Parents buying cheaper school uniforms in neighbouring countries

SOME parents in Victoria Falls have resorted to buying their children’s school uniforms and stationery from neighbouring Botswana and Zambia, as local shops have hiked prices beyond the reach of most average earners.
By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Parents expressed concern at the sharp increase in uniforms and school stationery, ahead of schools opening for the first term tomorrow.

The Victoria Falls and Kazungula border posts have been busy since last week, with parents, who were buying goods from the neighbouring countries, frequenting Zambia.

“I was in Kazungula on Saturday, things are quite affordable and I managed to buy all the stationery needed for my Form One child, together with some white shirts and grey trousers. I will only buy the badges here,” Victoria Falls resident, Sindiso Mpofu said.

Another resident said: “Everything has gone up and we can’t afford this. Livingstone Shoprite ( Zambia) is way, way cheaper and we are crossing to buy there and their things are of better quality.”

Some parents said shop owners were taking advantage of the high demand for uniforms and stationery to make a quick buck.

In Hwange, it was reported that parents have resorted to buying from street vendors who sell products like stockings, hats and ties at low prices while some are engaging individual tailors, who sell school uniforms at reasonable prices.

A pair of stockings in a retail shop costs $4, while vendors are selling theirs at half the prices.

A set of uniform for a child enrolling for Form One costs an average of $140 for boys and $130 for girls in many shops in the town.

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  1. Government yacho is letting oSiphatheleni run the banking sector and we now suspect the big fish in gvt are the ones running the show. All these price increases are directly attributed to them but they are allowed to operate freely under the nose of the authorities.

  2. AS always – Zimbabwe is the big rip-off. Most goods are half the Zim price in Botswana, including fuel. Why do we have to be continuously ripped off?

  3. Dzasukwa Mwana Asina Hembe

    Tobva tadii paya, tobva tabuda kunotenga kunze kwenyika. Now look at how much we are loosing as a country when people flock to Mussina and Livingstone to buy uniforms and stationery because of unrealistic price regime. Zvimwe zvacho zvinotonyanya mhanhi.

  4. Here’s the thing! Government introduced statutory instruments to protect the local industry or manufacturers to be precise and guess what? They abuse the system over and over again and as result unaffordable prices prevail.
    So the logical thing to do is o REMOVE all statues protecting local manufacturing and open up the importation of anything and everything coz these manufacturers have taken advantage of this and are making super profits!
    I urge the Government to immediately grant the importation of all products as a counter measure to this madness. I also urge Government to de-regulate the importation of fuel as the price of fuel is rapidly surging to the $1.00/litre mark. Tollgates is another wild animal. This administration has a lot to do indeed, unfortunately elections are round the corner. So guys pull up your socks and sharpen your pencils,… oh and don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Take heed.

  5. Local manufacturers are abusing us for sure.

  6. Just pay manhi. What’s wrong with you.

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