Mujuru hits hard times

JOICE Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) has hit financial hard times after failing to attract funders, who are reportedly scared by bad publicity and internal squabbles rocking the opposition outfit.


Highly-placed sources told NewsDay that Mujuru was struggling to raise money for campaign material, which includes T- shirts, fuel for travel to rallies and funds for other logistics, forcing structures to fund themselves.

“The party has nothing and we are struggling to meet basic expenses to host meetings. Members, especially those in leadership, have been asked to fund their own transport to rallies and party meetings, which has left many frustrated,” a source said.

Mujuru used to rely heavily on former party treasurer, Wilbert Mubaiwa. Mubaiwa reportedly used to finance Mujuru’s travel by providing fuel and vehicles. He also financed the production of T-shirts towards the NPP inaugural convention and housed the party office at one of his properties.

Mubaiwa resigned from NPP after accusing Mujuru of dictatorial tendencies.

Last month, Elliot Kasu also jumped ship joining hundreds of other leaders, who have left the party, saying his former ally had lost direction.

“NPP has veered so far from the day I joined it that I can no longer in good conscience identify with her vision,” he said.

Owing to funding constraints, Mujuru has been forced to conduct small meetings at ward level while travelling with a leaner support team and some programmes have failed to kick off.

Party secretary-general, Gift Nyandoro, who doubles as acting treasurer and Mujuru’s spokesperson, denied that the party had hit hard times.

“That can only be a narrative of psychologically and mentally deranged detractors of progress, who suggest that NPP is struggling financially,” he said.

“To start with, NPP is not a profit-making organisation that declares a loss or profit balance sheet at the end of an accounting period, but is a voluntary organisation that thrives on what its membership collectively contributes.”

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  1. Sori mom zvinoitika ,most people in Zimbabwe are in that state penniless.

  2. Madii mangosiyana nazvo Mom?

    Joice Mujuru’s plunge into opposition politics was as a result of emotion and want for revenge. She did not properly prepare herself. Her hideous matrix of dictatorial tendencies, power thirstiness and nepotism- a pure ZANU PF nomenclature- shows that she was taken out of ZANU PF but ZANU PF was not taken out of her. As a result, the party has splitted a number of times and erstwhile stalwarts have jumped the sinking ship. Maybe the honourable thing for her to do is to hang up her worn political boots and fully run the late General’s sprawling business empire!

    1. yaaaa sure

  3. Mujuru should be the rightful leader of Zimbabwe. We forget the role she played to unify the people through reaching out to the opposition. Something that cost her position and possibly life of her husband our beloved 5 star general Solomon Mujuru.

    Out of the bag of presidential aspirants – I believe she is what Zimbabwe needs at this juncture. ED clearly plans to perpetuate military rule which though not present now – will militate against the civil rights of the people. This is self evident and annals of history have proved this.

    Its sad that even fellow women can not support each other.

  4. Mothers just join the MDC T matopedza

    1. Zvekuparadzanyika Siyanainazvo

      KwaTsvangirai kutori worse hapana hapana zviriko kuya….. The Opposition is in shambles right now. Its full of power hungry and very very selfish learned individuals all of them wanting to be leaders. There are no followers. Munhu wese arikungofunga kuisa mari muhomwe. Saka hapana hapana. Chinjai maitiro !!! Maitiro !!!! Chinja !!!!
      Mugabe akayenda saka hapachisisina chekukampeyina nacho. Sorry henyu vanhuwe..
      Politics dzachinja vanhu imi. Its about developmen, productivity and leaving a legacy for the future. MDC guys you are taking us for granted. This has become a circus now. Murikuda kuparadza nyika. You want to destroy the country ZIMBABWE. HATICHADA. Huyai tivake nyika. Siyanai nazvo

  5. just a day after newsday crew visited the presdent! shame on you

  6. joice huya kwatsvangirai period

  7. Politics a game of numbers

  8. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Kuti vanhu tione chido, motopomba ichibva muhomwe dzenyu. Mukatirakidza kuti mune chido nesu tokusarudzayika. Azvidi kuda kuzobatsira yaHurumende. Shinga Mushandi Shinga!!!! Shinga!!!! Mukore uno ukarakidza kuti unoda zvemuhara ahuwane kana imwechete. Vanhu takudzidzaiwoka mufunge.

  9. So far Mai Mujuru ndivo vega vekuvhotera Tsvangison hapana hapana. Zanu pf ooooh worse hatina chitsvene chokutaura pairi saka tosara tichingova namai Mujuru

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