President to make hard decisions to restore Zim glory

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that he has discarded populist politics, but will make hard decisions to restore Zimbabwe’s lost economic glory.


Mnangagwa said he had no option, but to make tough decisions to better the country’s fortunes.

The President was speaking during a meeting with Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) chairman Trevor Ncube, board member Nyasha Zhou and senior management at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday.

“As a leader, you don’t have to take the nation where they want to go, but to where they ought to go. If you want to remain in power, you will do what people want even if it’s not good (for the country). But if you want to leave a legacy, then you have to make tough and hard decisions which will change their lives,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who has been preaching unity, love and forgiveness since he assumed office in November last year, said he wanted to build a Zimbabwe where everyone’s views mattered to enable the citizenry to dialogue with each other for national development.

He said his government was prepared to work with opposition political parties, independent media, people in the Diaspora and investors outside the country to build a nation that prides in peace and unity on national issues. Ads

“I was leader of the House (National Assembly) for a long time and I encouraged the opposition to express themselves so that we can learn the mistakes that we will be making, thus enabling us to correct those mistakes. The independent Press should also do its work. It will be a sad day for democracy and the country if everyone was singing the same song,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who received a lot of flak from the independent media and State media in the run-up to his sacking from government by former President Robert Mugabe, said he would not pursue a “vindictive agenda in the spirit of nation building”.

“Some of the way you slaughtered me in the newspapers, it is inconceivable that I would be sitting with you right now. I don’t live in the past. I live for now and tomorrow, so let bygones be bygones. Let’s work together to better our nation,” he said.

Ncube said his publications — NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard — would remain independent, so as to play their effective watchdog role and they should not be perceived as enemies of the State.

“We will not always agree on everything with the government, but when we criticise or point out mistakes, we do so as patriotic citizens who love their country dearly. At AMH, we consider ourselves as partners with the government in the development of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We are human and so we will make mistakes. But where these are drawn to our attention, it’s our duty to correct our mistakes.”
Managing director Kennias Mafukidze said AMH was willing to partner government in creating viable platforms for national engagement, investment promotion and supervisory role.

He also urged government to ensure that even independent media houses were incorporated on State visits and important briefings, so that they would report from informed positions.

Mafukidze said the newspaper industry was suffering from a critical shortage of foreign currency, as they made efforts to procure printing consumables like inks and newsprint.


  1. Muchaona Mapera

    Haaaa since coming into office this Mnangangwa has only delivered vehicles to chiefs.All that talk that he goes to the office early and during weekends, was only to close the deal rema Isuzu?

    1. I personally think its too early to critizise the president now.

      1. It is not too late all he has done is walk around the world when the problem is home. He needs to look at ZIMRA who think they are allowed to bully companies, garnishing their accounts willy nilly without even going to courts or checking why the company is in arrears. Sometimes its because of their own mistakes and small companies have to pay for their inefficiency. He needs to look at Company Registration Department why we still have too many people selling shelf companies when it should now be very easy. Why do I need to visit their office instead of online registration? In this day of ICT surely its easy to see a free name one can use and when I enter a used name it denies me. He can attract foreign countries but the moment they see problems in registration or getting tax clearances they will just ship out.

  2. Kkkkk. Like a priest who preaches the gospel he does not follow. He promises free elections but making diasporans unable to vote. Not even inviting sadc, un, au. In parliament nothing is being done to make sure consensus on elections are made. Lets call him mr opposite. Doing everything to imress the army.

    1. Diasporans can vote but they have to travel to zimbabwe, you cant expect him to allow people to vote from countries where he is not allowed to travel to let alone campaign due to sanctions kkkkk

    2. Comment…they should pay taxes.

  3. “As a leader, you don’t have to take the nation where they want to go, but to where they ought to go. If you want to remain in power, you will do what people want even if it’s not good (for the country). But if you want to leave a legacy, then you have to make tough and hard decisions which will change their lives,”…

    Well, I for one don’t buy all of this. I assume the brackets were placed by Newsday, but what if the subject was the “leader” or the “people”? The first sentence fits in with RGM’s MO. It got us into this rut.
    The second sentence was also followed by RGM, leaving us with no currency, 95% unemployment and a national debt that brings shame.
    Regarding the last sentence change can be positive or negative. RGM changed our lives, NOT for the better!!

    1. Comment…too much maths comrade

  4. its work in progress.lets support those in power and progressively criticize for our future.lets fight to build our Zimbabwe people.

  5. But you cannot put military to run the economy. it is now command economy

    1. china is run by ex-soldiers and over 50 mps in Britain are ex-soldiers nothing wrong if they can deliver.

  6. Imagine if the prez had initiated the abolition of AIPPA and POSA, THAT would have been a very practical step. These days I reserve my applause for action, not good words. I find it very fail-safe!!

