both tribal groups had same african weapons while gukurahundi was just shooting unarmed pple .Remember during that time they was no rule of law and we can not talk about that bcoz not Shonas only were raided by Ndebeles and it was how pple survived during that time .

  12. Comment…Dave l understand your concern however it does not warrant u to call me a fool. Accept that both parties have wronged each other in more ways than one.The Aks were used by both parties during gukurahundi until one part could no longer pull a trigger anymore. Dave no one has a scale to measure how one used the weapons under their disposal from the time of the Shona-Ndebele war to the Gukurahundi era. The weapons used during either of the encounters were the most lethal available during that time.Noone should judge whether one case caries more gravity than the other. We wronged each other equally “wrong”.Period.

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  14. Comment…elisha is so stupid so u think our reletives will juss disapper like cockrochies while yr reletives enjoying life these pple must be arrested for their sins

    1. i cannot totally condemn the Eliasha. the problem is that many people died from the Shona tribe prior to the Gukurahundi massacres. As usual Shona people being killed is not a problem for any tribe. only the Ndebeles get retribution when one of them is killed. small shona kids were maimed by ZIPRAs who refused to hand over the guns after the war. they killed plenty of unarmed Shona speaking people.The disdents were protected by their own ndebeles who gave false information of their whereabouts. Ndebeles were told to stop by Gvt and even Britain. several warnings were registered to them and couldn’t listen. Rex Nhongo warned them and Nkomo deceived his people. Rex Nhongo mobilized the machinery and ended that terror in on Shona people from ndebeles once and for all. teach your kids proper history about how it started than just shouting nonsense.

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