‘Mugabe’s birthday bash preps at advanced stages’

ZANU PF youth league deputy secretary, Lewis Matutu has said preparations are at an advanced stage for former President Robert Mugabe’s birthday bash set to be held at his Borrowdale Brooke home, popularly known as the Blue Roof.


Mugabe turns 94 on February 21.

Addressing scores of youth drawn from the nine districts in Mashonaland East province at Dema Rural District Council grounds on Monday, Matutu said the youth will take cakes to Mugabe’s home to celebrate his birthday.

“Mugabe didn’t wrong (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa, but was being influenced by his wife. The party asked him to rest after realising that he had no capacity to lead, as Grace was now running the show. The former President admitted to that and he voluntarily agreed to resign. He (Mugabe) is the father to (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa.

“Mugabe did a lot of good things like empowerment and land redistribution among others. To us, Mugabe is our icon, a revolutionary and we joined the party while he was there.

“As the youth executive, on his birthday, we are going to buy a big cake, we are going to team up with other members from party associations and head to Blue Roof. We will knock at the gate, and sing for him, that is if he opens. But if he doesn’t open the gate, that’s it,” he said.

During Mugabe’s reign, the youth league hosted lavish birthday parties for him using taxpayers’ money as well as coercing businesspeople and villagers to fund the event.

Before the military intervention under Operation Restore Legacy that resulted in Mugabe resigning, the youth league had chosen the tourist resort town of Nyanga to host the birthday.

Matutu also warned the youth against wearing regalia adorned with Mugabe’s pictures, saying it was now a thing of the past.

“I know you have pictures with Mugabe, use them when fixing cars or going to the dip tank, but when you come to events like this (rallies) we need regalia with the face of President Mnangagwa,” he said.


  1. even having that old man’s birthday being of national recognition is a thing of the past. we just want to foget abt him at all costs

  2. No one cares about this dehydrated Prune anymore… But if its a holiday on 21 Feb then that’s great !!!

    1. Comment…no matter how much hate rage you have for him, you still can’t take away the good things the old man did in his days. As for you you can’t even buy a blanket for your mom. Go to hell

  3. Do these people ever have birthday celebrations for their kith & kin?

  4. It all about eating and drinking. Lets hope they don’t poison each other with those pieces of cake.

  5. Honestly how are you going to have a birthday celebration at his private residence when you speak bad about his Wife??You are going to coerce or force your way through to only portray a good image to the international community.The truth being said you can not say we love Mugabe but we hurt his wife and yet Mugabe now spend most of his time with that same wife you despise.Zanu pf is Still holding Mugabe hostage ladies and Gentleman.If Zimbabwe,is a free Country why not even one journalist or Newspaper in the country have had an interview with the Old Folks to hear what he can say about all this mess.

  6. Zvinofanana nokupembera birthday yengozi. Mugabe is now history. No need to spend money and time thinking about the Dictator who ruined Zimbabwe to zero. Regalia with Mugabe face must be used sezvikorobho mumatoilets only.

  7. Wasting resources

  8. Its isnot wasting resource. The president Mugabe helped you to be educated. Now he gave you farms and indiginisisatiom . iF he is talking even these whites start to clap hands. he is inteligent.

    1. Comment…You got a valid democratic point .

  9. josphat mugadzaweta

    wasting precious and scarce dollars on this geriatric’s lousy birthday when the hospitals do not have medicine… shame on you emma mnangarwa. a vote for zanu in july is vote for the continuation of warped priorities.

    1. birthday reyiiiiiii basa rekutambisa mari yenyikaaaaa

  10. Why knocking on the gate. You should not surprise him. Make an appointment. Celebrate the day at State house not blue roofs. That’s Grace’s territory. Torai mudhara wedu mosiya Grace kumba. Momudhorera after mafaro

  11. Comment…We wii for sure remain guaranteed of top global position, most popular tourist destination! Where else does one come across losing soccer team players celebrating their 2 crucial missed penalty kicks that could have reversed the game result in their favor!

  12. “We gave you our daughter 37 years ago and you successfuly failed to impregnate her… now we need her back and you are asking for one more night, do you want to perform miracles?” This shows ED failed us long back. K. Moyo is even better when he saw what was happening he resigned, tt idea of not being associated with something bad.

  13. Since paakabva pachigaro not even one day ramakaita kuti abude paTV muri mboko dzevanhu imi if he is a statesman why banning his regalia

  14. Magura kana wakapihwa farm you were part of these people isu takamanyimwa tichimadavo. Mugabe did not send me to school it will be an insult to my parents who toiled to send me to school. Infact kare vana vaipihwa mikaka kuzvikoro at kindergaten it was better during our time kana usina chekudya hauna. We were slaves in our own country. We were shown videos kuti varungu vairova vanhu nekurumisa vanhu nembwa but taingoona zvichiitikawo wana under the very Mugabe you are praising. Regai mhuri yake imuitirewo imi moitirawo vabereki venyu kudzimba dzenyu vanotodawo kupembererwa mabirthday avo

  15. Comment… hypocrites stinking hypocrites…let the old man rest…stop humiliating poor old bob youth leader must go back to school.mugabe is not mnangagwas father in fact mugabe wishs ed ill.if given a chance he would rather have morgan as the president if lewis can read he would know that when bob called for the reintroduction of the death penalty it was for crimes like treason and in old bobs mind everything that hapened is treason

  16. Is ZANU PF now a cult whereby the founder is immortized up to eternity. What benefit does it bring to ED and company or Zimbabweans. Mugabe is past his sell by date and his influence is now irrelevant. I know a lot of crooks relish the good olden days and they want to remind themselves how great those days were by creating a situation to congregate again. I fail to understand this reasoning that seems to resonate with most ZANU pf cadres that Mugabe is good and Grace is bad. If Mugabe was that good, why are ED and surrogates reversing everything that was revered under Mugabe. Food for thought.

  17. musada kutibata kumeso kana mafunga kuiitira munhu chakanaka itai nemoyo wese Regalia ine face yaMugabe yakaipei

  18. Comment beware muchapa grace mukana weku campaigner
    obvious mai mujuru vanenge vari tiiii

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