Musonda to contest ban

BOXING promoter Clyde Musona has vowed to take the Zimbabwe National Boxing Control Board head-on following the cancellation of his licence over what he described as “frivolous and ridiculous charges.”

Henry Mhara

Musonda, who is the programmes manager at Deltaforce Boxing Academy, had his licence revoked on Friday, at the same time he was addressing a press conference on the upcoming boxing tournament he is organising with Kalakoda Promotions of South Africa and Kwese Sports.

According to the Boxing Control Board’s charge sheet, Musonda’s licence to operate as a promoter and manager was cancelled indefinitely for allegedly using members of the First Family to solicit for sponsorship without their permission, issuing statements/interviews to the media about professional boxing without clearance from the board as well as bypassing the board seeking to deal directly with the Minister of Sport.

Musonda was invited to the Friday meeting, but left before he was called in to defend himself as he had “other pressing things to attend to.”

Yesterday, he vowed to appeal the ban, and has already written to the Ministry of Sports to express his discontent.

He said the board should prove that he had engaged any sponsor using the First Family’s name. “Do they have any letter or communication to prove that? I’m demanding proof to show that I used the First Family’s name in vain. Then on the issue of addressing media, I don’t know how it becomes a crime since I’m a promoter and a manager for a boxing promotion. In any case, they have never provided a code of conduct so that I can see that I’m not allowed to speak to the media. ads Ads

“And also they cannot ban me from engaging the minister of Sport. I’m a promoter and have an international bout coming up in a few days. So I went there to update him on the preparations and to discuss other things to do with the sport since I’m a stakeholder. I’m a citizen of this country and I have the right to engage with the ministers and other government officials.

Those charges are baseless, if not ridiculous,” fumed Musonda.

Musonda said he was one of the first people to arrive at the meeting venue and made to wait outside the meeting room for two hours before he left as he had other commitments including a scheduled Press conference.

He addressed the Press conference at 11am where he was unveiling his sponsor for a boxing tournament set for Friday. Soon after, he was phoned by the Boxing Control Board to collect his ban letter.

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