  7. Talk is cheap. Everyone can afford it, let us see all what we are saying finally happen.

  8. Chatunga Mhere Blantyre

    We need ACTION Mnangagwa! You have been talking nice words,barking loudly and hallucinating for too long.Can we have results for once.Imagine if you had banned the bond note, revive at least Zisco steel or NRZ using the money you used on populist acquisition of chiefs cars or imagine if you had just banned AIPPA or POSA instantly, we could have been seeing you in a better light now. So far you have been successful in talking, on action its ZERO .So far you have shown the world that you are following the footsteps of Mugabe in perpetuating the suffering of Zimbabweans.How can you quickly and smoothly fulfill Mugabe’s car promises to chiefs?I know you admire Deng of China but remember Deng also failed dismally on human rights issues.You seem to me to be serving the Army and the army only.Everyday papers report on so and so from the army now major general,now commodore so so and now chief so so.Spare us this war hogwash!Can’t we have a country that is not pro war, politics,populism and all this liberation struggle nauseating stuff.2018 we are still talking of the 1975 war as if it was yesterday!Lets talk economics,peace,jobs,technology and entertainment etc.More importantly lets have a results based approach to what we say as leaders not just talk talk talk.Masses will begin to see you as a joke!

  9. u can coup the president not the economy

  10. Comment…lets wait and see as he promised ,His 100 days target is going on very well (1) zisco steel company will be operation by end of march (2) claimed to have secured $400 million for Hwange expansion (3) Mashava and zvishavane asbestos mine company to open ,already there is something moving right now (4)Promised peaceful atmosphere in zimbabwe politics right now mthwakazi is campaigning freely for the first time without being harassed or arrested ,(5)No more harassment from police to motorists,(6)Mps received there dues they were owed by government(7)Botswana resumed their train to Zimbabwe(8)South african businessman is in the country for business deals(9)Makamba back home to invest after so many years in exile the list is too big to write here.Lets us give him time to fail himself not us.

    1. Comment…true lets give him a chance. For the first time in many years muzimbabwe this past holiday vanhu vaifamba zvavanoda to wherever they wanted with out being harassed by the police

    2. CONSTITUTION ??????????????

  11. This guy is all bark but no bite.

  12. i think its time zimbos need to support the president in his effort to build the country Jonathan MOYO is a bitter dog he was the one him and kusukuwere who destroyed zim who do u think is going to support you zim army is made up of educated guys who knows what they want Jonathan moyo a political prostitute an educated fool stop talking war you dont know it all you know is cheese baby boy you are just crying for cheese go to mnangagwa ask forgivess he will forgive you and allow you cheese again war is for fools wise people talk ok cheese boy

    1. The guys is running around the world without fixing local problems which are toxic for business environment. The world is telling him to sweep his house but instead he is leaving dirty and going around saying i will clean when you come. Toziva vaenzi vakati tirikuuya tinogadzira pa yard pedu totsvaira mumba vasati vauya ko uyu?

  13. John Bond(fencepost tortoise)

    We dont want to be told to be patient, and this “lets give him chance and time for the economy cannot be turned around overnight” mantra. How many years did it take the GNU to stabilise the economy and achieve notable and tangible economic growth, Six months was just too much, things normalised so fast. We still dont have cash. prices are still too much. What also happened to JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. and why is it now Love Love Love, peace peace peace, and whatever shithole talk that is never walked. We want results not you telling us what you want is to hear.

    1. GNU Never provided a permanent solution to the economy it was a temporary solution which was not going to last long.Which company did they bring into the country or any tangible development they brought into the country ?Quick solutions will never last as things are done haphazardly ,it will take time to fix this mess.

      1. Iwe shops reopened. I remember Edgars and Truworths had only 2 shops operational selling bras and underwear only, OK was open with nothing on shelves so what are you smoking?

    2. GHOST WORKERS ???????????????????????????????

  14. The GNU was hamstrung ,they had no free reign they could not implement the reforms as they wished as Zanu was controlling the main ministries remember the fifty one percent requirement which investor in its actual senses would tolerate that.



  17. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Nyika dzakati wandeyi dzirikutungamirirwa nemauto pasi pano. Botswana, China, US, Cuba, Russia. US vamiriri vayo vazvinji kunedzimwe nyika vaive mauto. Kuzongoti US yaita mutangamiri anongo n’omba vanhu vedzimwe nyika, nguva zhinji yaanongovhura muromo. Zvehutungamiri zvinongo chinangwa chinedudiriro kunyika, uye RUDO nenyika yako chete. Mutungamiri wese anofanirwa kuziva kuti, vanhu ndonyika. Kutungamira kunongoda kunzwa zvinotaurwa neruzhinji. Wosarudza zvinovakaka. Asika chikuru nakare kuti, “PANGWA ZANO UNERAKO nguva zhinji.”

  18. But he is not a “president”.

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